Photo of Namu Gaji in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Namu Gaji in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Namu Gaji in San Francisco, CA, US
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Namu Gaji

Asian Restaurant

Namu Gaji24.5
dumplings • okonomiyaki • fries • rice

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  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    Absolutely delicious Korean/Japanese fusion. It's casual and there's nothing bad on the menu.
  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    Menu standouts include the KFC, stonepot rice, okonomiyaki, and dumplings. It's worth going in for happy hour, when gamja fries and Korean tacos are served.
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  • Photo of Fräulein W
    5 months ago
    I found this restaurant online and we decided to give it a go with some friends. Even though we had a reservation for only 3 people, the waitress was kind enough to make us squeeze in a table for 4, as an other friend decided to join us last minute. We really appreciated that, especially as the place was packed! All the food we ordered was simply delicious and the soju we ad to accompany our meal was really smooth too. The best dish we had was the steak: cooked to perfection, slightly smoked and with a sauce that really made its flavour come out. As the kitchen is open, you can see the chefs preparing your food right in front of you! We were delighted with our meal and that place.
  • Photo of ErangiW
    5 months ago
    Found this gem on trip adviser to have Okonomiyaki. We were not disappointed. It was different from what we have had in Hiroshima, as it had kimchi and lacked noodles or sliced meat. the Pancake was a little thicker. But the taste was very good and we will definitely go there again. Other dishes we ordered were good as well. The restaurant was chic and the service was very good. The only problem is to find parking nearby.
  • Photo of fred200099
    6 months ago
    Started with the very light and absolute taste treat dumpling appetizer - must try this! Had the stone plate variation on a kimchi bimbimbap - also delightful. A triple sampling of pickled miniturnips and other goodies served the role of a nice banchan. Washed it all down with a traditional soju (Chum Churum). Finished with a light and refreshing gooseberries with shaved ice. Everything was excellent, including the very friendly service.
  • Photo of A S
    6 months ago
    I've been here a few times over a few years and like it to see how they adventure beyond more familiar traditional Korean (Stonepot Bi Bim Bsp.), Japanese (Okonomiyaki), and Western dishes (Strawberry shortcake) with unexpected ingredients and presentations. It seems to have gotten simpler/reverted back to more familiar traditional dishes a bit (I remember more complicated dishes), but I still appreciate it and will continue to go back. It is asnallrestaurant and can get fairly loud - try not to sit at the windows as the noise bounces off the loudest there. Usually you need four or more to get a table.
  • Photo of Seba727
    6 months ago
    The food was good, but not great. Definitely not worth tolerating the stressful atmosphere. They simply didn't factor in customer experience, and it shows. If you really need to try it, order it for takeout. Otherwise, skip it.
  • Photo of Josefine E
    6 months ago
    We both were disappointed with the food, unfortunately. Looked amazing – tasted.. not so much. Otherwise relaxed place with cool vibe and kind staff.
  • Photo of Andrew K
    7 months ago
    Was a little put off at first by the stool seats and the small dining area but came to love the wooden tables and we had the privacy we needed. The starters were small, tasty but expensive for the quantity of food and the "free" amuse-Bouche was a joke, a tiny piece of zucchini not between three. The service was very good, but we had to ask for water due to the drought (?). However, the beer and wine were good and the stone pot main courses were large and delicious. Came away impressed
  • Photo of Shootingstars R
    8 months ago
    Amazing restaurant, walked in off the street, lovely staff fitted in. Ordered two share late forgetting we were in America, they were enormous, hey ho we made a large dent in the both! Wine was good as well. Highly recommend.
  • Photo of Danielle K
    8 months ago
    This place is fantastic! Considering how delicious the food is, it's crazy that we didn't have to wait for a table at all. Our favorite was the stonepot with bulgogi. It was beyond amazing. An absolute must!
