Photo of El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles, CA, US
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El Pollo Loco

Mexican Restaurant

El Pollo Loco24
rice • tacos • citrus • marinated

7101 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046, US
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  • Photo of Caymin Diver
    4 years ago
    Close and Inexpensive.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    5 years ago
    Besides being a limo driver, Brad Pitt also danced in a chicken suit to bring in customers to this restaurant.
  • Photo of Lionel P
    7 months ago
    Eh oui, une agreable surprise. Bon repas rapide en famille. Cette chaîne nous a ete conseillee a juste titre. Ce fzdt food etait sur notre route.
  • Photo of msfilipinatraveler
    9 months ago
    EL pollo loco please come here in Philippines! I really miss Mexican food here.. The Tostados is my #1 favorite! Good flavor.. and healthy! I will definitely come back there!..
  • Photo of Lo B
    9 months ago
    Enjoyed a really nice Mexican Cobb Salad here, which was my first ever Pollo Loco experience. I was really pleasantly surprised at how great and fresh it was.
  • Photo of cesaranvi
    9 months ago
    Los productos solicitados tanto pollo, ensaladas y postres son bien presentados y de sabor destacable. La atención es atenta y rápida
  • Photo of Awohio
    10 months ago
    Can't review a place that isn't open. TripAdvisor stated this location is open. In fact, as I write this it says "Open". Well it isn't & my family & I walked a half hour to get to this location only to see an empty building. Very disappointing.
  • Photo of Rosario C
    10 months ago
    Realmente se come bien y barato, pollo con ensalada, salsas muy ricas, chip, burritos, refresco libre. Estuvimos en los locales de Los Angeles y de Las vegas, lo recomiendo totalmente, Eso si lleven un abrigo ligero porque tienen el aire acondicionado a full.
  • Photo of juliathegr82
    a year ago
    This was our first trip to California. We make sure we don't eat at a restaurant that we have at home when we travel. Cali had a lot in that category, but my sister had been here before and recommended this place. Everything was great! The place was so clean and the staff was courteous, efficient, and friendly. Ingredients were fresh and delicious. The salsa bar took it over the top (we especially loved the avocado sauce). The beans were like home made. There are some healthy choices, but some of the menu items were pretty high in calories (nutrition info was listed clearly, so you can make an informed choice-as long as you don't do it daily, the calorie splurge is probably well worth it-YUM!). A steady stream of locals came through while we ate. We are back home and craving this place!
  • Photo of zahran z
    a year ago
    Unlike the other chicken option sin LA, El Pollo give you a proper marinated, flavoured chicken with a bit of rice. Excellent!
  • Photo of Ydnar
    a year ago
    Almost the entire time I was there an employee was busy cleaning, the floors, tables, etc.; you name it, he was cleaning it. Then there was the low-life customer who had purchased food for take-out a day earlier, and just now had decided to come back to see if he could score some free food since they'd "messed up the original order." I guess they do believe the customer is always right since he got his free meal despite not even showing a receipt. The staff here are great and the service reflects that. As for the food... It too was very good. Large portions, tasty chicken cooked just right and I like that they offer different sauces, toppings etc. that you can serve yourself.
  • Photo of Lior B
    2 years ago
    we tried few other mexican take away , and it turned out that this chain is the best. the branch was clean and safe and the stuff make sure you really get what you want , as most people not familiar with mexican food don't even know the difference between burrito and tacos. Their chicken is so tender and amazing ( the grill style). we tried couple of dishes , all worth the money and right in the size.
  • Photo of Maggie G
    2 years ago
    Visiting Los Angeles from New Zealand. Staying near Sunset Blvd. Decided to have lunch at El Polo LOCCO and it was a great choice. Our order taken quickly and only had to wait a few minutes to collect it. The citrus infused flame grilled chicken was so moist and tasty. We had sides of salad and rice. Great eating in a restaurant where locals hang out. Restaurant was very clean with tables wiped down as soon as customers left. Floor was also very clean. tThoroughly recommend it.
  • Photo of Paul R
    2 years ago
    Nice quick service for when you are in a hurry, food was very good with lots of choice for the whole family.
  • Photo of Montain13
    2 years ago
    We went to LA this month and went to El Pollo Loco for dinner, we ordered to go, salsas were good. Flavor was good, just the chicken was a little dry for my taste. If compare it with the chain in Mexico, this is not that good, but as any other food you cant
  • Photo of Mary W
    2 years ago
    Good selection of food for a fast food joint. It wasn't the best food that I've had from it. Other ones that I've been to have been better, not the best experience this time. Always willing to give it another shot though.
  • Photo of Tiffany H
    3 years ago
    Considering this is still "fast food," it has some healthy options. This was another place I wanted to share with my family while visiting CA. The menu has changed tremendously in the past 25 years but we found some tasty items. I didn't like the chicken but liked the sopas, tacos, fresh salsas and chocolate churros.
    4 years ago
    i really liked the chicken, the tortillas are wrapped in pairs to keep warm and separated which i thought was nice. the rice and beans were kinda bland, the salsas were just ok. but i recommend it because the chicken is delish :)
  • Photo of biribilis
    4 years ago
    This El Pollo Loco is located quite close to the hollywood walk of fame, It seems to be clean and staff are eager to help you with your order. From what we learned from a tour we took of the area Brad Pitt used to work here.
  • Photo of Steve M
    4 years ago
    Good chicken reasonably fast. Everyone was nice enough, place was crowded but still got my food out fast.
  • Photo of 923JimM923
    4 years ago
    this is a chain, however the chicken is a citrus marinaded, grilled style. They have various side dishes as well as salads. The staff was friendly and made sure I had everything before I left. Is clean and safe
  • Photo of hayley_maree
    5 years ago
    Couldnt find anything decent to eat in Hollywood at 11pm and this was on our way back to the hotel. Was great value and was pretty good food. We went back for lunch the next day.

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