Photo of Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, CA, US
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Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill

Japanese Restaurant

Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill24.5
sushi • miso soup • chirashi • fresh fish

8325 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045, US
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Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill has 22 Tips

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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    Easily one of the best spots in this part of town, the relatively affordable, but high quality sushi at this enduring sushi bar makes it a little bit of an insider's secret. If you have time before flying out of LAX, this might be the pre-flight meal to make.
  • Photo of Andrew Darmadi
    5 years ago
  • Photo of Noe45
    5 months ago
    My boyfriend and I went to Kanpai yesterday and ordered sushi rolls, hot sake, tempura, and a fish rice soup with broth. It was all good but the tempura was tiny for $2.50 for two slivers of pumpkin. Not worth ordering. The hot sake was watery and had no alcohol. I'd say stick to hot green tea and sushi.
  • Photo of ABF49ER
    9 months ago
    Great selection of Sushi and Sashimi as well as chicken and beef. One of the best Japanese restaurants we have eaten in as everything was really tasty. Very reasonable and great service.
  • Photo of RichardWorldTraveler
    Recommend calling ahead as this appears to be a very popular place with the locals. Fabulous sushi including some of the best uni I have had in a while. Very extensive list of sakes.
  • Photo of NeelikaT
    10 months ago
    The food was good. Good portions and great service but it was not the best. Nothing unusual about the food i had here. I had the Philly roll and the teriyaki salmon lunch
  • Photo of Michele R
    a year ago
    Sushi was excellent- recommend k-1 and k-4 specialty rolls. Costs on the higher side but worth it. Small place.
  • Photo of Sunshine1704
    a year ago
    Two words to describe: YUM MY. Super fresh with a seasonal menu. We live in NY and enjoy Sushi all over the world. From Iceland to Bangkok. Hands down my fav Izakaya type portions - tapas We did not have a reservation but were accommodated. Staff was very friendly. I dislike going somewhere and feeling like the gestapo run the place. Cannot say enough about food or service. If avail try the Glass Shrimp sushi. And Halibut Fin. Nice dessert menu. We tried green tea ice cream as well as black sesame, red bean and cappuccino Highly recommend !
  • Photo of pchnmain
    a year ago
    This review is based on my first, and only, visit to Kanpai. A family member chose this location for a birthday get together, on a Friday night. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you might accidentally pass by it. My recommendation: Look for the “Chicago Ribs” restaurant at the end of the block. The vacant lot adjacent to the rib restaurant (at the intersection of Lincoln x 83rd St.) is used for parking. You might have to pay a small fee--$5.00; but it’s easier than finding street parking on a busy night. The restaurant is not that big—but they can get quite a few people into it. I mention this only because it was a busy night, and the noise level was on the higher side. (In fact, in addition to our group, there were 5 other groups celebrating birthdays during our visit.) The menu is selection is quite extensive. And I suspect that this is why this venue was chosen. Some family members are vegetarian. So while this is promoted as a “Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill”, it’s really a Japanese restaurant offering a wide array of Japanese dishes, in addition to sushi. If I were in the area, I would not be opposed to visiting again. The food was good. But the visit would be conditional: if it were extremely busy, I might not go in. Despite their best efforts, the staff did fall behind on the night I was there; and it was a little too noisy for my own comfort.
  • Photo of Bellinghamster64
    We had several different sushi and sashimi dishes here, and all were excellent! The quality of the raw fish was very good. They have a very extensive menu.
  • Photo of Angelo C
    a year ago
    I travel in many parts of the world, also in Japan, where I have tasted their special cuisine. In this restaurant I have found the same taste of Japan Very good. Fantastic
  • Photo of NeilLMaun_Botswana
    We didn't make a reservation. When we arrived we found the restaurant packed so our confidence in getting a seat evaporated. The staff were super friendly and found us two places at the bar. Those were the last places. The staff were very friendly very helpful and very informative. Our sake sommelier explained the origins of the different sakes on offer and their varying merits. It was a delight. I have normally found Sake to be dreadful tasting rocket fuel. Not so here. I chose a platter of three different Sakes to taste and they were really very pleasant. The sushi was among the best if not THE best I have ever had. I recommend this restaurant 110%. I suggest you make a reservation.
  • Photo of 54sloping
    a year ago
