Photo of Campton Place Restaurant in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Campton Place Restaurant in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Campton Place Restaurant in San Francisco, CA, US
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Campton Place Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

Campton Place Restaurant14.5
tasting menu • amuse bouche • truffles • lobster

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  • Photo of Michelin  Guides
    2 years ago
    2 Michelin Stars.
  • Photo of ElGusto
    4 months ago
    I know that being an Indian restaurant I should expect spicy food but I believe that spicy is an enhancing of food and not something a chef apply to everything. I am keen on leaving a good mark (more than 3) but not the best since the overall does not get the experience we expected for our honeymoon. Recommend if you are in SF, but don't think you need to come twice.
  • Photo of AnitaNewportBch
    4 months ago
    Second dinner at this wonderful restaurant. Sparkling crystal and serveware, flawless service. There are many Michelin starred places in San Francisco, but this is the most inventive Indian fusion cuisine ever, and their chef is to be congratulated. Every dish is stunningly presented and the flavors are a riot on your palate. Cn't wait to go back!
  • Photo of badrax
    4 months ago
    Always find it difficult to find ethnic food as elevated but here they Did! Not too spicy not too weird and overall an amazing experience!
  • Photo of jimkoolkat
    4 months ago
    We have eaten here many times before and never knew this was Michelin rated until this last time; It has 2 Michelin Stars. We always knew the food was wonderful and had service to match. The artwork and glass chandelier make for elegant surroundings. It never seems to be crowded (maybe because it is in a hotel?) but the experience has always been delightful. It is very quiet and great for business or a romantic evening.
  • Photo of Phoebe059
    4 months ago
    The service and the food could not have been better! Our table of 4 had the 4 course tasting menu and each dish was a new revelation. There were actually more than 4 courses including the wonderful "picnic tray." The chef was able to accommodate one person's request for no dairy even though much of the menu incorporates dairy products in some way. My husband and I do not generally favor multi-course tasting menus but the staff made everything as easy and unpretentious as possible. The setting is lovely and quiet. We live in San Francisco and think this restaurant is a contender for the top spot.
  • Photo of diningaround
    4 months ago
    We chose to dine on a weeknight with friends, arrived early and enjoyed the evening seemingly until close. Taste after taste of elegant deliciousness, each dish was a song, and the wine pairings matched the perfection of the experience. I am so looking forward to returning, and I will recommend this restaurant to friends and family.
  • Photo of The_Loup_Garou
    4 months ago
    On a September Thursday morning, we were up early, with my wife heading out to meetings. I grabbed a quick croissant and coffee at our hotel, and headed out too – but it was raining pretty hard, so plans of a stroll changed. I decided that I wanted Breakfast, and not just a pastry and coffee. The hotel’s lobby restaurant had a buffet, and it did not look interesting. So, I grabbed my umbrella, and set out for the Taj Campton’s Campton Place Restaurant, where I knew I could get a very good Breakfast, and I was correct. When I entered the lovely dining room at Campton Place, the early Breakfast crowd had mostly departed. I was shown to one of the four-tops, along the wall, next to Campton Pl, the little side street, which runs beside the hotel. Though it was cloudy and rainy, there was still plenty of natural light, plus the lighting in the room, including the beautiful blown glass chandelier in the center. As always, service was very quick, and I had Orange Juice and Coffee, while I poured over the menu. Over the years, we have stayed at the Taj Campton many times, and have dined there (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) many more times. It is a favorite venue of mine, and I was welcomed by most of the staff – sort of like the line from the Mike Post TV series, “Cheers,” “... a place where everybody knows your name... “ Nice to be back. Though there were several temptations (most of which I have had, and enjoyed), I went with their “American Breakfast,” ($29) consisting of: 2 Eggs (Scrambled, in my case)* Chicken-Apple Sausage Applewood-smoked Bacon Home Fries Breakfast Salad English Muffin Homemade Preserves Orange Juice Coffee * Chef Srijith Gopinathan does a great Green Mango Chutney, with just the right amount of Curry, and though not ON the menu, is almost always available. This went very well with my Eggs, and I almost always have a little bowl, on the side. Everything was prepared exactly as requested, and was quickly on the table in front of me. The small, stainless steel coffee pot provided hot coffee refills, throughout the meal. While the menu states “2 glasses of Orange Juice,” I think that my servers probably ended up giving me more, as every time I looked up, the glass was full again. OK, so $29 is not “cheap” for a Breakfast, but I find it to always be a great value. All ingredients are fresh, and delectable, and the service, even at Breakfast, is part of what won two Michelin “stars,” along with Chef Srijith Gopinathan’s food, and Richard Dean’s wine list. As I mentioned, the room is lovely, with four-tops along the wall, booths lining the opposite wall, and then larger tables in the center. All are well-spaced, comfortable, and set formally. There is a unique “booth seating” area, at the rear of the room, but in all of our years, do not think we have ever sat there. Breakfast at Campton Place is not like eating at some roadside diner. They even have “purse stools” for the ladies, though I did not need one, dining solo. Often, I delve into the Campton Place Champagne list (or if late enough, their B-T-G wine list, and especially the Beaune de Château, white Burgundy), but on this rainy morning, decided to abstain – I also knew that I would be killing time, between my late checkout, and my pickup for SFO, by drinking wines, so did not want to get too “early a start.” But, their Champagne list, bottles, half-bottles, and B-T-G, is worth investigating. With a wonderful, leisurely and elegant Breakfast behind me, I headed back out into the rain.
