Photo of The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco, CA, US
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The Ice Cream Bar

American Restaurant

The Ice Cream Bar44.5
ice cream • sandwiches • banana split • waffle cone

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  • Photo of Esther K
    a year ago
    Don't get waffle cone tho...tastes grainy
  • Photo of Jennifer Watts
    a year ago
    You guessed it: noisy ice cream
  • Photo of Citymaps San Francisco
    The Ice Cream Bar is not only a traditional ice cream parlor, but an actual bar, as well. Granted, mixologist Russell Davis serves up non-alcoholic beverages, but you'll love them. Try the New Orleans Hangover!
  • Photo of Marina Cohen
    4 years ago
    this spot is cool because it creates it's own flavors. try the booze-ahol
  • Photo of Byrd11
    3 months ago
    Excellent selections, and trendy atmosphere! Limited seating. We ate there late on a Tuesday evening, so the line wasn't too long. Will definitely return!
  • Photo of PPhs
    4 months ago
    Stopped in mainly for ice cream, but as how we did not have lunch, decided to eat before indulging in the dairy goods. Had fabulous grilled cheese on brioche with a side of outstanding tomato soup. Then ice cream after. Ice cream was very good. Would recommend stopping in and giving it a try if in the neighborhood.
  • Photo of Jack F
    4 months ago
    Great ice creams and huge portions. They also serve alcoholic cocktails and sodas with ice creams. Not very expensive and super nice staff.
  • Photo of Ceki H
    4 months ago
    We went around 9:30PM on a Saturday and the place was very busy. You take a number to be called to order. Reasonable prices and good ice cream but very limited seating. Good visit after another event to close the night standing up, chatting, and eating ice cream.
  • Photo of TravelingAbu
    5 months ago
    The ice cream bar is a delicious throwback to the days of ice cream parlours. Killer grilled cheese sandwiches, soup etc. ice cream for everyone...gluten free, sorbets...chocolate is deep flavored and cream flavors are true to their names... butterscotch is one of my favorites. Salty caramel, watermelon sorbet...hurrah! Come enjoy a summer pastime in Cole valley.
  • Photo of Tan D
    7 months ago
    The shop has a retro look which I find very fascinating. Ordered the white macadamia nut cookie cafe au lait ice cream sandwich. Very satisfying. The ice cream was delicious although a little expensive. Worth the try.
  • Photo of Mary B
    8 months ago
    Our Uber driver told us about this wonderful ice cream shop. It was like stepping back in time. The chocolate ice cream was to die for. Loved it!
  • Photo of concerneddiver
    9 months ago
    Everything here is done with loving care. We ate so grateful for the Ice Cream Bar in this age of factory like mass produced overpriced restaurant experience. The Ice Cream Bar reminds you that there are still restaurant people who do it for the love of good times
  • Photo of 238mariek
    9 months ago
    The staff is friendly, the ice cream delicious (in their unique cornmeal? cones) and the atmosphere is truly like a step back in time. My 79 year old mom was reminded of drinking phosphates at the soda fountain in her youth.
  • Photo of greatfultravelr
    a year ago
    We picked this place because my daughter is vegan. They had three vegan flavors when we visited and various traditional ice cream. The vegan version we had was coconut with chocolate almonds, and it was amazingly delicious .
  • Photo of Seb S
    a year ago
    We strolled in on a rainy Sunday on our way to Golden Gate Park. Didn't expect the ice cream to be that amazing. It is a bit pricy but you pay for the love and quality. Definitely worth checking out !
  • Photo of littlebirdey
    a year ago
    We only tried the banana split, chocolate malt and olive oil grapefruit icecream ... if only we had room for more! Classic Sosa fountain with a fantastic modern twist! Run don't walk ... get here now
  • Photo of WEOOZE
    a year ago
    This old school ice cream parlor, appears to make everything from scratch. the Waffle cones are perfect and the ice is very creamy. I had the banana pudding. Loved it! Everyone else enjoyed these amazing sundaes.
  • Photo of Kim C
    a year ago
    This cute ice cream parlor is a great place to enjoy a sweet treat. They have very unique flavors, such as Basil (yum!). Their cones are very good as well.
  • Photo of JNH99
    a year ago
    The ice cream at The Ice Cream Bar is FANTASTIC. You must visit this quaint, old-fashioned soda bar if you're anywhere near Haight/Ashbury/Golden Gate Park. The ice cream is made from scratch (this is no Ben & Jerry's!) and the portions are generous. They make their own waffle cone (the only cone option available) which my husband and I found to be a bit salty but it went well with my buttercream ice cream. You can alternatively choose to have your ice cream in a cup or in a cookie sandwich. This is place is a must try!
  • Photo of JenMarieS
    a year ago
    Like walking into the past, everything from the music to the original decor will transport you. This is one of my very favorite places in San Francisco. Their list of tinctures and phosphates (fancy term for blended sodas) will intrigue anyone, and while the ingredient list may be unusual and unexpected everything is completely delicious. If you aren't feeling adventurous, their ice cream selection has something that will please every palate. We always get their grilled cheese on brioche and soup of the day while perusing their menu to decide which incredible dessert to order. The whipped cream is hand whipped right in front of you and bananas are brulee'd when your order your banana split. Go here if you can.
  • Photo of Robert S
    a year ago
    This place is so cute. It is set up as an old fashioned soda fountain, with the servers dressed up in white outfits and those white paper hats. They have sandwiches, remedies (very clever alcoholic drinks),clever sodas, floats, malts, milkshakes, phosphates, and lots of ice cream dishes. Definitely worth a visit - good stuff.
  • Photo of John K
    a year ago
    Before my time, there used to be a bunch of places like this that made their own ice cream, could do light lunches and would also make their own milkshakes, phosphates and other fun beverages. The ICB does it all and the atmosphere takes you back to an earlier time. It is always busy but we have always found a place to sit while enjoying their imaginitive flavors and creations. Love this place!!
  • Photo of chaslin19
    a year ago
    While on a walk around the Cole Valley neighborhood, we happened upon The Ice Cream Bar, which will remind you of the old fashioned soda fountains that used to be part of every neighborhood drug store. They serve the usual ice cream treats up front, but across the back, is the soda fountain complete with the soda jerk. You can sit at the counter and watch them make your selection from scratch and the choices include every ice cream treat you can imagine. What a great place for a special dessert that will take some of you back to the 'good old days'.
  • Photo of William T
    2 years ago
    If it seems like there’s a coffee shop on every block in San Francisco, ice cream shops aren’t far behind. This store in Cole Valley is amazing. Unique home-made flavors packed into metal pans dazzle and excite your imagination. A couple of new flavors are rotated in during the week. Thankfully, small samples are handed out on request to help you decide. No doubt you’ll find a favorite or two. My favorite turned out to be butterscotch. There’s almost always a line at the counter, so be sure to grab a number when you get inside and be ready to order (or ask for a sample) when your number is called. Service is fast and friendly. This ice cream is outrageously good and you’ll find yourself returning over and over again. We ended up going every other night. Thank goodness my visit was only a week! There are other items available, including some sandwiches and a soup, and there’s an old fashioned soda fountain in the back. But the name, Ice Cream Bar, says it all.

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