    Great meal, we ate early and food was yum. Filled with locals and quick efficient service. Booking essential as it is busy (like all good sushi restaurants). Plenty of staff suggesting that when it gets busy it would be a hive of activity. Good value but not cheap
  • Photo of br_tobias
    a year ago
    Busy, busy place but worth any wait needed. Wonderful selection of sushi. I ordered chirashi and it was the most eletgant and flavorful presentation I've ever experienced.
  • Photo of Howlys
    a year ago
    Had a great quick meal here. The fried octopus was awesome and the tuna was very good too. The spicy tuna roll and Philadelphia rolls were memorable and very satisfying. Nice beer selection. Very recommendable
  • Photo of ginabun
    a year ago
    A fantastic choice of fresh fish from Japan try the toro (fatty tuna), it will melt in your mouth! I am also a big fan of the uni (sea urchin) sushi sampler. Overall all their recommandations always hit the spot and are an explosion of wonderful tastes. An extensive range of Japanese beers and sake also! Overall a must go for me on a trip in LA.
  • Photo of GingerXoXo
    a year ago
    Good local Japanese food, they serve sushi of course but also a lot Japanese Izakaya style dishes (small plates ... think tapas). Seems to be popular with the local LMU college crowd and busy late at night. Lunch specials, happy hour specials, and reverse happy hours after 10 or 11 pm they have more specials. They also serve ramen after 10pm which is surprisingly good. I enjoyed the lunch special which consist of a tasty small ramen bowl, small salad, and a 6 pc salmon skin roll. Very filling for $15. Good place!
  • Photo of radw51
    a year ago
    Kanpai is located about 10 minutes drive from LAX on Lincoln Blvd with easy parking in the surrounding area. Its certainly worth making a reservation as they restaurant gets fairly busy in the evening from about 7pm onwards, but they also offer a takeaway service. Its not the most glamorous of venues, but the lack of atmosphere is more than made up by the food. We enjoyed the sashimi, sushi and tempura as well as soft-shelled crab and shrimp popcorn. All was excellent and I can thoroughly recommend Kanpai. Its not cheap, but I’m not sure that inexpensive sashimi is a good sign, it usually means not very high quality or slightly aged. Neither of which are an issue at Kanpai. Its slightly noisy, great service and no hurry to move you once you’re finished.
  • Photo of tnt972
    a year ago
    A small place near to airport, but was a surprisingly good place to have fresh fish. Good shasimi, good grill seabass, good ramen. However it was a bit expensive!
  • Photo of George Y
    a year ago
    I stopped by because I was starved after a flight and Kanpai is located just north of LAX on a nondescript stretch of Sepulveda. I was surprised to find a great place with warm service. I suggest you order the specials. I tried mirugai sashimi, a nice albacore sashimi flavored with jalapeño and sashimi, and a fantastic plate of yellowtail topped with burnt straw onions. Even the desserts were good.
  • Photo of Travelingman12371
    I'm a sushi veteran as is my family. Went in on a Tuesday night and it was crowded and had good reviews on Yelp and I saw a lot of Asians inside as customers which is pretty good sign. When we were in San Diego we ordered a sashimi sampler and it was GREAT, they had a similar special here for a $100 and I asked her what was on it and she told me "A variety of our finest fish.".......What I got was 3 pieces of marginal toro at best(which she claimed was THE BEST TORO IN JAPAN)yellowtail snapper, some kind of oily sardine, King Salmon(bull crap it was farm raised) and some other fish. IT WAS RIP OFF WHITEY time! For a $100 I should have had the best toro in California and I didn't. The house salad was big but it sucked. The fried gyoza was ok, the pickled beet mayo they had as a dipping sauce was good. We ordered 2 rolls and they were marginal. Thank god for dessert, we had fried green tea ice cream and mochi filled with sorbet, they were both very good. The service was punctual and at the end I felt rushed because there was people waiting for tables. I wasn't looking to hang out but the brought the check with a handheld CC machine and the server said "You pay credit card I take now and you put tip in now too..... OK!". I was trying to tell her that I wanted to pay with a CC but I was going to leave a cash tip, after some confusion she understood why I said "No tip" when she was doing my transaction on the handheld machine. I hope that these machines don't catch on. It's bullcrap! You feel rushed and weird telling them what amount out loud. Also what if your splitting the bill? What a disaster that's going to be! Overall I'm giving this place a 1 because they should have given me MUCH better fish for a $100 sampler plate and other than the dessert everything was marginal at best! With the amount of sushi places to chose from in a 15 mile radius of Culver City this place needs to up there game with the tourist crowd and not take advantage of a person who they thought didn't know the difference.
  • Photo of ABF49ER
    2 years ago
    Really large selection of Japanese food with unique dishes. Had a delicious ramen bowl and my wife had the Asian chicken salad. We shared each and left a lot of food on our plates as we could not eat it all. Very tasty meals,

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