Photo of Melt in Phoenix, AZ, US
Photo of Melt in Phoenix, AZ, US
Photo of Melt in Phoenix, AZ, US
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waffle ice cream • sandwiches • sorbet • fortune cookies

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  • Photo of northernk
    2 months ago
    Didn't expect what we found. Was on a regular old residential street, with a few other local businesses. The neighbourhood wants to be hip but isn't quite there yet, still a bit too run down, although that probably is their intent. Keeps the rent lower i would guess as well. So street parking once you realize you found the place. Moderate number of choices none are gluten free except a sorbet which is like being offered a cheap sherbet while your friends indulge in a rich luxurious ice cream... not the same. ice cream is served in chinese food containers which is unique .. everything is unique. Had the nutella flavor and it was quite good i must say. I'm not sure if i would go out of my way to get back here, but something to keep in mind if one is in the area.
  • Photo of Christopher M
    4 months ago
    We came into this funky ice cream shop and we were so excited about all the interesting flavors. I got coffee and oatmeal cream pie and they were amazing. The oatmeal cream pie was so good it reminded me of the Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies. I loved that the ice cream came in Chinese Takeout boxes and it came with a fortune cookie. So funky and innovative. A little pricey but worth it!
  • Photo of Carolyn B
    5 months ago
    I love ice cream and we can't get good ice cream where I currently live. This was a hidden gem we found after eating our pizza lunch. The owner had just opened the shop for the day, we were the only ones there so he took some time to chat with us. He was super nice. The ice cream was delicious and the perfect level of melty. I had the Cookie Monster and chocolate ice creams in 1 container. My husband had the oatmeal cookie ice cream. I love that they come with a fortune cookie on top! I'd love it if he opened up a shop where I live!
  • Photo of Brandon K
    5 months ago
    Yes, as others have said ignore the graffiti and park somewhere nearby to try this ice cream. My son and I combined honey lavender with chocolate and it was great. Wife tried oatmeal cream pie and my youngest had blueberry muffin. The Chinese food takeout box and fortune cookies are a clever approach and memorable. If you really can't handle the neighborhood, at least get it to go and enjoy it in the car.
  • Photo of TravelsALotGuy
    7 months ago
    Ignore the graffiti on the nearby houses and limited street parking and give this place a try. You will not regret it, as it may just be the best ice cream I have ever had. The small shop occupies one side of a duplex and has picnic table and wooden seating in front of the shop. Inside is nothing fancy, but that's ok, because the ice cream is tremendous. There are about two dozen flavors, which are extremely unique and not your typical grocery story variety. I had Oatmeal Cream Pie, which may be the best ice cream I have ever had. A vanilla ice cream with a hint of cinnamon and real chucks on Oatmeal Cream Pie was beyond good. Two scoops was the perfect amount and was plentiful. The person I was with had birthday cake, which was also incredible. The ice cream is served in Chinese to-go boxes and comes with a fortune cookie, which adds some fun to it. I got two scoops (two and three scoops come in a larger carton), while my guest got one (comes in a smaller carton) and the price was under $10. This is not your typical ice cream place in a touristy area, but it's 100 percent worth the trek. Will certainly go back when in Phoenix area.
  • Photo of Brendon H
    7 months ago
    Got the oatmeal cream pie and it was awesome! The place was unique and the person working there was very nice. I would go back to get my dessert on!
  • Photo of consultantlifer
    7 months ago
    Last meal of the evening. Had to end the night on dessert. And sadly (and thankfully) this was the only spot open. It’s located in a neighborhood you wouldn’t think to have a couple low key bars and this small ice cream shop. Had a ton of flavors but we ended up going with the “traditional Mexican dessert”. Turned out that the dessert was more of a twinkie-like snack. Good nevertheless - reminded me of Cherry Garcia.
  • Photo of Elizabeth A
    8 months ago
    Melt is located in an old house on a block in which all of the businesses are located in old houses. There is a feeling of grit and authenticity here, especially compared with the brand-new feeling of downtown Phoenix near the convention center. There was quite a line at Melt, and there were only two college-age kids working there, but it gave you time to take in your surroundings and decide which flavors you wanted to try. I had the Vietnamese coffee flavor and my husband had Nutella, both in cones instead of the Chinese take-out containers. Very good and worth the wait!
