Photo of Q in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Q in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Q in Los Angeles, CA, US
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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    A refined sushi den in the heart of Downtown's Financial District, this ambitious new player in the L.A. sushi scene is out there to conquer it all, and the quality of fish speaks for itself. The price is quite high, but the more affordable lunch might be a worthy splurge for those working in the area. [Photo: Yelp]
  • Photo of Annerly777
    a year ago
    We went to Q for the first time for lunch, and it was so outstanding that we booked for dinner the following night. There was almost no overlap in the menu. The quality of the food is extraordinary. The seafood comes mainly from Japan, plus some from California (sea urchin from Santa Barbara) and Spain (the tuna). This is a boutique restaurant, which seems to only accept eight guests at a sitting. There appears to be at least five staff, including the master chef, the manager and an engaging American host at dinner who speaks fluent Japanese. The restaurant starts by assuming you would be comfortable eating in a restaurant in Tokyo; however, if this is not the case, the staff step in quickly to discretely advise (for example, showing an adjacent guest how to use the bowl of soya sauce). This is a restaurant in which both the novice and connesieur will feel equally at home. For those who have never eaten in this style of restaurant, the menu is almost exclusively raw seafood. For both our lunch and dinner menus, only one course was cooked (by blow torch). Each time we ordered the sake flight which consists of three different sakes. Sake can compliment the full range of flavors in a Japanese meal - from the most delicate sashimi to sushi with wasabi and ginger. For dinner we also ordered the recommended French Sancere which was wonderful and added a new dimension. You need to go easy on the ginger and wasabi though. The menu will vary by season and depends on what is available in the market, in Tokyo as much as in LA. For example, both our meals included the three traditional cuts of tuna, but for dinner we also had hairy crab, Japanese needle fish, and mackeral from Japan. For lunch, we had the sea urchin from Santa Barbara, but this is not our favorite. This was duly noted by the chef, so we had a different course for dinner. Although the restaurant has tables, guests sit at the long bar in front of the master chef, Japanese style. Aside from providing a vantage point to watch a master class in sushi preparation, it also enables you to ask questions to the chef (within reason; he is a busy man). The chairs at the bar are amazingly comfortable. I don't like sitting on stools, or even at bars. But these chairs are wonderful. Given the sources of the ingredients, the skill of the master chef who has trained for at least 10 years to attain this level of expertise and the ratio of staff to guests, this restaurant is necessarily expensive (although the wine list is not). I would recommend you note the prices before booking. The restaurant is certainly worthy of the charge, but will not fit everyone's budget. This is Japanese cuisine matching the highest quality served in Tokyo. Enjoy.
  • Photo of Phoenixmontreal1
    Very good Omakase edo style. Good quality fish and well presented. A little stiff at times, but loved the Sushi. Had the 20 piece course and would recommend it.
  • Photo of Dalia T
    a year ago
    Absolutely wonderful experience. The restaurant was extremely elegant and yet very simple. The servers were extremely polite and attentive. We got to sit at the bar and were able to watch The chef prepare the sushi himself with graceful delicate movements almost like a theater performance in itself. Needless to say it was wonderful to watch the chef prepare each exquisite morsel of sushi by hand. The sushi itself was nothing short of sublime and probably the best I've had outside of Japan. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an elevated sushi experience above and beyond good sushi.
  • Photo of Jeremy W
    a year ago
    clean. formal. great presentation. quiet place. and fresh. good service. very un-LA. pricey but worth it to go once in a while. best if you go in a group of 4 or more. that way more potential options from the restaurant.
  • Photo of Rita F
    2 years ago
    This was the best omakase I have ever had. The sushi and sashimi were as good as the ones I had in Japan. Everything's excellent including service and shop style. Highly recommended and would definitely come back if I visit LA again.
  • Photo of Santiago P
    2 years ago
    This has been the best sushi I have had in the US since I hate in New York Chef Yoshi Kousaka's sushi. Chef Horoyuki Naruke has an intimate place that lends itself to enjoy and focus on how he masterfully makes everything you eat. This Omakase only restaurant was a great choice to celebrate with my wife our 3 year anniversary!! We had 18 course and at the end we where extremely fool!!! I loved that the chef yould tell exactly where every piece of fish you ate came from!! It's important to know this is real Sushi, not your run of the mill roll place. If you like Sushi and don't mind spending over 200 dollars per person place is fantastic!!!
  • Photo of Jerri G
    2 years ago
    I am not a sushi expert, but what I do know is excellent, very fresh fish, beautifully prepared with very subtle vinegars, soys, rice and ginger. The bowls, plates, and presentation enhanced the overall experience. There was no end to the number of different countries the fishes came from. We had 2 sakis - one filtered and one not. I know the evening was very pricey but for a special night, this is the place to come. There were tiny presentations of the sashimi first with sushi following. I think we had the 18 course. I was satisfied by the end of the evening. You will not leave hungry.
  • Photo of Melissa L
    2 years ago
    Q first appeared on my radar because LA Times Food Guru Jonathan Gold placed this sushi spot on his 101 Best Restaurants in 2015. Made reservations last minute for a small group thru Opentable. Located alongside several other popular spots (Little Sister, 7 Grand, Mas Malo). They have valet parking after 6:30pm. Just a simple Golden "Q" is lit above the door. We stepped inside and the place was empty (later, more patrons arrived). The decor reminds me of a very traditional sushi shop; considering, chef Hiroyuki Naruke was transported from his little 6 seat shop in Tokyo by a law firm to LA, I like that he maintained a minimalist decor. Its Omakase (Chef's Choice) of Edomae Sushi. We were seated along the sushi bar. Drinks & Hot Towels were brought and the Adventure Began. For the next 90 minutes, we were treated to 18-20 (lost track) of Uniquely prepared Sushi, each time being told what part of the fish and what country the fish was from. Watching the chefs side by side, prepare each item was a joy, too; I loved when they brought out the blow torches. Further, servers were very attentive and made sure an empty plate was ever left for long in front of you. I can state emphatically that it was the best sushi dining I have ever experienced (husband agrees).

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