Photo of Sasabune Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, CA, US
Photo of Sasabune Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, CA, US
Photo of Sasabune Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, CA, US
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Sasabune Beverly Hills


Sasabune Beverly Hills14.5

9162 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, US
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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    "Trust Me," declares chef Nobi Kushuhara, at Sasabune, a West LA institution where quality trumps all, including the bland decor. The omakase menu includes classic nigiri pieces such as maguro and toro, in addition to butterfish, albacore and yellowtail. Prices are high to match the quality, upwards of $200 a person. [Photo: Yelp]
  • Photo of Daniel W
    7 months ago
    Recently went back here after an unexpected windfall dropped in my lap. We just let the chef call the shots and let things come until it was over- Things you would never think or even know to order came.... It was absolutely spectacular in every way. It is elegant, clean, and Devilishly delicious - So much so that it makes it hard to imagine sushi another way afterwards. Can't say enough good things about it- I'll have to try the other locations as well.
  • Photo of MitsoukoRussie
    8 months ago
    I've been a Sasabune fan for well over a decade, visiting several locations around LA and Hawaii, it's my go-to sushi place. I like it because it's unpretentious. Their product is sushi, and sushi only. You can come dressed up, down, with groups or on your own. The environment is comfortable and inviting, but the food is melt-in-your-mouth phenomenal. It's located in a strip mall with free parking. You'll need to phone them and reserve your table because this place constantly fills up, for both lunch and dinner. I can't believe the value for $. It's definitely a steal for omakase. You won't regret coming here, make it a priority!
  • Photo of churwitz
    a year ago
    I loved the Wilshire location when it was open, but I can understand why 2 smaller locations would be better business than 1 very large one. I'm surprised it took me so long to make it over to the Beverly Hills location, and the sushi dinner is just as good. They have 3 options - $60 omakase including uni and sweet shrimp, $50 without the uni, and $40 without the uni, shrimp and with fewer courses. We have the $50 and it was the first time I'd had sweet shrimp. Sasabune didn't steer me wrong and I loved the fried shrimp head it came with. The rest of the fish was as fresh and delicious as ever and the little one loved her $40 course and couldn't even make it through the final blue crab handroll. It was plenty food for all of us.
  • Photo of doctorfrio
    3 years ago
    Su sushi es diferente, ya que el arroz es tibio, si te gusta el Toro? Este es el lugar! Todos los pescados y mariscos son de gran calidad, es tradicional.
  • Photo of Geoff W
    4 years ago
    Sasabune should really have a warning on the front door. It should read "Warning: Eating sushi here may result in you not eating sushi anywhere else again". Yes, it is that good! The array of seafood used in the sashimi is excellent and beautifully cut so that it melts in your mouth. Their trademark warm rice sushi roll is complimented by a slightly crunchy seaweed exterior which gives a great texture and is best followed by the lychee sorbet with a hint of fresh mint to refresh the pallet. Sure you may pay $75 per head for a 7 piece lunch, but you will forget about the cost when you take your first bite.

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