Photo of Bistro Boudin in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Bistro Boudin in San Francisco, CA, US
Photo of Bistro Boudin in San Francisco, CA, US
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Bistro Boudin

American Restaurant

Bistro Boudin34
boudin • bread • clam chowder • sandwiches

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  • Photo of DMai
    3 years ago
    Awesome view from the outside dinning area! Their crab and corn bisque breadbowl is quite possibly the best I've ever tasted! Not to take anything away from their famous clam chowder, but that was awesome too. Their crab and shrimp thin crust pizza BOMB!!
  • Photo of SF Gate
    4 years ago
    The surprise: The food at the upstairs restaurant - which looks like a classic bar and grill with water views - is really good.
  • Photo of Stoli Vodka
    4 years ago
    Fish at Fishermans Wharf with cocktails, small bites and special Stoli-inspired desserts.
  • Photo of _holister_amanda
    4 months ago
    Great bread, chower good and perfect on a misty day! Will visit again on a foggy day. Fun to watch the bread being made. All the shapes are amazing!
  • Photo of jim t
    4 months ago
    We stopped for lunch. Thought the service was good the food was slightly disappointing. I had heard people rave about the restaurant and that I must visit so I guess I was expecting more. Though slightly disappointing the food was still of a good standard and not overpriced. It's well worth a visit and have a look at the shop the kids will love all the different breads available.
  • Photo of 175derekj
    4 months ago
    Had breakfast here and they make their own bread on site, absolutely gorgeous. Everything in the US seems to be on a larger scale especially the breakfasts.
  • Photo of Sor C
    4 months ago
    Although there was a huge lineup, the service was very fast and we only waited few minutes. I recommend the place for the chowder, the rest of the menu is not that great. Definitely it is for a see food fan.
  • Photo of Marco M
    4 months ago
    Definitely a must a place to visit. You can go for breakfast and enjoy a freshly baked sourdough bowl filled with chowder or one of their awesome pastries. If that's not your thing, the lunch and dinner options are not bad either. We stop there every time we visit SF and have not been disappointed.
  • Photo of Iaintbother
    4 months ago
    Have been here with a Friend and had a Tomato soup in a sour bread bowl. As we are vegeterians, we ordered a tomato soup and a cheese sandwich in stead of their famous calm chouwder soup. I loved it and on a cold breezy day, the soup does wonders. The service was very good. Although there were many tourists in the shop, the service guys opened extra cash counters and so we could order food superfast. The service staff was very friendly and service was fast. They have many types of bread which they sell in the bakery section. They also have the museum where one can looka round and find out about their famous sour dough and then they have the restaurant and souvenir shop. Loved it and deifinetly recommend it for families, tourists, friends
  • Photo of wayne s
    4 months ago
    Have got a full range of excellent products in their store - breads - coffees etc. just found the service "attitude" bad - it's like they are doing you a favour to serve and smile. C'mon - a smile and thank you goes a LONG way - basic 101 - seems like they have forgotten this rule. Did not want to go back even though food was excellent. What a shame - as it is an amazing institution in SF.
  • Photo of Aurel2702
    4 months ago
    We ate there twice!! It's really good and affordable. We had a great service and great recommendations each time. The crab soup is a classic there and it's nice to try it. Would recommend to reserve to have a table with the view.
  • Photo of malpal
    4 months ago
    Stopped in just before noon --and before the lunch crowd hit. We just wanted a quiet, cool place to have a really light lunch and take a load off. We sat upstairs - table by the window with a view of Pier 45. I just ordered iced tea and a shrimp cocktail. My friend ordered both the rustic tomato soup and the clam chowder. I had never tried clam chowder before --this one looked and smelled SO good I had to give it try. Oh yes. Delicious!!! The restaurant is beautiful ..roomy ... definitely a crowd pleaser type place. I'd like to go back next time I'm there.
  • Photo of Cynthia P
    4 months ago
    The restaurant is at Fisherman's Wharf and busy. The service could have been a bit more attentive. The food was not up to their usual quality.
  • Photo of JKerr88
    4 months ago
    We visited the bar here while we waited for an evening boat trip and they were quick to serve us calamari and beer We thought service was good so went back to eat dinner when our boat trip was finished. We sat out on the balcony. The steak was good and the seafood pasta was very tasty. Service friendly and helpful throughout
  • Photo of THUMPERCW
    4 months ago
    Delicious food and the smell of their wonderful bread baking! We sat upstairs when we visited. Was a little more quiet and less crazy compared to downstairs. The food was all great!
  • Photo of AAroundtheGlobe
    4 months ago
    We had lunch at Boudin Bakery and really liked it. The place itself, overlooking the waterfront, was great. Inside, you get to see them make the bread on the first floor. On the second, you can also visit a mini-museum on the history of the place. Quite cool. The place is famous for the Sourdough Bread. For us French, it pretty much tasted like regular bread! The food was very fresh and good. Each of us liked what we had. The clam chowder was apparently to die for. I had a pizza and the crust was unbelievable
  • Photo of glennkim11
    4 months ago
    Nice coffee great sour dough we had the soup bowl with chowder yumm 2 nd visit we had croissants and coffee try the Dirty chia
  • Photo of MrsChefCowan
    4 months ago
    Was beyond pleased with our chili bowl and tomato soup in bread bowl. My daughter loved it she ate the whole bowl
  • Photo of IveEvsters
    4 months ago
    The most delicious clam chowder soup I have ever had! Not only was the soup the perfect warmth and this incredibly delicious taste, it also came in a round French bread that was to die for. All I could say is Oh My God!!!! I want more! If you're in San Francisco check out Boudin's, you will not regret it!
  • Photo of jejus
    5 months ago
    We heard with some locals that this was THE place for clam chowder. It was very tasty and the sourdough bread is surely different. This restaurant has some other artistic creations in the made out of bread that are at war looking at or buying us a souvenir.
  • Photo of arekVancouverBC
    5 months ago
    Sourdough loaf with Beef Chili was excellent, Sandwich was good but it could be better if it come warm. After meal good cap of coffee with pastry was just what we needed and everything was delicious.
  • Photo of Ramil B
    5 months ago
    One of the famous for clamchowder. You are like in a cinema ticket booth when you order :). Try it!!
  • Photo of tav007
    5 months ago
    Sourdough loaf with clam chowder is a local favourite, no doubt targeted to the immense tourist crowd. But what the heck, it tastes great and the Boudin version is delicious. It's a busy place but they have a good system that copes with orders very promptly. Certainly an impressive array of bread as well

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