Photo of Green Chile Kitchen in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Green Chile Kitchen in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Green Chile Kitchen in San Francisco, CA, US
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Green Chile Kitchen

American Restaurant

Green Chile Kitchen34.5
pies • ice cream • enchiladas • chilli

1801 Mcallister St
San Francisco, CA 94117, US
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  • Photo of Arturo MP
    10 months ago
    Friend H
  • Photo of Ramy
    3 years ago
    Their chicken quesadilla was a weekly ritual for me after a long day at work. Delicious and comforting option. Even better with a bottle of Pacifica.
  • Photo of Margot Mazur
    4 years ago
    Great 7-layer dip and the mini tamales (bocaditos) were unwrapped and then smothered in cheese and were ridiculously good plus cheaper than the regular tamales.
  • Photo of 97josephf
    6 months ago
    After searching for Mexican food Green Chile Kitchen caught my attention as they indicated a "New Mexico" type of Mexican cuisine. On offer was Chile Rellenos, green & red enchiladas and combination platters. This is a stand and order and pay, so I asked the person taking my order if they could make a combination platter of Chile Rellenos and green enchiladas and I asked whether the refried beans were made with lard as I was vegetarian. He said he would find out and he returned to tell me they were not made using lard. My companion ordered only the appetizer of fresh corn. I was getting somewhat concerned that my dinner should of been out as my companion had long finished the corn and I had finished my sub standard Marguerita and it arrived. Well "New Mexico" is much different than Tex Mex and for Tex Mex this seemed to be decent; on the plate was refried pinto beans, pinto beans, rice, Chile Rellenos, blue corn tortillas, a hard shell beef taco and no sign of any enchilada! I brought this to the attention of the server who's response was " sorry about that" I then said " well where is my enchilada that I ordered and he said he would see to it. He returned to say they were out of green chile and would I accept red? I said no and received only a 6$ credit for a meat taco and another " sorry for that" at this point I was quite angry for having bitten into a meat taco when I had clearly requested vegetarian and I felt they should have done more to compensate for their "screw up" because now they have lost me as a client forever. So if you are thinking of eating there, be aware that it is not New Mexican and beware the meat if you are Vegetarian.
  • Photo of NotRealHoosiers
    a year ago
    Easy to order and easy to eat at this informal corner restaurant. Casual to the limit and easy on the pocket book.
  • Photo of Bryn60
    a year ago
    Great Mexican food and good size portions! We found the place to be very relaxing and friendly. Plenty of choices all at reasonable prices. Wine and beers readily available but No Sprits available.
  • Photo of TrixieBelle
    a year ago
    Reasonable southwestern style food. Cafeteria style, order up front and they bring it to you. Hatch chile sauce was a little slimy, but the red sauce was great. Very casual, bring the family. Also try the chili pie around the corner. They have a shake with pie in it.
  • Photo of Elle M
    a year ago
    Came here tonight for a light dinner. Didn't seem busy for a Saturday night which was great. Service was friendly and quick. Tortilla chips and guacamole were good. Steak quesadilla was awesome!
  • Photo of JFRG
    a year ago
    Very very good Mexican food, simple and attractive location, helpful staff and a great selection of flavoursome and inexpensive food, Worked great for two adults and two teens, flavours were fresh and great, heat to suit your taste, large portions and very decent VFM, Worth taking the time to find, for sure!
  • Photo of cyssf2003
    a year ago
    It seems strange to find a New Mexican style restaurant in SF but it's really very good. I particularly like their carne adovada and get the blue corn tortillas with it instead of the sopaipillas although I do like the latter, especially since they have a unique chili infused honey to put on the sopaipilla. My daughter tried the posole and it was great - so now they want to come here whenever they come to SF along with the other standards (House of Pancakes and Zuni's). I live in SF and this is one of my regular stops, coming here about every month. Their sister restaurant Green Chile Pie has outstanding pies and NM weirdness like Frito Pie. You order at the cashier, take your number and find a seat and your food is brought to you. You serve yourself (mason jars for water, various honeys) and a station at the window. You can also buy frozen roasted chiles of various heats in 5 lb packages should you need them. It can get pretty crowded and they don't take reservations so try to come at odd times.
