Photo of Whaley House Museum in San Diego, CA, US
Photo of Whaley House Museum in San Diego, CA, US
Photo of Whaley House Museum in San Diego, CA, US
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Whaley House Museum

Historic Site

Whaley House Museum14
ghost stories • old town • ghost hunting • night tour

2476 San Diego Ave Ste B
San Diego, CA 92110, US
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  • Photo of Steve S
    4 years ago
    Originally the home of Thomas Whaley, The Whaley House has officially been recognized as "The Most Haunted House in America"
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  • Photo of danielle82015
    5 months ago
    My friend & I went here & it was actually pretty cool! It’s something different to do & I’m glad we went! We didn’t experience anything paranormal though, but I would recommend checking it out!
  • Photo of Dakotabear2003
    5 months ago
    The whole tour I felt was more focused on the house being haunted rather than a history. I enjoyed it, but I also love a good ghost story.
  • Photo of Dromomaniac
    5 months ago
    We were really looking forward to our tour of Whaley house, however, it was really diasappointing for the whole family. It didn't help that the guide allowed a very drunk man with no ticket to slip in with out group, and then proceed to heckle and call out things randomly during the tour. Having said that, the drunk guy was probably the most interesting part of the tour. Our guide's strong accent, quiet voice and short stature, coupled with the drunk guest, meant that we couldn't see or hear our guide for the first part of the tour. So we missed everything that was said during the part in the courtroom, so perhaps that was more significant and would have made the remainder of the tour more interesting. We found the discussion of life at the time, the history and setup of the house very interesting. However, we felt that he was trying to make everything sound scary and mysterious when it simply wasn't. There was no amazing coincidence regarding the people dying in the house bring in close proximity to each other, because that's how they lived in this tiny house. The rest was just an attempt to make it sound haunted, but didn't ring true or hold any credibility with us. So, overall, it was a vaguely interesting tour of a lovely old house, but disappointingly un-scary. I kind of feel like we wasted our money and our only night in San Diego doing this tour.
  • Photo of Laura P
    6 months ago
    One of the better Ghost tours I have been on and would highly recommend visiting if you are curious about the paranormal. I would not recommend this tour for young children under the age of 16 as I feel it might be too scary. The tour was well worth the money I paid and the tour guides were all helpful and well informed. I did get some good photo's but didn't see any ghosts. The house was truly amazing.
  • Photo of jefe8
    6 months ago
    We were excited to have a tour of the "most haunted house in america" but was disappointed when we were just handed a piece of paper, so much for eriee
  • Photo of jennlovesfood
    7 months ago
    We visited Old Town during the Dia De Los Muertos celebration this year - a fitting time to visit the famous haunted Whaley House. My kids were a little freaked out to go in based on the house's reputation as one of the most haunted in America but once they got in the door they totally got into it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of the house as we walked through it. I am a history geek so I was geeking pretty hard on this one. Now that I know the history, I think I would really like to come back and night and do the ghost tour here...I would love to see this place at night. Go for ghosts or just go for the history of this beautiful home - just make sure to go!
  • Photo of Tanya N
    7 months ago
    I visited for the first time, and decided on the night time guided Ghost tour. It was fun. Lots of "activity". Well worth the money.
  • Photo of rdgz_842303
    8 months ago
    A friend of mine and I went and we lived it. The history of the house and the ghost stories behind it along with the history of San Diego in general. Highly recommended if you're in for a spooky night.
  • Photo of Zeleznikars2016
    8 months ago
    My husband and I and our three old daughter decided to see this lovely home. We love historic adventures. Besides all the beauty in the history, there was some oddities. I was touched and scratched on the chest, also caught some very odd images of a little child and a woman in a old dress. It was Amazing and I want to go back!!!
  • Photo of Mooseface55
    8 months ago
