Photo of La Taqueria in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of La Taqueria in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of La Taqueria in San Francisco, CA, US
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La Taqueria

Mexican Restaurant

La Taqueria94.5
taco • carne asada • guacamole • beef

2889 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110, US
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  • Photo of Joel Sauber
    8 months ago
    Best In SF
  • Photo of Mindy Lai
    a year ago
    No rice burritos
  • Photo of Elizabeth Burstein
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    The Dodos
  • Photo of Sai Alluri
    3 years ago
    Best burrito in the world
  • Photo of La Negra Bencomo
    3 years ago
    los mejores tacos.... yo amo los tacos de cabeza
  • Photo of Aaron Carámbula
    3 years ago
    Get your taco crispy.
  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    It wouldn’t be SF without The Mission’s squadron of gut-busting taquerias. This one continues to lead the pack with rave reviews for its spot-on Mexico staples.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    The juicy meat, with a drop of hot sauce, will satisfy any and all Mexican cravings.
  • Photo of Christina H
    5 months ago
    Just a hole in the wall sort of place, but don't miss out and pass it up. The burrito is one of the best as are the tacos. Choices in meats and additions plus a decent selection of beer and other beverages.
  • Photo of jenstero
    5 months ago
    Definitely worth the wait (line ups are long but move very quickly) as the meat was incredible....yummy burritos and awesome gaucomole
  • Photo of Jim M
    5 months ago
    Our HomeAway host recommended this to us, supposedly voted the best burrito in the world. Not sure I'd go that far but the burritos were very good. We had had a long day seeing the City and were looking for good takeout options for dinner. When we got here (about 7:30) the line wrapped all the way through the restaurant and out the door, but they moved us through pretty quickly and efficiently. Recommended!
  • Photo of gabsmooth
    5 months ago
    First off ANYTIME I am in SF , Mission Street is my destination. The Mrs loves the Pico , i love the area , the atmosphere and the food..Lets talk about the food.. Amazing Mexican food. I got there late and they had ran out of the Piña agua fresca but they had 6 other choices from Watermelon to Orchata but I went with the Tamarindo which is so MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the burrito with carnitas and steak and the works in credible a side of pico and guac. The one thing that throws me off about the guac is that is not really guac is just like mashed aguacate which is totally fine with me but would love to see them make a little guac with onions and seasoning but thats not even an issue. The food is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh CASH ONLY LOL
  • Photo of Rav2304
    5 months ago
    I'm assuming the reason this is the top Mexican restaurant in SF is because all locals have voted it to be so? IMO, far from authentic Mexican Food as it tasted very bland and generic to what you would associate with a good Mexican Taco, Quesadilla or Burrito, which is what I had. However my friends who had tacos and quesadillas also said the same so approach with caution! One thing that surprised us was how busy the place was, it was absolutely heaving with customers either queuing to buy, waiting to collect food or sitting down and eating. We waited 10 minutes in the queue and a further 10 minutes for our food so that should give you a rough idea of what to expect. I'd give it a solid 6/10!
  • Photo of Glenda Y
    5 months ago
    We landed at SFO ravenously hungry and decided to check out the Mission District to find some good food. Found this place thanks to Trip Advisor and we were not disappointed! It is cash only so go prepared or get cash at their ATM. We ended up going back another day before we left. The line was long both times but we still got our food quickly. Among our group of 4 we ended up trying chicken, chorizo, pork, and beef head tacos and they were huge and insanely good and packed with an incredible amount of flavor! They obviously use fresh ingredients and it comes through in the flavor of the food. I would definitely recommend this place!
  • Photo of Doofwalker71
    5 months ago
    It's quite a way out from downtown. Ride costed about $16 on Uber. Well worth the ride! We ordered a chicken quesadilla (super with guacamole, salsa, sour cream & cheese), ox tongue taco and beef burrito. Ordered seconds, an additional beef quesadilla with cheese. The tongue was a bit too gamey for us. Everything else was just awesome. The hot sauce is da bomb!
