Photo of Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA, US
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Japanese American National Museum

Tourist Attraction

Japanese American National Museum14.5
during wwii • hello kitty • little tokyo • chado tea room

369 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012, US
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Japanese American National Museum has 21 Tips

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  • Photo of Ly Tran
    3 years ago
    La explore trip with BSF friends
  • Photo of jaj93
    5 months ago
    This museum is a little gem. We went to visit one exhibit and found everything to be worthwhile. The Gift shop is worth a trip by itself!
  • Photo of Ingrid651
    5 months ago
    We visited the museum more or less by chance due to it's location next the Chai tea house. celebrating my Mom's birthday with high Tea at Chai this was a good add on.
  • Photo of BobandMargie G
    5 months ago
    Nice museum mainly covering the Japanese injustice during the second world war. Nice exhibits and there was a volunteer docent who was very knowledgeable. Allow time to visit the 442nd go for broke exhibit across the walkway. We didn't have time so it will take another trip.
  • Photo of 2beans2000
    5 months ago
    In the heart of Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles, the Japanese American Museum offers a beautiful setting for both historical information and current speakers. The exhibits provide meaningful and heart-wrenching perspectives on difficult times in American history when the Japanese faced horrific racist internment and yet the contributions of the Japanese American community is also shown throughout the decades to current times. A beautiful facility. Easy parking across the street at parking garage. Many wonderful restaurants in the neighborhood to enjoy after spending tone at the museum.
  • Photo of QueenOfCastle
    5 months ago
    This was a nice surprise. Lots of great history and exhibits--very educational. Sometimes special temporary exhibits.
  • Photo of elenavC4846PE
    5 months ago
    This place is a must see. I love the fact that it is centrally located in Little Tokyo and right across the Gold Line Metro station. After spending a day at the museum, you can walk over to Little Tokyo for fun entertainment, visit several eateries, bakeries, or ice cream parlors, and shop at the many little shops they have. We love to stick around and see the live entertainment at the courtyard- Karaoke!
  • Photo of Skylark414
    5 months ago
    If, like me, you were born long after World War II and have no knowledge of that time beyond stories, books and movies, then you probably don't know as much as we all should about Manzanar and the other camps the US government forced some Americans into during the war. Agents appeared on doorsteps, took entire families away into the desert, stripped them of their homes and possessions, and imprisoned them in hostile, barren land for years. It's hard to imagine today. Which is why you should go and see this museum: so that it never happens again. It's a sobering and yet strangely beautiful exhibit that will make you think for days afterward.
  • Photo of Shallwe_danceuai
    6 months ago
    Came with friends on a bus from San Diego, Ca and we had a ball. It was Nisei week and they had all sorts of great exhibits and interactive activities. Teaching about history and culture in a fun and engaging way. We took two teens with us who even enjoyed themselves and you know how hard that can be.
  • Photo of kindeltfamily
    6 months ago
    This museum is a hidden gem - but should not be missed. The exhibits are simple, direct and informative. There is a lot of information, presented in a way that helps you learn and makes you think. There are a lot of items and videos from people directly affected and involved. The experience moved us profoundly.
  • Photo of LocalLALALocal
    6 months ago
    Los Angeles is home to one of the largest and most vibrant Japanese American communities in the U.S. I have watched this museum develop through the years and it is now a world class museum. Afterwards, you can explore the neighborhood and immerse yourself in the culture and AWESOME food.
  • Photo of Nancy K
    6 months ago
    I enjoy visiting this museum and the changing exhibits they have. There's easy parking in an adjacent lot and a wonderful teahouse attached thereto. Also the museum shop is very interesting. It's unique and well done.
  • Photo of Ahsojack
    6 months ago
    Artifacts/exhibits, pre/post WW2, hands on-origami area. Many near-by places to eat/try traditional food/pastries. Permanent and traveling exhibits. Staff and volunteers have great personal stories to share-book store available. Centrally located in downtown LA and close to many other sites to visit during ur LA city visit.
  • Photo of D-KfromMAUI
    6 months ago
    If you're planning to visit Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo, include an hour or more for a visit to this beautiful museum located just steps away. Dedicated to the history of Japanese Americans, it includes poignant exhibits about the internment experience during WWII. There are also cultural exhibits - Check their website for updates and schedules of upcoming events. We attended a seminar about finding our Japanese Immigrant Ancestors by M.L. Lee which was excellent! While there, be sure to check out their Museum Shop which has a nicely curated selection of Japanese themed gifts, books,etc. / can also be accessed online. Nominal admission fee. A great museum that will appeal to a wide audience, highly recommend as a family excursion.
  • Photo of Voyagian
    7 months ago
    Informative museum on the history of the Japanese in LA/USA. The temporary exhibition about the executive order to put Japanese Americans in concentration camps is also good. You can park the car on the streets around the museum. As I arrived at the museum at 9:45 am, I had to wait outside. May I suggest that the museum opened the door a bit earlier in the morning.
  • Photo of PLO528
    7 months ago
    Changing often, one can view different aspects of the Asian culture, especially how it evolved here in the U.S. Since the Japanese community is very supportive of each other and proud of their heritage both here an Japan, this museum shares actual artifacts/letters/conversations that are shared with all. There is also the Chaya Teahouse attached to the museum that is authentic. Located in Downtown LAs Japanese Town (j-Town locally), there are a numer og culture-related stoes, food items, and restaurants. Wonderful!
  • Photo of Sherry_Geek
    7 months ago
    The museum exhibits the histories of Japanese Americans in the long river of america's history. I don't have much knowledge about it, so it is a good way for me to educate myself.
  • Photo of Dawn P
    8 months ago
    This museum offered my family some information about our heritage. What a lovely surprise to see my grandfather in one of the big displays.
  • Photo of Chloesfriend
    8 months ago
    I was taken here by friends, one of whom is Japanese American. She has been a volunteer at the Museum for many years, and her personal commentary added a great deal to my understanding of the history of the Japanese community in the United States. I thought I knew a fair amount about the internments during World War II, but the many exhibits (along with my friend's explanations) made me realize how little I really knew. The Museum is well located in LA's Little Tokyo, with many nearby restaurants. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of this important community of Americans
  • Photo of Deb S
    8 months ago
    The George Takai exhibit was so interesting. The internment barrack that had been relocated to this museum, gave me chills as I walked through it.
  • Photo of BestSons1969
    8 months ago
    Easily accessible small museum with Interesting exhibits. Public parking across First Street. Delicious restaurants and shops nearby.

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