Photo of IHOP in Anchorage, AK, US
Photo of IHOP in Anchorage, AK, US
Photo of IHOP in Anchorage, AK, US
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Breakfast Spot


11100 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99515, US
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  • Photo of Esther B
    3 months ago
    We struggled to find a decent breakfast on our way out of Anchorage. Most en-route restaurants / food joints served NO breakfast and you had to order from the normal menu (hamburgers / chips etc). IHOP came to the rescue - whilst still not a very healthy option the menu options were vast (from omelettes to waffles) and we were served by Ryan who clearly loved his job and enjoyed keeping his customers happy.
  • Photo of Sawadeeann
    5 months ago
    I rarely go to Ihop but when i do, it's solely for breakfast. We actually decided on another local place for breakfast but the wait was 45min and we def didnt have that time as we were on a strict time limit. Ihop was around the corner and seated us immediately. I ordered the banana strawberry pancakes with hash-browns and scrambled eggs. The pancakes were good, the strawberries typical frozen and tangy. I pushed them aside. Hasbrowns were great as usual and eggs cooked perfectly. Kid had nutella banana crepes with hasbrowns, eggs and bacon. She devoured mostly everything. Half her hashbrowns went to her dad. We make crepes at home frequently on Sundays so she is used to my style. Although she ate all the crepes at Ihop, she still prefers mine. Yay! Ihop is more "raw" in terms of the crepe. Honey ate sausage platter. He enjoyed it as typical breakfast fare. Our waitress was pleasant and as we finished our plates, they were quickly removed. I saw one crew member sweep up the table next to us. They had 5 kids that made a mess. This guy was very thorough in sweeping. Like his life depended on it. I wanted to tip him just for his high ethics. I'm not a huge Ihop fan back at home in HI, but the one I visited today was superb. Very clean, professional service and food brought out perfectly cooked.
  • Photo of rond137
    7 months ago
    We stopped by I Hop and had a wonderful breakfast for. The start of our journey south moving friends back to Oregon . The food and service was excellent . We had to wait about 10 minutes to get seated but it was worth it .The Price is fair and the food was delicious .
  • Photo of bubba948
    8 months ago
    We often have breakfast at IHOP when we're in Anchorage. We have always found the food to be good,the service to be prompt and friendly, and the prices to be reasonable. I really like their pancakes. Every now and then they feature the bottomless pancakes, or sometimes the bottomless juice. If you're looking for a nice place for breakfast in Anchorage with your family, I think you'll enjoy IHOP.
  • Photo of Mark S
    a year ago
    Took my daughter and grandson here for brunch shortly after they opened. I can only say, the waitress was very unhappy she had to deal with us since we had a very active child, but also 3 adults who were interested in a decent breakfast. We kept the activity in our booth/area and we did not have other folks seated next to us. The waitress was rude, inattentive and made us feel most unwelcome. I went online and provided a report about our experience. I never heard anything back from IHOP. There are far better options in Anchorage. I rarely give negative reviews, but I don't go to IHOP any more. Do some research and find one of the far superior breakfast places in our fair city.
  • Photo of Joan G
    a year ago
    This IHOP was like the ones in the lower 48. Same menu and prices and the service was very good. Enjoyed it a lot
  • Photo of CEduardoH
    2 years ago
    O IHOP é famoso pelas suas panquecas, principalmente pelos sabores doces, são uma delicia, atendimento perfeito!
  • Photo of Marco Z
    2 years ago
    As famosas panquecas que vemos em todos os desenhos animados e filmes americanos estão aqui. São deliciosas, prefiro come-las com creamchesse e manteiga, mas dá pra ter acompanhamentos doces diversos tb. Delicia
  • Photo of DodyC
    3 years ago
    For us, its the only place to go for comfort breakfast item. I like the pancakes better, the omelettes were not really suite my taste. Huge portion, can easily shared for 2 adults
  • Photo of Decemberborn
    3 years ago
    Parking lot was full and we had to wait a few minutes to get seated. Once we were seated our waitress came up and got our drink orders. She then came back and answered our questions and took our food order. She did this all without writing anything down. I am really nervous when someone does this as they usually forget something. After waiting for an extremely long time our food was brought out to us. Lo and behold everything was the way we ordered it and she (Carissa) did not forget anything. She did tell us however that the cook did not make the eggs the way we had ordered them (poached light) so she told him to make them again and we could still eat the poached hard eggs we were given. Five minutes later she came back with the eggs the way we wanted them. Carissa made all the difference in the world. I could over look the slow service due to her.
  • Photo of baxter932
    4 years ago
    My meal was ok but my hubby raved about the patty melt when he had it on sourdough. Not too much of a wait and was comfortable.
  • Photo of Angela H
    5 years ago
    The food is not only excellent quality and taste, it is also of a really big portion size. We ate various meals here at various times throughout the day, and every time, we came away feeling full. Staff are excellent, as is the MD. You can fill in online surveys about the staff to get free pancakes!

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