    I have been researching the Whaley House for WEEKS leading up to our trip here, so I was very excited for our evening tour. I loved the ghost story and paranormal aspect to the evening tour. It was wonderful (and sad too) hearing about the lives of the Whaley family members and learning about the evolution of this house. For ghostly encounters, I took a number of pictures where orbs of light showed up for me. I got some in the courtroom and many in the theater. In the dining room, I swear someone touched my right hand. Apparently there's the spirit of a little girl who is still searching for her mother and she interacts mainly with women. I plan to come back here during the day to have a self-guided tour and spend more time in some of the rooms that the guided tour with a docent allows.
  • Photo of Janie R
    8 months ago
    I paid for entrance as well as the tour. It was an interesting tour but would have been better at night. Worth the price of admission.
  • Photo of toddone1
    8 months ago
    Came here while in Old Town, and took the 5PM tour - which is the tour focusing on a bit on the history, and a little more on the haunted aspects of the place. Had a young child with us, so they did not go into some of the heavier details - but suffice it to say where this place was built on is a bit chilling. The guide was amazing, and getting the inside scoop on the history as well as hearing about all of the strange activity here was eye-opening. A bit on the short side as far as time, and if you are not interested in haunted places - it is probably not worth going out of the way for in my opinion.
  • Photo of Raymond H
    9 months ago
    We enjoyed our visit we had a family visit with the 10 years old daughter and we all enjoyed historic state of building we went in the morning tour but we heard the evening's tours are much better specialty for couples or families with teenagers . We recommend this place for family visits. You might have a short visit but it's enjoyable.
  • Photo of Kathleen C
    9 months ago
    Absolutely loved our visit to the Whaley House! I have wanted to go for years and years, and we finally made it there earlier this month. The tour guide was very knowledgeable of this historic home and was very in character. The house is super creepy, and there were many orbs that were photographed here. Can't wait to take my kids!
  • Photo of Libby243
    9 months ago
    One of the most interesting places We have visited. The Gentleman on the door and the Lady in the shop made us feel most welcome. The Lady in the shop took so much time out to listen to us, advise us and tell us her story and was such a lovely person. The Lady , Pat, in the house was amazing, friendly, interesting and also a lovely person....I could have chatted and listened to her for ever and a day. Thank you so much to the 3 of you for making it such an amazing experience Xx
  • Photo of Christine S
    9 months ago
    I had really hoped to come out of our tour of "the most haunted house in the US" with some good ghost experiences. We only ended up with an interesting picture with some white translucent looking shape in the bottom right of the frame. Is it haunted? Maybe? I wish I had gone on the night tour to really give it a shot but my husband flat out refused. The tour is self guided and is finished in about 15-20 minutes, but I'd definitely do it again. It is a historical property that is fun to learn about and if you are already in Old Town its easy to pop by. The docents were very helpful and kind and since admission is not that expensive, stop by!
  • Photo of Amanda R
    10 months ago
    Interesting tour. The in-character guide will not only provide you with the history of what is said to be the most haunted house in America, but he will also try to interact with the ghosts that he claims to see. Good for a laugh, and a great opportunity to.learn about some of the areas history
  • Photo of Zoe D
    10 months ago
    I had heard about this and wanted to go and see it. I am not sure if I am a believer in ghosts but never say never. It was interesting to see the old building and read the notes on each room. There is quite a background. I would recommend talking to someone that works there as you find out a lot more. Interesting history on the Whaley family. It was also on Most Haunted in the UK. Good way to spend an hour. Not sure if night time tours are any better and add to the ghostly experience.
  • Photo of Naples77
    10 months ago
    We went to see the house on a not so nice day and it has some great history and artifacts from the Gold Rush era. Saw some pictures of "ghost sightings", but didn't see anything ourselves. Nice excursion, but just average.
  • Photo of Jacqui M
    10 months ago
    If in the Old Town, this little house is worth a visit. It was a site of hangings before Tom Whaley bought the land and built his family home on the site. There is a lot of history around the building, and over the generations the building has seen many uses which explains the litany of tales around ghosts. The rooms are as they were when lived in by the Whaley family, with the original furniture and some reproduction wood and wall paper. The dining room is the least well-lit, which has given rise to many paranormal feelings and sightings. Probably best seen by day unless you are particularly keen to spot a ghost.

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