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Camera 3 Cinema

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  • Photo of dstormyt
    2 years ago
    Quirky little independent arthouse theater in downtown San Jose. Great parking in the attached garage, and a good spot to catch a limited release or do the Time Warp. Awesome popcorn and an array of fresh made donuts(?!) are the cherry on top.
  • Photo of Brix510
    3 years ago
    Great location and vintage look, this cinema is great. My wife and I catch many indie flicks here and the fact that its close to places to eat like Pizza My Heart, La Vics, Ben & Jerry's and Phil coffee make this pretty convenient. Psycho donuts is literally in their lobby as well!
  • Photo of mini
    3 years ago
    We like to go to Camera 3 when we want to see innovative movies. This movie theater in Downtown San Jose area specializes in showing international, cult (such as Rocky Horror) and other innovative movies. Camera 3 does an amazing job of bringing in innovative movies. They also show some current releases. Also, for food, they are imaginative too with Psycho Donuts as part of their food offerings. Camera 3 is also home of Club Sportz. The good is that you can find very good movies here. The bad is that the theaters are on the smaller size and not as comfortable of seats as newer theaters. The good is that there is a large parking lot right by the theaters and they valildate. We have always been able to find a place to park even on a busy week-end night. Even though I wish the theaters were better, I am rating it very good as they do a good job of managing and bringing in good movies.

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