Photo of Sushi Chitose in Redondo Beach, CA, US
Photo of Sushi Chitose in Redondo Beach, CA, US
Photo of Sushi Chitose in Redondo Beach, CA, US
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Sushi Chitose

Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Chitose14.5
sushi • omakase • chef's choice • liquor store

402 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277, US
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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    Arguably the best value omakase in town, for around $45 dollars, you get 15 pieces of terrific sushi that'll impress anyone. The varieties range from the familiar cuts to things you won't likely see at your local roll shop. It's a bit of a hike from L.A., but it's well worth it for price.
  • Photo of mcfly_c5
    5 months ago
    Locale molto piccolo ma carino ed accogliente... personale molto gentile. Ho mangiato omakase sushi davvero molto buono. Conto al di sotto della media di LA
  • Photo of HockeyJudge
    7 months ago
    This is a very small restaurant with outstanding food and service. I selfishly hate to review it because I am concerned it will be impossible to get reservations if too many people find it. Quality of the fish is excellent. The sushi chef is one of the best I have encountered on the east or west coast (all business, but trust his choices of fish). I can't say enough about this place.
  • Photo of ILoveTraveling2
    9 months ago
    This was a very good experience as it was fresh and traditional. However I walked away hungry after ordering their high end $60.00 Omakase.and several other items. Total bill for 1 was over a hundred.
  • Photo of Michael L
    9 months ago
    Best place I've been for sushi in the area. It's great for a quiet date night. Omikase is the ticket.
  • Photo of robert d
    10 months ago
    This is other worldly sushi, not just run off the mill cheap sushi. The chef is a cullunary artiste not easily found on this side of the pond. Honestly, this place blew my mind. I ate things that I have only dreamed about prior to eating here. Five stars!
  • Photo of Nasrin M
    a year ago
    Great food. Fresh , their fish are Wild, I love that about this place. Their sashimis are só fresh. The miso soup is fresh. Great sushi place. They are family Resturant husband & wife very friendly.
  • Photo of jennifer s
    a year ago
    Chef Gen-San omakase and his selection is excellent. If it's your first time, let him serve you what he feels you'll like and then count on very fresh, wonderful fish on every visit after. For such a small spot near a liquor store, this unassuming sushi spot rivels the best in LA and the staff is highly attentive--good sake and soucho, too
  • Photo of Thanh P
    a year ago
    The sushi @ Sashimi are very fresh! Wonderful place ! The service is excellent! The chef is very professional. We love the atmosphere!
  • Photo of fbcc
    a year ago
    I loved the crab my daughter thought the place was just "ok" Nothing spectacular. Give it a try for the ambiance and fresh ingredients. Good parking.
  • Photo of bicoastaltraveler5
    Knowledgable chef. Friendly staff. Great service... what more could you want? Good traditional sushi experience from someone who lived a good part of his life in Japan and has eaten a lot of good sushi.
  • Photo of cambria d
    2 years ago
    The sushi chef here knows his stuff and goes to the fish mart every morning to get the best of the best fresh fish. Delish!!
  • Photo of Alexis C
    2 years ago
    I love the intimate atmosphere. The sushi is fresh and so flavorful! If you are looking for sashimi and nigiri this feels like a more traditional to Japan restaurant. You are going to pay more but if you are a bit of a sushi snob you'll understand. I love getting the Omakase (chef's choice). Only downside is sometimes it feels like it is understaffed and one server is running around for the entire restaurant and you can find yourself waiting for a while. If you go in expecting to take your time, it is well worth the wait.
  • Photo of winelvr83
    2 years ago
    We had a fantastic meal here. Having lived in Japan years ago, we are particular about our sushi and such. This is authentic Japanese food, emphasis on fresh, handmade, traditional, EXCELLENT. I can not praise this small, intimate restaurant enough. I highly recommend this restaurant.
  • Photo of GoMustangs
    2 years ago
    Intimate, casual atmosphere -- about 6 tables, plus a row of seats at the chefs' counter. We had the $45 "trust the chef" complete meal, which consisted of 5 courses, starting with clams, followed by a long platter of a variety of very fresh sushi, miso with shrimp, a platter of rolls and sweet egg, and closed with green tea ice cream. Everything was very fresh and expertly prepared. A dry erase board shows a long list of a la carte sushi options. Feels very authentic; staff is all Japanese and very friendly. The two sushi chefs masterfully prepare individual pieces upon request of those sitting at the counter.
  • Photo of Rx-art
    2 years ago
    I highly recommend the premium omakase (chef's choice) sushi service. Place is small so if you are thinking dinner, reservations recommended, but they are open for lunch.
  • Photo of Bill W
    3 years ago
    I was disappointed with some of the selections. The biggest disappointment was the unagi, which was overdone. Most of the fish was very good, but some was not as fresh as it should have been. For the price it should have all been top quality. The staff was very good and the service was consistently good.
  • Photo of Deanna W
    3 years ago
    This is our favorite sushi spot. The owners are amazing. They take such pride in the sushi that is prepared. Super fresh, very japanese and the service is excellent.
  • Photo of WonderGirl1
    3 years ago
    So wonderful this place. Fresh, traditional sushi. Have never been disappointed. We try and limit ourselves to a few times a month, because when we go we do some damage. Not cheap, but totally worth it.
  • Photo of sofiteme
    3 years ago
    Casual dining, quality fish for the price. Small den dining located in not so great strip mall type local corner. The place is lively with boisterous locals in shorts. We sat at the bar as usual for omakase. One other thing I look for in a good sushi is the rice, and the rice quality is decent. Definitely will make a return.
  • Photo of Lauren F
    3 years ago
    Cute atmosphere, sushi bar or tables, very fresh food. Delicious spicy scallop handroll. Very authentic - had a Kiran beer but there were also tons of choices for Sake on the menu.

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