  • Photo of Gitte316
    a year ago
    Just enjoyed a fantastic local meal here after recommendation. Really enjoyed the food and ambience and service of this little local place. Best mexican I have ever had. Ordered. The wrong food which ispretty norm for. Me but still enjoyed it very much and would definitely go here again and recommend this place very highly to friends and family. 😀
  • Photo of marcool
    a year ago
    I took some plate full of some Mexican delicacies. Most of them were good. But one of them was absolutely the most boring. Can't remember which one. I think it was the refried. I would definitely go again but I would avoid the boring stuff I took last time. Also very nice style with long tables and self service water and dishes. Cantina style?
  • Photo of Ashley C
    a year ago
    I came here based on the trip advisor reviews and was not disappointed! The friendly woman at the counter recommended the chicken and mashed potatoes with green chiles. That was delicious. I tried a pork tamale which was a bit dry, but tasty, and improved by the red salsa. They have a fine selection of beers including several IPAs. It was perfect fuel for a hike around the city.
  • Photo of jacsmith77
    a year ago
    Being a native New Mexican, I come to Green Chile Kitchen when I am feeling homesick. They have great Hatch Green Chile and traditional New Mexican cuisine.
  • Photo of Travelbug8344
    2 years ago
    This restaurant has more of a style of a local cantina than a restaurant, so its ok for a meal, but not if you want a pleasant dining experience. Staff totally ignored us when we came in (and it wasn't even busy). Food was ok but nothing special. The miserable manager even refused to call a taxi for us when we left, despite having ordered 5 meals and drinks! Will definitely not be going back there - much better options nearby. An experience best forgotten.
  • Photo of Robert S
    2 years ago
    This is good New Mexico style food. The restaurant is very attractively put together. You order at the counter and they bring your food to you. If you order salsa and chips get a large bowl of a salsa you like, Don't order the four small bowls. We loved the soups/stews. The rotisserie chicken and a lot of the menu items were tempting. Well worth the visit.
  • Photo of Robert S
    2 years ago
    This place is related to Green Chili Kitchen which is a block away. They have sweet and savory pies, ice cream and some items from the Kitchen. The pies look amazing, and the chocolate pie I had was. The ice cream is really good too. They have Frito pie which, of course, is served in the Frito bag
  • Photo of Jayhawk17
    2 years ago
    Offering both sweet dessert pies as well as heartier entree fare, all pies are made from scratch from quality ingredients. Prices reflect the pride the owner has in the product and the food is not only delicious to eat but a beauty to behold. Look forward to returning.
  • Photo of frenkie_boy
    2 years ago
    Visited with my New Mexican girl friend and really enjoyed the fresh, tasty food! Highly recommended for NM food lovers
  • Photo of iyeh
    2 years ago
    Ordered the chai apple pie. Really good pie. Apple bits were small cubes and the chai power wasn't overpowering at all. It was such a great pie. Ordered 2 orders of a lo mode ice cream and they only charged and extra dollar. Total came to $9.50 or so. Would go back! They also have savory pies too!
  • Photo of epw921
    2 years ago
    The combo with enchilada, tamale, and taco was a huge meal. I was disappointed that there was very little sweet potato in the tamale, but everything was tasty, and the heat didn't overpower the flavors. The kids in our party loved the cheese quesadilla and burrito, both served with chips. Make sure to arrive before 6 pm if you don't want to wait.
  • Photo of seafin90
    2 years ago
    Authentic Mexican food in an unassuming, fun and funky atmosphere. Classics done well. Large portions. They are known for their burritos and stews, but we loved the flat enchilada and their spin on a quesadilla. Also excellent horchata! We were here for lunch and it was a working lunch, so no alcohol, but the cocktails looked awesome! We will be back.
  • Photo of tm007
    2 years ago
    This place converted my children to liking mexican/southwestern food. Steak tacos did it for them. The restaurant is buzzing so it is very family friendly in that regard. One of the key dishes is the green chile stew.

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