Photo of Fashion Valley Shopping Center in San Diego, CA, US
Photo of Fashion Valley Shopping Center in San Diego, CA, US
Photo of Fashion Valley Shopping Center in San Diego, CA, US
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Fashion Valley Shopping Center

Tourist Attraction

Fashion Valley Shopping Center14.5
outdoor mall • neiman marcus • the cheesecake factory • high end stores

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Fashion Valley Shopping Center has 21 Tips

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  • Photo of Erykah Hussey
    3 years ago
    Always good sales. Cute clothes.
  • Photo of bigJohnny670
    5 months ago
    Always find what I want here. Love this place they have been around for a long time but they always been maintained and renovated. This is a mall to go to in San Diego.
  • Photo of JimmyJackk
    5 months ago
    Large outdoor mall in mission valley area. Draws lots of teenagers like any other mall. It’s not bad getting in and out of this mall. Usually come mid week to avoid traffic on 8.
  • Photo of Sarah R
    5 months ago
    A beautiful outside Mall with a large selection of shops and restraints. Downstairs there are lots of designer shops. Big department stores, 2 sephoras! Lots of choice for restaurants to choose from to eat at and of course lots of shops! the layout is lovely and airy outdoors with plenty of parking!
  • Photo of emma b
    6 months ago
    This mall is pretty nice. The stores are more upscale and expensive. The layout is nice however I wish bathrooms were easier to find, as the map did not label them.
  • Photo of ddmullis
    6 months ago
    A top notch Upscale outdoor shopping mall with a lot of great stores. Center has a lot of easy free parking. The mall is very well maintained Whether you are in need of a large department store or a specialty store you can certainly find it here
  • Photo of SolangeC
    6 months ago
    There are many stores from high end to department stores there. You can walk around and check out the stores. Stopped by many stores there. Great place to spend an afternoon.
  • Photo of Fretel
    6 months ago
    A nice outdoor shopping mall with a large variety of shops and a good food court with many different types of food.
  • Photo of Pio P
    7 months ago
    the WORST customer service!!!!!!! do not give them your $$$$$ tried to return a pair of shoes which my husband selected for me on line...... had all the printed billing info.... VISA had sent us new cards because the old ones were expiring...... you cannot get a credit (your money back!!) unless you have the original card, which of course had expired..... the manager was just awful!!! nasty...... afraid to lose her job...... she has NO authority to make decisions...... NEVER again will we give them our good $$$ the manager said they do not need our business because they just bought Jimmy Choo..... well, goody goody 2 shoes :( terrible customer relations
  • Photo of Oliveiro R
    7 months ago
    This was a recommendation from our hotel. It's a nicely laid out mall with high end shops at one end and mid range over the rest. It's got loads of brand presence and if it's not a solo store, Bloomingdales, Macy's or Nordstrom will have it. There is plenty of parking. It's approx 15mins from Gaslamp if you are driving or close to Sea world (in case you plan an excursion after a visit).
  • Photo of Gmanusm
    7 months ago
    Our favorite mall to visit in San Diego. Very easy to navigate with easy access to the different shops. Parking area is monitored well and good access points for the handicapped. The outdoor mall is kept very clean and it's truly a family mall. All the best national stores are located here.
  • Photo of kevin s
    7 months ago
    One of the best malls in the US. Good deals, great selection, classy, and great location. Best mall around.
  • Photo of Christina L
    8 months ago
    Jimmy Choos, Lego store, Coach, bloomies, 18 movie theater, apple n Microsoft stores, Tesla store! Then a food court, container store, cheesecake factory, it's a lot of choices. A great place to window shop, and it's incredibly clean. Good place to go with a stroller to walk around, not crowded because is pricey.
  • Photo of Jeffrey_Teh_2000
    8 months ago
    We went for true food restaurant and the food is so damm delicious and cheap. We walked around and found many good shops to wander around
  • Photo of Jasmina P
    8 months ago
    Fashion Valley Shopping Center is such a beautiful mall! There are so many amazing stores and the decorations throughout the mall for all budgets. There are stores for clothing, shoes, makeup, toys, home goods, and even cooking! There is basically something for everybody. My favorite part is that the mall is outdoors, as it makes the mall more open. They have everything there, and quite frankly, it takes me a whole day to get through the whole mall. If you are looking for a great shopping center with it all, Fashion Valley is the place to go.
  • Photo of DeShawna Y
    8 months ago
    I visited Fashion Valley during my downtime while visiting San Diego on business. There is something for everyone at this mall - from Macy's and JCPENNEY to Prada and Michael Kors and much, much more! There are a few great restaurants, too. I was able to get to the mall using the public trolley which stops in front of the mall!
  • Photo of Paolos
    8 months ago
    I just had a few hours to get some shopping for family while in San Diego and visited Fashion Valley finding a good mix of premium and luxury brands. The venue is open air which makes the shopping experience very pleasant and relaxing
  • Photo of rosabellejohnson65
    9 months ago
    I went to San Diego with my husband for our aniversary. I love this city, nice restaurants but this Mall is outstanding. Very nice stores, outdoors.
  • Photo of Gösta R
    9 months ago
    Being in San Diego you want to be outdoors. Great mixture of stores, both luxury, midrange and affordable. Nice in- and outdoor foodcourt. With tired feet, lighter wallets and happy smiles we left 6 hours later.
  • Photo of Supertrack
    9 months ago
    We went here for Anthropologie, and found SO much more. The food court was terrific (except for the birds). Bathrooms were neat and clean. We loved this place. Excellent. Parking was easy too.
  • Photo of Redbullx2
    10 months ago
    Whether you're doing a quick shop, hittin' up a movie @ AMC or eating at one of the restaurants... you cannot miss The joint is extremely well kept and clean and perfect for locals or those on vacation

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