  • Photo of JL T
    a year ago
    I had dinner with a friend at the Biltmore. We wanted dessert and my friend started to tell me about a place her boyfriend took her that served their ice cream in chinese take out containers. She couldn't remember the name. So i did some key word searches and found this place and we went. Oh my goodness. I love the area, i loved the location and the ice cream is absolutely divine. I had the Fruity Pebble ice cream and the lavendar jasmine ice cream and days later i am still thinking about how good this ice cream was. And serving them with the chinese containers and topped with the fortune cookie is so different and cute. Truly a hidden gem. i will most definitely return.
  • Photo of Merrill M
    a year ago
    There is a nice selection of ice cream and sorbet flavors in this funky ice cream shop. The flavors are really good, but honestly, the ice cream is not so creamy... it's almost a little gritty with tiny tiny ice crystals. But still enjoyable to sit outside (no indoor seating) and dip your spoon into your Chinese take-out container, topped with a fortune cookie. Good to know the place also accepts credit cards. On First Fridays, the block supposedly comes alive with music and booths.
  • Photo of itsxjackie
    a year ago
    The place is small and no inside sitting. So be prepared to sit outside or else where which is not a big deal unless it's over 100+ degrees outside. The ice cream is good but nothing out of the ordinary. The highlight is probably it comes in a Chinese take out box with a fortune cookie.
  • Photo of JadetheBlaade
    2 years ago
    Definitely stop by and try the Strawberry Jalepeno ice cream. But, get there early because they tend so run nout!
  • Photo of kaktux
    2 years ago
    The ice cream in this shop is awesome, and they serve the ice cream on chine take away boxes. Clean place and nice service, also, is close until midnight. Flavors have some latin fare and they are awesome.
  • Photo of 422marie
    2 years ago
    Our group of 6 (kids, parents, grandparents) stopped by this small, local ice cream shop between visits to the Heard and Desert Botanical on a hot March Sunday afternoon. It is a popular place for locals and the ordering line was out the door when we arrived, but there was live music coming from up the street and a bit of shade, so it was OK. The difficult part was deciding which flavors to order and whether to have one or more scoops of one kind or a flight of several. Oh my gosh, what delicious and high quality ice cream and sorbets! There are some little benches and tables where you can sit outdoors to take your time and really enjoy your own as well as sample everyone else's choices. You won't regret the wait. We will definitely come back next time we are in Phoenix.
  • Photo of Kaxtlin
    2 years ago
    This little ice cream place does a range of delicious ice creams and sorbets. Only about 10-15mins walk from downtown. Definitely worth the trip, especially on a hot day. Plus if you ask you can have one scoop but a half scoop of two different flavours. :)
  • Photo of jim85004
    2 years ago
    We've been here dozens of times... Hole in the wall, Funky vibe, always friendly staff regardless of the hour or line out the door. Where else can you get a fast quick treat at 11:45pm on a Thursday (and encounter a line)? I love this and the other vibrant neighbor hood shops, coffee houses and bars... On the practical side, the choices are great, the presentation is unique, the prices are what you would expect for the quality. Melt, its staff and its customer base are the epitome of what has led us to re-locate downtown. Stay who you are.
  • Photo of Girl4God28
    2 years ago
    We stopped in here on our walk home, there was a bit of a wait, but it was worth it. I had wanted to try them for a while, but had to watch my sugar intake. I am now able to occasionally cheat, and glad I did on this! They have a ton of flavors that frequently change. It was so hard to decide on which one to get. My husband and I decided to share a double. We got hot fudge brownie and bourbon toffee! They were both delicious and worth every calorie ;) I will definitely go back the next time I am in search of a sweet fix. They also have waffle ice cream sandwiches, which sound amazing. Also, the service was great. We came in when there was a bit of a rush and only one girl was working. She handled it well and efficiently, with a smile.
  • Photo of bossdiver
    2 years ago
    My wife and I have been intending to try this little shop for a while now, but it never worked out until today. It was definitely worth the wait. It's a small little ice cream shop, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in character and imagination. They have a number of flavors and products that you would have never considered before (think waffle ice cream sandwiches), and all the flavors we tried were delicious. The servings are generous, and the prices are better than Cold Stone.
  • Photo of Sasha M
    2 years ago
    I discovered this by accident on the way back to my airbnb from a gig downtown. Very fortunate discovery, they have loads of interesting flavours, the scoops are huge and they come in cute take out boxes with a fortune cookie, what's not to love!
  • Photo of Happy C
    3 years ago
    Many unique kinds of ice-cream and sorbet. had the mango sorbet, it was delicious!! good prices. plenty of outdoor seating.

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