  • Photo of cameragirl555
    5 months ago
    Excellent dining experience. We choose the 6 course tasting menu as well as the champagne tasting. Every dish was presented artfully and was a taste sensation. Excellent wine pairing and everything you would expect from a Michelin Star restaurant. We dined once on a whim before the symphony and were accommodated with the time constraint. It was worth our second visit to slow down and enjoy the atmosphere, excellent food and service.
  • Photo of guy m
    6 months ago
    My wife and I did the tasting menu with wine pairings. We were seated promptly and treated like honored guests. After a glass of Champagne (that you pay extra for) the meal began. While I am not a big fan of Indian food , my wife is, I found each course to be a pleasant blend of California Cuisine and tradition Indian spices . Each course did showcase a combination of ingredients and impressive techniques , however as the meal progressed , the flavors all seemed to blur together. My main complaint was the pace of the meal. The next course and wine were served before we had finished the previous one giving us a rushed feeling. which was disappointing considering the price for dinner
  • Photo of LRA45
    6 months ago
    Even though the Bistro does not take reservations and we were on a time schedule to see a show, we took a chance on dining at the Bistro. I'm so glad that we did! We arrived at around 5:30 on a busy Friday evening and were seated right away. The food and the drinks were excellent. It was the perfect before theater meal, tasty but not too heavy. I fully recommend the Campton Place Bistro at the Taj!
  • Photo of roshinibakshi
    6 months ago
    Absolutely a must . Chef Srijith has a wonderful way to give a twist to Indian food. Each and every dish was great to look at and awesome to eat. Next time we want to sit down for a 10 course tasting menu. We will come back for more
  • Photo of RdV88
    7 months ago
    Chef probably deserves his 2 stars - the Indian food with a twist of California was delicious and gorgeously presented. The maî·tre d' totally put a damper on our experience - he was such a snob. Unbelievable. We were the only table in the restaurant for dinner too. The rest of the wait staff were delightful. (May 2017 visit) I doubt we'll return. Much prefer the Michelin star Ziya at the Oberoi Mumbai. You may say it's not fair to compare as it is in India .... but the all the staff at Ziya were gracious and the chef came to welcome us and returned to inquire about the food. Campton place - nothing topped with coldness from sir maî·tre d
  • Photo of KomillaS
    7 months ago
    Celebrated a friends birthday and to be honest I had no idea about the cuisine at the Taj. Have eaten at the Taj in India many times and usually their meals are pretty average. However it was a pleasant surprise. Chef Sri took the Indian meal to new heights. It was delicious yet delicate flavours. We could have a super gourmet meal that was pure vegetarian which a delight. Our group of six were all vegetarians so it made the meal extra special. It is seldom we get to eat so sumptuously vegetarian Highly recommended for a special occasion.
