Photo of Crepes Sans Frontieres in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Crepes Sans Frontieres in Los Angeles, CA, US
Photo of Crepes Sans Frontieres in Los Angeles, CA, US
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Crepes Sans Frontieres

Wine Bar

crepes • downtown la • buckwheat flour • gluten free

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  • Photo of Mary C
    9 months ago
    Came in for brunch before book signing. An Oder of buckwheat crepes with ham egg and cheese and a small green salad. Not bad but I expected better flavor.
  • Photo of kkh
    10 months ago
    We ate here after seeing it was advertised as having gluten free options. All three of us (two don't have to be GF) ordered the buckwheat crepes. Delicious! French music playing added to the atmosphere. It was a nice break of our tour of LA!
  • Photo of BobPhibbs
    10 months ago
    Located in a food court thruway between streets, the place took a bit to find. Service was OK, buckwheat crepes were OK but neither would lead me to come back.
  • Photo of Merry C
    10 months ago
    I have been waiting 30 minutes here so I don't know what the crepes are like. Is this French time? I am not used to this slowness in service in LA.
  • Photo of KGC2015
    a year ago
    If you want to eat great crepes, you need to go there. It's amazing !! And very friendly staff. Surely the best crepes I have ever eaten.
  • Photo of 0travel0
    a year ago
    I have been searching for gluten free pancakes since I got here but these crepes were an even better find! What a great little cafe! It was cosy and warm with the most lovely staff. When the crepes arrived I can't even explain how incredible they tasted. The blueberry crepes were my favourite. I highly recommend this place! Nicely tucked away from the main streets I'm glad we found it!
  • Photo of cash d
    a year ago
    I go here most weekends for crepes or salads and I'm happy to say it's a new part of my routine. The arcade it's in is quickly developing and very cute. The establishment itself is very small but the staff are so lovely and helpful. Food is great and crepes are amazing. I think I could just sit there and drink cup after cup of coffee on a weekend and be content.
  • Photo of NomiJury
    a year ago
    Amazing authentic crèpes! I get the buckwheat (gluten free) crêpes with salmon, mushroom, spinach, crème fraîche, and mozzarella every time. Very charming little cafe, mostly quiet and not too much traffic, perfect to bring your laptop and work, study, and enjoy a great cappuccino. I love the collection of Nutella pots mounting up on the wall, perfect reflection of how obsessed the French are with Nutella lol! The owner is also the sweetest!
  • Photo of packmybagsreadytogo
    Was in Los angelas visiting my daughter and we were walking to a bookstore and decided to get a bite to eat. Stopped in here and so glad we did. The food was great and as it was their 3 year anniversary we even got a great discount! Had the chicken, tomato and cheese buckwheat crepe. Yummy. Highly recommend it.
  • Photo of abhilasha s
    a year ago
    I had the grilled chicken buckwheat crepes. It was happy hour so we also got a glass of house wine for a discounted price. The service is amazing and the owner of the restaurant is a wonderful French lady who helps you select a dish based on your tastes and preferences. My friend had the salmon crepe, which was also amazing. Try this place out for a good French meal on a budget. :)
  • Photo of davidjbrown10
    2 years ago
    Should you find yourself looking, as we were, for somewhere to lunch in downtown LA amidst the hell of noise, dirt, traffic, and heat bouncing off sidewalks and buildings, look no further than Crêpes Sans Frontières. As others here have noted, its position in a (relatively) cool, (relatively) quiet glass-roofed arcade between Spring and Broadway makes it select itself under these circumstances, but then the clincher is that it also has delightful, (relatively) inexpensive food, and (no relatively here!) immaculate and friendly service. As you might have guessed from the name, its specialty is crêpes, both sweet and savory, but not just wheat-flour crêpes as you might have known them — go instead for one of the gluten-free 100% buckwheat sort, darker, crisper, nuttier and more flavourful, and for $12.25 available to be filled with four from the wide variety of meats, cheeses, and veggies under the “sans frontières” heading on the menu. It’s almost (almost!) worth making the trip downtown specially to go there…
  • Photo of JT S
    2 years ago
    Crepes San Frontieres makes savory Breton buckwheat crepes or galettes, which are gluten free, in addition to wheat-flour dessert crepes. (They will also use the buckwheat flour crepes for desserts upon request.) The restaurant is like an oasis away from the hustle-bustle of the street and is located in an arcaded area between Spring and Broadway not far from the Pershing Square Metro Station. We thought we'd discovered a real find, although I see from other reviews here that we're far from the first to enjoy this restaurant. Service was warm and attentive, the place was charming, and the food was delicious. What more could we ask?
