Photo of Ike Sushi in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Ike Sushi in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Ike Sushi in Los Angeles, CA, US
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Ike Sushi

Japanese Restaurant

Ike Sushi24.5
sushi • strip mall • chefs

6051 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028, US
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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    This no-frills spot in Hollywood eschews some of the more off-the-wall rolls and such in this area and stay true to simple nigiri, basic rolls, and sashimi. Friendly service, and a rotating selection of seasonal fish. [Photo: Yelp]
  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    This no-frills spot in Hollywood eschews some of the more off-the-wall rolls and such in this area and stay true to simple nigiri, basic rolls, and sashimi. Friendly service, and a rotating selection of seasonal fish.
  • Photo of Julieanne P
    9 months ago
    Tucked away in a tiny corner of a tiny mall off Hollywood Boulevard, Ike Sushi is small, intimate, and heaven for anyone whose first love is sushi that is fresh, fresh, fresh. The proprietor visits the fish markets in the wee hours of the morning to bring in the very best of the day's catch. And it is prepared with precision and care and invention right in front of your eyes by a true master of the art..I would say "craft", but one mouthful of his sweet shrimp, uni, mackerel, or buttery tuna will convince you that you are in the hands of an artist, with decades of experience and the finest eye for balance and harmony in the business. (And, yes, I've been to Nobu. This is better.) By all means, put yourself in his hands for anything he dreams will be better than anything you have. Tiny bits of garnish, rare dabs of this and that, and, if you like, a bit of instruction on the best way to enjoy that bite, will make each offering a little experiment in all that is best of Japanese cuisine. I lived in L.A. for 22 years, and this was my favorite place to eat! It is not inexpensive and the venue is very tiny...but all the best sushi bars are! The hours are non-traditional, so check before you go. If you go, say Julieanne told you about them. They will probably remember. Enjoy...repeatedly!
  • Photo of Amy S
    9 months ago
    A bit off the beaten path, but well worth the Seared Salmon Right Away. This is smokey, melt in your mouth salmon. Well worth the $20. You do not get much, but it is so delicious. I was tempted to order another serving if we weren’t going somewhere else later for food. We were the only ones there with only two more people coming in during our time there. As we were the only ones, the waitress was attentive and we got our food very quickly.
  • Photo of Jemima W
    2 years ago
    Having come here for years, there's been a little something missing ever since Ike left and went on to start a new restaurant. Service here is consistent and friendly (from the wait staff which is made up of traditional, language challenged ladies and a few young hipsters) however service from the chefs is slow, sometimes frustratingly slow, although dishes are always presented with a smile. This place can be easily missed, couched into a very average looking strip mall with a pretend 7-11, a Dominos Pizza and a few other meager offerings. Parking is a challenge on a weekend night and the line for a seat at the bar can be lengthy on a weekend.
  • Photo of Jean-Paul88
    2 years ago
    We were recommended so went there for our greatest joy. All choices were fantastic, so do not hesitate a moment.
  • Photo of Ben T
    3 years ago
    We were Very Pleasantly surprised with Ike Sushi. We had visited japan the same year and been constantly eating sushi ever since. This was the best sushi we have had outside of Japan.
  • Photo of Darius T
    4 years ago
    I loved the sashimi and sushi rolls. Good place to eat and it has a great vibe. Would come again! Very fresh sushi.
  • Photo of duncaneinsteinl
    4 years ago
    I love fresh Sushi! I could eat at this place every weekend. I never get old of fresh fish! The atmosphere was amazing I totally loved it. My date thought I was so classy because I took her here. I was all dressed up in my suit and tie and we were looking very fresh and clean. Thanks for a great date and wonderful service.
  • Photo of Dlopardo
    5 years ago
    We found out about this place in a guide about LA and we were very pleased with it. It was one of the best sushi we ver had, very, very fresh and tasty. The place has very few tables but, we arrived early (by 06:30 PM) and didn't have to wait at all. Don't be fooled by the way it looks from the outside, the is excellent here.
  • Photo of hodgepodge17
    5 years ago
    Like so many good L.A. establishments, Ike Sushi doesn't call much attention to itself on the outside. It's tucked in a strip-mall on an underwhelming corner. But step inside and have your mind blown by the high quality sushi, the humorous chef, and the inventive pairings. You must sit at the bar--even if you have to wait a little, it's more of an experience. If you're feeling extra hungry and in for something memorable, do the chef's special--you'll try things you might otherwise not, and nothing these guys make is less than stellar. They have consistently great sea urchin, and the octopus lightly grilled and drizzled with lemon juice is not to be believed. A great place to eat, and worth every penny.
  • Photo of Max G
    5 years ago
    Very good quality sushi served in a somewhat stark, mini-mall environment. The emphasis is on the food, not the show, unlike many sushi bars. Friendly, efficient staff. The prices are on the expensive side.
  • Photo of Tiffany M
    8 years ago
    I was really craving sushi while my husband and I were vacationing in LA, so my husband looked up good sushi places on the UrbanSpoon app on his iPhone, and Ike's came up with high reviews. We decided to try it. From the outside, it doesn't look like much. Ike's is in a pretty unglamorous strip mall, and the dining room is teeny. Be prepared to wait, and if you're the type that gets impatient at that sort of thing, then show up before 7:00 pm when the restaurant is filling up. We had hot sake, tempura and lots of sushi. The sake was yummy, the tempura was wonderful and the SUSHI! WOW! It was so simple and just incredible. It's nothing like you'd get in the average "sushi" place. There are no fancy rolls, there is absolutely no imitation crab, there is only incredibly fresh fish and simple presentation. The atmosphere is not romantic or lushly decorated, there are no pretenses, Sushi Ike is simply a place to visit if you want phenomenal sushi.
  • Photo of fjt72
    9 years ago
    sit at the sushi bar and ask ike or his apprentice to help you (aka omakase) unless you're a regular. EVERY thing on the menu is amazing and straight from the ocean - scallops are uniquely prepared, octopus is delish and the white tuna (not albacore :) is melt-in-your-mouth. i've never had a bad experience except when deciding which of us is going to pick up the cheque. also, note that the hours are quite restrictive! get there when they open! (17:30-18:00) to get a seat or seats at the bar, but enjoy the experience even if you're in the other 16 seats.
  • Photo of eatthisny
    9 years ago
    Some of the best sushi I've ever had. The fish is incredibly fresh. The service is a little spotty, but I'm not fushy when the sushi is this good. Also, the grilled octopus is unlike any octopus I've ever had. It literally falls apart in your mouth.
  • Photo of Nodoka K
    9 years ago
    Nice quality sushi with reasonable price. Sushi chefs are nice.
  • Photo of Leigh C
    10 years ago
    fresh, back-to-basics sushi with friendly staff and refreshingly low-key atmosphere.
  • Photo of Anna L
    10 years ago
    Great and diverse choices of fish, fresh from Japan
  • Photo of Leonard M
    10 years ago
  • Photo of Otto L
    10 years ago
    fresh sushi and sashimi.
  • Photo of Claire D
    10 years ago
    Very good sushi, but also quite expensive.
  • Photo of Catherine R
    10 years ago
    unasuming but amazing quality of food

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