  • Photo of joshpeters2015
    9 months ago
    If you want really good Korean cuisine in San Francisco then you must try this place. A must are the Chicken Wings and the Dumplings, and the Korean Tacos.
  • Photo of CC_FL_Road_Warrior
    9 months ago
    Communal Asian Tapas shared with your friends. Good beer & sake list. Kebabs. Korean stones bowls. Grab friends, chopsticks, spoons, and dig in. Figure $50/head w/ drinks.
  • Photo of maxfurni
    10 months ago
    I shared 4-5 small plates, mostly vegetarian, one beef. Enjoyed the bold but not overdone flavors of all of them. Also stumbled on a relatively inexpensive but lovely, raisiny-without-being-too-sweet Cabernet called Bodega Rancho.
  • Photo of Paul S
    10 months ago
    This place was incredible. We went for lunch, which was counter service. The Meyer lemon strawberry lemonade was tasty. The gamja fries were excellent! The beef bulgogi was spectacular as was the Kimchi. The fries were perfectly cooke and the gochujang was perfectly balanced with the mayo. I will dream about these! The KFC was also fabulous! The chicken was crispy, sweet, spicy, and piping hot! The rice and slaw were excellent accompaniments. Hint: take the extra rice and stir it into the extra sauce from your gamja fries. You won't be disappointed!
  • Photo of ChiTraveler59
    10 months ago
    Looking for a place to eat last Friday and all signs pointed to this place. We were not disappointed and in fact we're delighted- The ambience, food, service were all at the top of the chart - I had the burger with cheese and an egg which was among the best ever - Highly Recommended
  • Photo of PeterBruceG
    a year ago
    Counter service with food delivered to your table. Had the loco moco and it turned out to be a hamburger patty. Easy to eat but a little over cooked for my liking. Gravy was a nice touch. The rice was perfectly cooked. Jasmin tea at $5 a small pot is steep but it is what it is. Will trying the fried chicken next time.
  • Photo of abay2017
    a year ago
    The food was below average. You can get much better food, including ramen, in many other places in San Francisco. The tables and stools were very uncomfortable, Everything very close to each other, and the place feels cramped. I was served a wrong dish, after waiting 25 minutes. At the end of day, I was happy that ithe dinner was over. Not recommended.
  • Photo of g l
    a year ago
    Over $200 for two people... three entrees one appetizer of the beef tongue which was actually good. Everything else was kinda good (the chicken was good, but come on... it's chicken) to "Meh". Their version of bibim bap was nothing new, except for the price. The ingredients were as expected or worse with cheap ingredients. The rice didn't get crispy. The flavors were reminiscent of korean, but the ingredients were watered down to cheaper american substitutes and the execution was that of a home chef. There was no panache, no surprises on any level for someone familiar with korean cuisine. For someone completely ignorant of korean cuisine, it might be enjoyable, especially if they don't have to pay for it. I didn't get sick. The server was nice, though not knowledgeable. Thus the 2 stars. I would have given three, but the high cost brought my rating down to 2 stars as I felt the food didn't match the cost. I won't be returning.
  • Photo of Edward C
    a year ago
    My friend found this restaurant and thought that it sounded like an interesting Korean influenced menu. The atmosphere was very energetic, and only a little noisy, but not in a distracting way. The servers were extremely friendly and helpful in suggesting what was some delicious food. I would highly recommend it.
  • Photo of kwine
    a year ago
    An extraordinary restaurant all around. First, it's Korean food treated as high cuisine, and it deserves it. The flavors were out of this world. It's really one of those rare places that is so above and beyond, you know that it's headed for a Michelin star. Make a reservation. Eat here. That's an order.
  • Photo of Gabriele G
    a year ago
    Extremely nice staff, good atmosphere, an excellent choice food which is the real asset of this place. Hands down to the chef, who has created an amazing list of Asian deliciousness: I am vegetarian and I was offered a lot of veggie options on their traditional dishes. Beer choice also quite interesting, you get to try beers you wouldn't have somewhere else.

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