  • Photo of Joanna  D
    5 months ago
    we rode the Bart from Union Square because we heard this place was good. Boy were we happy we did! It's a small place and always crowed. Get there and wait in line, the line goes fast. You order and pay at the only! (there's an ATM handy) We took ourfood back to the hotel to enjoy. My son begged men to go back the next day because he was craving another taco!
  • Photo of DylanNick
    5 months ago
    Traveled to SF during the record setting heat wave and decided to have lunch here upon the recommendations of so many other reviewers. Apparently, we weren't the only ones with this idea as the lunch line on a Saturday afternoon stretched out the door. Extreme heat + a long line of impatient customers = stressed out staff as they tried their best to feed the hungry hoards as fast as possible. In their rush, the beef tacos we ordered were sloppily put together and they forgot my order of nachos & drink. On the positive side the tacos were generously sized, the salsa for the nachos was delicious, and it was overall a good value for the price. On a different day I can see this place being a 4/5 but "The best tacos ever?" I don't think so. Still if you're set on checking out the hype do your best to visit during off-peak hours.
  • Photo of Lucia C
    5 months ago
    It's the same as most of the others in that area. It's actually a bit more expensive then the others.
  • Photo of Quills G
    5 months ago
    This place can get packed but the line is worth the wait. I enjoy the chicken tacos and the chips and salsa. They were out of Beef when we got there but I guess it was the end of the day. There is seating and restroom facilities so you have all you need. The food is made fresh. The salsa was tasty and the chips were super crispy. I would go here for Tacos again.
  • Photo of MarkTayar
    5 months ago
    They ran out of beef at 6pm -learn some inventory management. Also the quesadilla was small and not nicely toasted like good quesadillas.
  • Photo of Applecrumbz
    5 months ago
    We chose Nachos with salsa / guacamole and Beef Burritos. It was my last dinner before I flew off. Had I discovered this place earlier, I would come everyday. It was so nice.
  • Photo of Ruben S
    5 months ago
    Best tacos in the city by far. I always make special lunch trips here. Double deckers, great food mmmm
  • Photo of USCKaboom
    6 months ago
    We wanted to get some food and head to Dolores Park since it was so nice out. Thankfully we called ahead and didn’t have to wait long to grab our order as the place was packed at lunch. It took like 15 tries to even get through to order. One of my tacos was missing when we got to the park but not sure if I was charged for it or not. The tacos are very big, not like the L.A. style I’m used to. The chicken quesadilla was solid, especially fully loaded. Chips and guac are worth getting too.
  • Photo of Javi G
    6 months ago
    I was amazed by this place. The restaurant was completely authentic, the food was a amazing, cheap and it was cooked very quickly. I had never had a burrito like that, even my boyfriend (who doesnt like mexican food much) loved the restaurant and the quesadilla. Ask you burrito "dorado style", you will thank me later! 10/10! I'll come back as soon as I go back to San Francisco!
  • Photo of Vincent K
    6 months ago
    We went to La Taqueria on a friend's recommendation and wasn't disappointed. Amazing value for money, fast and friendly service, really high quality ingredients, and food prepared with soul. The meat was succulent and toppings really flavourful. The burrito was very wet but this only made it even more of a fun and hands on eating experience. This is definitely a casual dining experience and the atmosphere in the restaurant is buzzy and friendly. By far the best burritos we had ever tasted - 100% recommended! Make sure to ask for the burrito to be grilled - the extra crispy skin makes it even more delicious.
  • Photo of Ido S
    6 months ago
    We've got the food really quick, high quality ingredients and everything is very well made. The atmosphere is nice!
  • Photo of Marunui187
    6 months ago
    went up to the mission just off market street hot day we went in awsum vibe got a table all good the food and service and was positive i got beef tacos and my wife got chicken burrito all was great wil go back again and again
  • Photo of Sitara-Z
    6 months ago
    Definately the best Mexican food in USA we have had so far and we tried a lot of places :) We had the super burrito and tacos with carne asada which were delicious. Can't wait to return someday. When eating here you should also try the agua fresca strawberry it was delicious

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