  • Photo of Gistar
    2 years ago
    My husband and I went for lunch as it was really close to where we were staying. We had savoury crepes and then a sweet one to share and finish off our experience. All really good and nice - even the buckwheat flour is amazing (we ate it on its own and it tasted great) - so if you are around make sure to pay a visit to this place.
  • Photo of Dimar94
    2 years ago
    We have been to this place several times and every time it transports me, the music, setting, attentions and of course the food. I loved that someone was able to create this little jewel in the middle of downtown LA. If you want to have good crepes this is the place to go. Their coffee is also excellent. We have only been there for breakfast or coffee and dessert but now they are open for dinner with a menu I think with a main course, dessert and a glass of wine for only $22, how can it get any better. My favorites are L'Anglaise, L'Parisienne and the crepe Suzette!! If you miss Paris and want to feel like you are there run to this place!! we love it!
  • Photo of PepperNewJersey
    3 years ago
    Located in the Spring Arcade, this downtown restaurant brings on the air of being in an indoor Parisian cafe with French music wafting through the air. This restaurant is part of a group of eateries that are trying to bring good dining in a somewhat modest but developing area. Among us, we tried the Le Sans Frontieres of which you had a choice of 4 ingredients made with either buckwheat or wheat batter. It was served with a salad. This well prepared crepe was both large and filling. We also had 2 dessert crepes which we found to be a bit dry, especially around the rim/edges. All in all it was satisfactory and we were happy with our choices.
  • Photo of Amaris_mm
    3 years ago
    I am a California native and would consider myself able to tell which places are must goes in LA, and this is definitely one of them. The staff is amazing and attentive while open and inviting. The area it is in is trafficked yet this sits as a quiet safe haven from the street noise and is very quaint and chic. The food is absolutely impeccable and its presentation is second to none. Not to mention the dessert crepes are all marvelous and different from any other. One of the reasons I went in the first place was the coffee as they are also known for putting ice cubes of frozen coffee in their iced coffees and they are phenomenal. To anyone visiting California and mainly Los Angeles it is a must try and will leave you raving about it for weeks after your visit and there are also many other interesting places just a few blocks away to visit such as The Last Bookstore that are little hidden gems to even many of the natives.
  • Photo of Jean-Jacques B
    3 years ago
    My friend and i were looking to seat at a cafe and she saw a sign writtwn crepes on it. We had to see for ourselves. Best choice we made. The crepes were extremely good. The place nice. The counters i loved. The restrooms even had a french touch. They even sell mustard. Real french mustard. Everything was perfect. Highly recommand. And i should know i am french.
  • Photo of ennejay
    3 years ago
    I've been here a couple of times. It sits in an alleyway between two buildings in downtown LA. I like the location and the atmosphere. The employees are attentive without being overly solicitous. The crepes are really good, but I must admit that the fruit crepe I had on my first visit was too good not to reorder the second time. The coffee is excellent. (As a side note, and not something I usually review, but the restroom was absolutely spotless!) I will definitely return.
  • Photo of Eric L
    3 years ago
    Stumbled across this place when walking around DTLA after realizing the line for eggslut was way too long. It is located in Spring Arcade building which seems mostly empty so it makes this kind of a hidden gem. We ordered coffee which was amazing, apparently imported as well as the buckwheat crepes and a bagel grille. The crepes were made fresh right in front you and service was friendly. Definitely check out this hidden gem!
  • Photo of LillyfromLA
    3 years ago
    If you're wondering around Downtown LA and looking for a cafe or a light meal, you must stop here! I live nearby, so it's alwways a pleasure to stop be here :) The cafe is in the historic Spring Street Arcade building. They are doing renovations and adding more shops so it still seems a little bare inside, but it kind of makes me feel like I'm in a very scaled down version of Milan, lol. The owner is a very sweet lady, and eating there feels like traveling without having to leave your seat. Anyways, the crepes here are delicious!! I've eaten both the sweet and savory crepes. Everything is freshly made and very healthy. The coffee here is also perfectly strong. The patio is quaint, and you can enjoy a meal alone, or just relax with your friends.

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