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  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    Slim's is hosting Painted Palms, Cold Cave, Happy Fangs, and Dirty Ghosts on Feb 28th. Stop by for Painted Palms' awesome psychedelic indie music. This band is going places.
  • Photo of Gareth E
    10 months ago
    Big acts have played here and we saw Joe Purdy backed by Lia Rose. Great night of folk in a small club. Food truck park just down the road too....Joe was great and Lia sang amazingly
  • Photo of Juan L
    a year ago
    La nostalgia me hizo buscar este bar en mi visita a San Franciso. Lo tenía agendado desde la época en que Joe Louis Walker grabó 2 volumenes en vivo desde este club, y también desde que Little Charlie & The Nightcats grabaran parte de su primer LP en vivo. Lamentablemente el blues ya no forma parte de su cartelera, ni rastros quedaron.
  • Photo of Ice_D_8
    2 years ago
    Slim's is a music venue and bar with history - a variety of acts have past through here over the years. Came here for a bluegrass-style concert. The venue is spacious, and the prices for food/drinks are decent.
  • Photo of vickigut
    2 years ago
    Great place to see bands and experience the good sound, venue is good. Great bands Brant Bjork and Low Desert was awesome
  • Photo of Thomas M
    2 years ago
    Seen many-a-show here. It's a great place with decent food. The sound is usually on point as well. Parking has never been an issue...for me anyway.
  • Photo of cheryl t
    2 years ago
    This venue is perfect for young people. Lots of wonderful new music. Saw the comatose brothers last night and so much fun. We bought dinner tickets and although we were not in the thick of it, standing on the floor for hours, we were more comfortable sitting and the dinner was a good deal and solid good food. Crystal, our waitresses was awesome Had so much fun at at 1 PM this neighborhood was packed with people.
  • Photo of davetmonterey
    3 years ago
    Slims is the best place in SF to see a band, great sound nad close proximity to the artist make it a one of a kind experience when you get a chance to see a band you like here.
  • Photo of Ken B
    3 years ago
    I must be getting OLD! This venue is good sound and a place to hear some music. However, it is standing room only. Standing for several acts can be tiring. Now, they do have a small upstairs where you can get dinner but you have to order ahead of time. If you dont mind standing (and the concert I went to was PACKED!) then enjoy. If you were thinking you would sit down and enjoy some music, you came to the wrong place.
  • Photo of psandberg
    3 years ago
    My very short wife didn't want to look at people's back sides all night, so I booked dinner tix which got you seats upstairs, at the back of the club - a nice vantage point and though the sound suffered just a bit by being so close to the ceiling (I wandered down to the floor and the sound there was excellent), it still wasn't bad (and not overly loud thank goodness). The service was friendly and efficient, and our meals passable if nothing to write home about - salad was not wilted, thank goodness (and the 2 cherry tomatoes actually tasted fresh and not hot house). Sliced Sirloin Steak was ok - hard to mess that up, but I was happy that the meat was not too tough to chew. We also had the home made gnocci - the dumplings were tasty but pairing it with a marinara sauce seemed a bit light for gnocci - usually you see a heavier red sauce or a cream sauce... but... shrug - not bad (and the veggies served with were also well presented - not overcooked. the concert was great (weak opening act, but what else is new) - and I really appreciated the good sound - I have been viewing concerts of late with a great deal of trepidation, as so many sound men seem to equate loud with good - not so here! the energy came from the band (blue oyster cult) and all the instruments were in balance (not bottom end heavy) - what a joy!!!
  • Photo of Danny B
    3 years ago
    Visited San Francisco recently to hear a couple of bands we really like. One of the bands traveled from Fresno, where we are, and played with a band from Sacramento. When we arrived we find a very large open area and an area of seating that was on the opposite side of the stage and on a second floor. We found a table to stand at close to the bar and the stage. The drinks were priced very reasonable and very pleasant bar tenders. Once the music got going, the sound was great. With the large expanse of space, the sound was able to mix properly and travel around the venue. Overall, a cool place to watch bands perform. Be prepared to stand because there are limited chairs available.
  • Photo of Tammy K
    3 years ago
    Went to Slims to hear Stealing Nicks and Petty Theft. The stage and sound was excellent. The bands were awesome and had everyone on their feet dancing. Drinks were strong and decently priced. Great view from the balcony as well ad easy accesd to the front of the stage. I only wish they had a few more bar stools available. Stood for 4 hours on heels, but it was well worth it for the show.
  • Photo of wjurewitz
    4 years ago
    We recently went to Slim's to see Rodney Crowell, one of country and western music's royalty. The show was epic! But what about Slim's itself? I've been here a number of times to see hip hop and metal bands and it was also great. It is a small, but not "tight" venue with good acoustics throughout that enables you to enjoy the music. For the younger active music scene I've always seen the floor clear for SRO with the only seating being at the bar and a few "dinner" tables on the second story loft area. But for this event, they had set up seating throughout (for oldsters like us, I guess). But wether it's standing or seated, this is a great place to hear your favorite music.
  • Photo of ManOfC0nstantS0rr0w
    Went there years ago to see Todd Rundgren and was surprised by a really good prime rib. Well proof you can never go back. Went to see Culann's Hounds which did an average set of Irish influenced music although there was an amazing singer in prior band Royal Jelly. Food was awful. Overcooked Tri tip with raw broccoli and wilted rewarmed potatoes, Wife got special of stuffed Bell pepper. Mystery meat with olives served luke warm. Reminded me of a movie where the wife serves husband dog food- but at least he liked it! Attempts at good drinks were average - go next door to bar agricole before attending this music place. The waitress noted there had been lots of complaints. Shame on you owner Boz Scaggs.
  • Photo of etchief
    4 years ago
    It is just a great, small venue, with good sound and a large, decently priced bar. Staff (as well as patrons) were very cool all around. Go there for a show! I will be back, as much as possible.
  • Photo of Laura R
    4 years ago
    Great small (400 people) venue to see bands. Wish we had ordered our tickets earlier, and could have sat up top for a dinner show, but we were banished to the floor :) Plenty of staff Good sound
  • Photo of ceguruGrandHaven_MI
    Let's hold the suspense. Slim's is one of the finest-small scale rock clubs I've visited--and I've seen a few. Located on 11th Street just a hop, skip and a jump (or a $10 cab rid) from the city center, Slim's is a small, intimate venue that features great sound. I was excited to see a Built to Spill" show coincided with my business trip and had to attend--and I was pleasantly surprised all the way. The room is great, the bar is efficient and the staff is attentive and professional. Special kudos to whomever does the sound setup--one of the best I've heard, loud with minimal distortion and clear separation between instruments. The only minor quibble is there are two sets of support columns that run floor to ceiling from the front of the room to the back--they add a quirky charm but also obstruct some views. Still, that's a small price to pay for a club with so many other pluses. If you love an indie-rock show, you won't find it done much better than they do it here. (NOTE: There's also a small balcony area at the back of the room serving food and the venue runs "Dinner and a Show" specials).
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    i have been to slim's many times. they book great bands that come play there, they have an upper area for eating while you watch the bands perform. it gives off a very welcoming vibe and i'd recommend it to anyone that visits san francisco.

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