Photo of Hamburger Haven in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Hamburger Haven in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Hamburger Haven in San Francisco, CA, US
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Hamburger Haven

American Restaurant

service was great

800 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118, US
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  • Photo of Alzor S
    a year ago
    The restaraunt is old and smells of old grease. It's run down and sad even though Robin Williams once ate there.
  • Photo of Avrilx
    a year ago
    We like this place for Breakfast as they offer old favorites like pancake breakfast, country breakfast with biscuits and gravy, etc. Gets busy during the weekend. Cash only.
  • Photo of Greg T
    2 years ago
    Good to find somewhere that offers good food without breaking the bank. And it was within walking distance of where we were staying....
  • Photo of sprousemargaret
    2 years ago
    It's challenging to find a restaurant that is willing to accommodate someone with food allergies who is also a vegan. The staff made me a great ala carte bfast. Service was great, prices reasonable. Place was filled with 'regulars". I'll return!
  • Photo of 3DTV
    2 years ago
    This place is what you are looking for if you just want an unpretentious, easy, quick meal in an interesting neighborhood. If your at the GG Park for instance, this place is perfect. That's how we wandered into it actually. It's what you think it is. Great breakfast served all day and great burgers & sandwiches with great staff attending. Good downtime alternative.
  • Photo of klebermakluf
    2 years ago
    Quem não quiser sentar para almoçar ou jantar, optando por um sanduiche, esta é uma boa opção, mas não é um sanduiche de encher a boca
  • Photo of Alessio C
    2 years ago
    Capitati qua per caso controllando trip advisor, per evitare la cucina orientale della zona (venivano dal giardino del te diretti a lombard street) ci siamo fermati in questo locale. Cameriera molto gentile e panini buoni e serviti velocemente. Patatine molto buone.
  • Photo of Joseph D
    3 years ago
    get a simple well cooked burger or if was want a great breakfast order an Irish style Breakfast of bacon egg sausage and fries or homefries
  • Photo of rthau
    3 years ago
    Stopped in for lunch with grandson before afternoon school. still served breakfast instead of just burgers.... very fresh and tasty food. Had the pancake breakfast, and french toast breakfast... really good and hearty... Waitress was very accommodating to my 4 ½ year old grandson... thanks!!!
  • Photo of Dorothy J
    3 years ago
    I've been eating at Hamburger Haven since the mid-70s when Robin Williams also ate here. They've updated a bit but it's still your basic always busy local corner diner. Just went to breakfast with a out of town visitor and we had a great meal that didn't break the bank. Service is fast and friendly. It's always my fall back place when I don't feel like paying $15 and up for lunch.
  • Photo of Jeberechiah
    4 years ago
    Been looking at this restaurant for awhile and finally I tried them out. Me, hubby, son & daughter came out to eat and we loved it. A cute little spot; I had omelette with nice slices of avocado, bacon & tomatoes with country style potatoes and nice cup of coffee. It was just right especially coming from off of work. I totally recommended this place and the service was great :-)
  • Photo of marshcanon
    4 years ago
    I have to agree with trvlin_man - the restaurant has a name that would make you think that you're going to get one of the best burgers in town. However, they aren't even close. I have to think that the patties are frozen and not even freshly made. My wife and I settled on this place as she was too hungry to keep driving and looking for a better place for lunch. I saw the name, Hamburger Haven, and thought this had to be worth a try. The service is great and the staff are wonderful people - very warm and inviting. I would go back, but only for breakfast. We did see others ordering breakfast, and it looks like a much better meal.
  • Photo of Sherry P
    4 years ago
    We visited Hamburger Haven between stops to the Golden gate Bridge and the Disney Museum. My California Chicken Melt sandwich on sourdough was wonderful, I was sad that not many fries were served with my order. We came after the lunch rush, the place was not busy and it still took over 35 minutes for our food.
  • Photo of JackofPBFL
    4 years ago
    We had breakfast at Hamburger Haven this morning. They have a wider variety of breakfast foods, including some unusual like Louisiana hot links and chicken sausage. The prices were more reasonable than the other breakfasts we had while in San Francisco and the portions were generous and the service friendly. A must on a return trip.
  • Photo of trvlin_man
    5 years ago
    Maybe they were having an off day, I don't know. This is the kind of place I want to like. A small, family-run place, that looks like it has been there a long time. It looked like they did a lot of breakfast business, but I was there in the afternoon, so I ordered the burger, thinking since they named their place after a burger, it would be good. Sorry, but the burger was WAY overcooked, standard thin patty, basically inedible. The fries were greasy, typical frozen junk. I left pretty much a full plate. It just wasn't worth eating. I guess I might try them for breakfast some time, but if a place called Hamburger Haven can't make a decent burger, then they need to re-think their business. Call it the Corner Breakfast Place, or something else. It was not a decent meal. And, with Bill's just a few blocks away, a fantastic burger is not hard to find.
  • Photo of parismirror
    6 years ago
    A rare gem. Old time basic comfort food: chops, meat loaf, eggs on English with ham, fried trout, etc. Locals eat here a lot. Great service. Eat here then take a walk down Clement St.'s happening Asian markets; stop @Green Apple, the best &busiest bookstore in SF; on down to high end shops and don't forget the cutest & best stocked toy store Kook.
  • Photo of Calvin T
    9 years ago
    good portions, cheap eats. parking is a hassle. i know them more for their breakfasts' than their namesake
  • Photo of artyhues
    9 years ago
    Haven't tried the hamburgers, but I go there often for their great breakfasts. Most well under 10 bucks, and one special is under 5, (but only on weekdays till 11am). Typical American, plus they have an English breakfast, with the strange sausages.
  • Photo of Scott D
    10 years ago
    Only have had breakfast but it was nice and greasy like a diner should be!!

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