  • Photo of The_Loup_Garou
    7 months ago
    Though not staying at the Taj Campton this June visit, I did do lunch at their Campton Place Bistro once. Since my “favorite” Burger in San Francisco has changed dramatically, I have been on what I call “Burger Quest.” As we have enjoy many meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Campton Place, and as I really like their B-T-G wines list, I headed there. As per usual, I started with a glass of Bouchard Père et Fils Beaune du Château 1er Cru Burgundy (Chardonnay), and contemplated my options. The Campton Place Cheeseburger w/ French fries sounded like just the thing – remember, “Burger Quest.” Before the Cheeseburger, I added a glass of the Salvestrin Estate Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. As usual, service was friendly, and quick. My Cheeseburger was up in no time. Lovely presentation. The actual Burger was good, but not great, as I have come to expect from Campton Place, whether the full restaurant, or the bar & bistro. The patty was a bit too thick, and too small in diameter, as well, so that it did not fill the bun, but made it a little difficult to eat. It had good taste, but could have used a little something more. The Fries were just OK, and did not differ from what one is likely to get at 100's of other restaurants. Compared to all other Lunch dishes, that I have had, this one rated below the majority. Now, the bar & bistro is separate from Campton Place Restaurant, though the occupy the same level (about 4 steps down from the lobby level), and are entered from the same short staircase. They are served by the same kitchen, but the menus differ fairly dramatically. One can see the Campton Place dining room, from the bar and bistro. Two different looks, and feels too. The bar & bistro is darker, more intimate, and of course, has a bar (about 6 stools) and bistro tables, plus 2-3 tables with partial banquette seating, while the dining room has formal seating, is brighter, and more open. There are also about 6 full booths in the restaurant’s dining room, along the wall away from the windows. It is, overall, much more formal. On this visit, I only had the one lunch, which was good, but not the ultimate. On with Burger Quest.
  • Photo of Sunshine_Akiko
    7 months ago
    My last review was for the Restaurant for dinner, and this is for the Bistro and Bar which is right next to the Restaurant. Their Bistro and Bar is such a great place for a spontaneous meal! After some errands in Union Square on a Sunday, we went there for late lunch for the first time. It was past 2pm and nearly full, but we got to choose a table. Their “360 Vesper” martini was SO PERFECT. I could drink it all day!! I had Brown Cocktail and Chicken Curry. Both were super delicious. Service was excellent. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of mark m
    8 months ago
    Campton Place was recently raised to two Michelin Stars. This has been puzzling me for a while because when I visited SF last month I ate here and I wasn't really that impressed. I guess I should point out that on the same trip I dined at Atelier Crenn which was absolutely mind blowing. I also visited Michael Mina and Californios, both of which have a single star, yet I thought both restaurants fared far better than Campton Place. Was it because I ate at Campton Place for lunch and I didn't get the tasting menu? I guess I'll never know. The amuse bouche here of soup was pretty good. They added coffee grounds to it which added an interesting flavor profile. This place is known for the naan, and while it was very good, it didn't change my life. I also had the house made tagliatelle with shaved white truffles and parmesan fondue. A great dish, but two Michelin star worthy? Not really. The truffles weren't shaved table side either. I would have expected that from a two star establishment. I don't think I'd return here, even if it was for dinner service with a tasting menu. San Francisco has a ridiculous amount of options for food and I think I'd rather try somewhere new.
  • Photo of MannyG2000
    8 months ago
    The two previous nights I had eaten at Californios 1 Michelin star), then Quince (3 Michelin stars) (see my reviews). Lengthy tasting menus can be dauntiing after a while, but as it was my last night at the Taj Campton Place (the hotel), I decided to just go ahead with this restaurant 2 Michelin stars). I was pleasantly surprised. The tasting menu was not too long. Each dish was tasty and what's more, the ingredients were recognizable to an average palate. Thus, I could engage emotionally with each course, and actually enjoyed my meal here more than the one at Quince, and much more than Californios. I had two glasses of wine, a Lynmar Chardonnay and a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and both were outstanding. Yet for some reason, this restaurant is not well-patronized. San Franciscans and visitors alike might be misled by the fact that it is in a hotel owned by an Indian conglomerate, surmising that it can't be that good. In my opinion, it is indeed that good, and those who can afford the bill (about $250 all-in), and who want to know what they are eating, should give the Campton Place a try.
  • Photo of Pat B
    8 months ago
    We enjoyed the service and the sommeliers were wonderful. After dining the night before at another Michelin 2 star restaurant, this meal fell short. This was a multi-course tasting menu, and many of the dishes were delicious but some of them were not a "Wow" when considering the price of the dinner. I don't mind paying for value, but this was not at the level I expected from a much touted restaurant.
  • Photo of RoteFuchs
    9 months ago
    Campton Place is a hotel restaurant and suffers from being located inside the Taj Hotel in a dull grey room where guests come to have one course and read a book while they eat dinner. But the food and service is at a very high level. We have never had better and more sophisticated Indian food anywhere in the world. The service is also on a very high level and the wine list excellent. Campton Place has two Michelin stars, that is probably one to many compared with other restaurants on this level but it is definitely one of the best places to eat in SF.
  • Photo of Michael T
    9 months ago
    The price is very good but the courses and service doesn't match the level of michelen stars restaurant.

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