Photo of Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach, CA, US
Photo of Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach, CA, US
Photo of Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach, CA, US
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Two Guns Espresso


Two Guns Espresso34.5
french toast • south bay • excellent coffee • coffee places

350 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, US
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  • Photo of Walley Lu
    a year ago
    Shop has keep cup
  • Photo of Matthew McIvor
    4 years ago
    Order the Flat White!
  • Photo of Matthew McIvor
    4 years ago
    This New Zealand influenced coffee shop is perfect for a quick cup.
  • Photo of openspacesnz
    3 months ago
    Started coming here a few years back when Stan first opened, it was a little basic back then but has certainly attracted a larger clientele now. The location is a little ordinary and if it's busy you are usually relegated to a seat on the stairs pretty much in the car park but for all that the coffee is usually pretty good and as a Kiwi a decent flat white in LA is sometimes like rocking horse Sh...t . I always stop in though and it's a great way to kick off the day so would certainly recommend a look. I understand they have also opened a Two Guns in El Segundo
  • Photo of David G
    5 months ago
    The shock of this place wasn't the coffee which was fine, I just had the drip (no pourovers until noon was a bummer). Breakfast was amazing. A fresh veggie and potato frittata w arugula on the side was way beyond expectations. Grabbed two egg sandwiches for family which also look very good. Friendly service, a few tables. Only thing keeping from a 5 star was the lack of pourovers and more choices on coffee. I will come back.
  • Photo of Robin S
    6 months ago
    Super clean, bright and airy. Good coffee and tea drinks and they even have Milkadamia (from macadamia nuts) that's delicious (plus other milk substitutes). I love that I have choices on tea, iced or hot, made to order. Cappuccinos are delicious too. Ask for a ceramic cup, all the more fun.
  • Photo of UncouthMike
    7 months ago
    I don't drink coffee but my friends said it was "good but a little burnt". I had the scrambled eggs and market greens, with tater tots and added smoked salmon. The eggs were delicious but the smoked salmon made it a meal. Didn't come with toast which was a surprise. Wait staff were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. Bit odd to be served take out containers and cutlery while eating in - not very eco-friendly - although they were the recyclable type.
  • Photo of Vince V
    8 months ago
    THE BEST COFFEE this side of New Zealand and AussieLand ... The flat white is the perfect blend of creamy milk and espresso; in other words, strong on the espresso. After years of traveling Italy, I still give the edge to Two Guns (and my colleague who just returned from New Zealand proper confirms that there's an outstanding strong-coffee culture on this remote, small island). The breakfasts are outstanding as well. While the oatmeal was average, the sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches were outstanding, and amply sized. The lines are long, but that isn't a demerit, it's a sign of the quality of the establishment. On top of it all, I suspect that the owner has a sense of humor, given he has landed a successful no-guns-barred establishment, replete with Clint Eastwood toting a handgun in a larger-than-life-sized mural, and a dos pistolas logo ... all in progressive California!
  • Photo of randomhappiness
    8 months ago
    A great find in a happenstance strip mall on Sepulveda. Fantastic coffee, great ambience, super busy. I had my usual soy capp - all espresso drinks are made as doubles - I saw a Frozen Bullet that looked A-mazing and the gal sipping on it confirmed.
  • Photo of James G
    9 months ago
    Very good coffee shop good flat white, expresso and dark brew good selection of cookies and other treats.
  • Photo of AlumineA
    9 months ago
    We were looking to find a good coffee, and we found it here, within 300m from our hotel. This place is owned by 2 new zealanders, who definitively know how to d o coffee and great food. Not only were all coffees double shots (learn, America) but the food was very healthy, the staff cheerful. Thanks Manhattan Beach!
  • Photo of GoodToGoGirl
    10 months ago
    They make a really good cup of coffee with quality beans. If you're just wanting a well-made cappy or latte, this is your place.
  • Photo of Li Z
    10 months ago
    after our morning run, step in and grab some latte and French toast. Best latte ever and the toast is really heavy but really good.
  • Photo of Richco747
    a year ago
    Consistently good coffee, efficient and always busy. Parking can be tricky and there is limited seating. Outside seating is available also.
  • Photo of Oftringen1985
    a year ago
    The espresso drinks at Two Guns Espresso are top notch. This is a first class espresso bar with good food but limited seating. I don't go more often because I'm only in town one week a year, otherwise I would be a regular the rest of the year. Plus, they are very nice.
  • Photo of orange-u-tall
    a year ago
    Although the prices are a little under the industry standard, I never spent so much in a coffee shop. But I was very glad about that. I had two cups, and I sampled the delicious food, too. I even bought a whole bean bag of espresso to go. I would be a proud regular if we resided in southern California.
  • Photo of Autumn M
    a year ago
    I had the iced caramel latte. It was good. The pretzel sandwich was decent. My favorite is the BLT. Very cute place.
  • Photo of KulaGrower
    a year ago
    If you want a great breakfast sandwich and awesome coffee and you want to get away from the "traps" on Highland or Vista, this is the spot. Crowded and lively for a reason. I had the pretzel bun breakfast sandwich; pesto, fried egg, arugula, and ham. The wife had the salmon toast that they were kind enough to make an hour before the lunch is due to start. Both were delicious....and the staff were courteous, energetic, personable and quick. Anytime I'm nearby I'll go back!
  • Photo of Todd H
    a year ago
    For someone serious about coffee, this is the place to go in Manhattan Beach. Food was simple but delicious and quick. The line gets out the door at peak hours, but it moves along nicely and staff are very good at what they do.
  • Photo of DestressedA
    a year ago
    Not a big spot and there's a line here for reason. Those that know will gladly wait. Plenty of staff to manage the crowd so the wait isn't long. Staff is fun and polite. Coffee is great and their food offerings are really good for breakfast and lunch. They do have about 4-5 tables inside with a couple more outside to enjoy.
  • Photo of 2Wolfgang
    a year ago
    Small space and very popular. 5-6 people waiting for spots to sit down. Aesthetically the interior and exterior a bit flat? for place that serves great coffee.
  • Photo of kiwi62
    2 years ago
    It's really difficult to find good coffee in LA, go no further than Two Guns! They have great food too!
  • Photo of Vincent N
    2 years ago
    Stopped by today, tried the bullet and it's pretty awesome. Since they were out of mint, I opted for caramel and then whole milk. Simply loved it!

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