Photo of Ningxia Night Market in Taipei, , TW
Photo of Ningxia Night Market in Taipei, , TW
Photo of Ningxia Night Market in Taipei, , TW
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Ningxia Night Market

Tourist Attraction

Ningxia Night Market14
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Taipei, TW
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  • Photo of FeastonTravel Blog
    Foodies will love Ningxia Night Market - only a short walk from Zhongshan or Shuanglian MRT station. The night market is well-known for its local atmosphere, and good food. This place is also renowned for its Chinese New Year goodies for those visiting Taipei around the period. -
  • Photo of _abpir2_
    5 months ago
    Many choices of foods, fruits are consider quite expensive maybe because of tourist attractions. But good to say that Taiwan’s vegetables and fruits are really nice. Very crowded, it’s good to go early to avoid crowd.
  • Photo of vwyfung
    5 months ago
    We have been to different night markets in Taipei. This one offers some good food which are quite different from other night markets!! Albeit short, there are lots of food stalls along the street. Some have long queues but you won't regret queing for the food! Can easily spend an hour or two here with a full stomach!! Would definitely recommend both this Ningxia Night Market and Raohe Street Night Market to those who look for the best.
  • Photo of Yue Wen L
    5 months ago
    If you are a of local taiwanese food without squeezing through large crowd, you will like this night market. Pls note that I didnt say there isnt a crowd, because its impossible to find a good night market in Taipei thats empty!
  • Photo of MC F
    6 months ago
    We came here after arriving in the evening at Taipei. The night market had a lot of variety of foods including delicious octopus balls, fried squid and flame grilled steak (these are the must tries which we recommend) Most of the vendors speak English which definitely helped us! You can also order fried noodles with meat which they will cook on a hot plate in front of you. Some of the stalls have seating, where they put a plastic sheet over the plates so they don't have to wash up. Worth sitting down after standing and trying lots of food around!
  • Photo of Amy H
    6 months ago
    Nice market to explore with good Taiwanese food. I went last April with friends and enjoyed our time with the Market. Lots of soviener to buy as well.
  • Photo of Melibrooklyn
    6 months ago
    A good introduction to the night market scene in Taipei, we went here on our first night in the city. I fell in love with those sweet potato beignets they sell all over the country, and Ninxia is the place where I had the best ones!
  • Photo of an-unknown-road
    6 months ago
    Night markets are like a good home cooked meal by your grandma... Passion for tasty morsels sold with cheer. Ningxia night markets is a great aperitif for what lies ahead in the grand scheme of nights here in Taipei... A cheeky but somewhat tantalising introduction to street meat.. BBQd beef cubes to fancy fruit juices, stinky tofu to glazed duck necks.. A small street alive after the 7pm hour, bustling with locals and the tourist fair.. A great way to see in your Taiwanese experience
  • Photo of Tansy C
    7 months ago
    Medium-sized night market in comparison to the others. It has lots of food - all the usuals you'll find at the other night markets like octopus/squid, various meat balls, teas, noodle soups, sausage etc. At the end there are the merchandise shops and games. I found the prices for the food much better than the more touristy night markets. A lot for under 100NT. It gets pretty crowded later at night.
  • Photo of Phyllis L
    7 months ago
    The stench from the stalls is a turn-off. Taipei's street food is not clean. If you look carefully are how they handle their food, you'll think twice before eating.
  • Photo of Lokyi G
    7 months ago
    A relatively small market with not too many varieties. (Not too many but still fair amount of choices) most of the food we tried are quite good. The street is quite narrow but bearable. Prices are not bad. Will be nice if the variety of choice is more. But I like it because it is not too big and too crowded all the time, so you can easily walk around and decide what you want to take. Last time I been to another night market I don't even remember exactly which one, it was huge and crowded, I left without finish looking everywhere. So this one is quite nice to start with and have a taste of a Taiwan night market experience. One more plus for this market, it's quite clean so shopping around can be more enjoyable.
  • Photo of Grace L
    8 months ago
    Great selection of food and all centered in a convenient location. Tables are available if you buy from the stall owning the tables. Makes it easier to eat especially if you have kids. Great games too for kids, besides the usual fair games they've got stalls that let you catch fish and prawns.
  • Photo of LauraEvans88
    8 months ago
    This was a night market as we had envisioned it in our head. Lots of food stalls (just food, no clothes, souvenirs....), bustling with people and smells. We sampled an array of dishes, some we had read about and some we picked just by eye and where the queue was big- a sign that something was hopefully going to be good. We enjoyed mushrooms, rice with pork and less successful was the oyster omelette. We're pleased we tried it but it wasn't for us- the starch that was added made the texture very glutinous. Definitely check this market out. Great food and atmosphere, not too touristy and very reasonable.
  • Photo of Tintin L
    9 months ago
    The night market is based on one single road where many food stalls are located. You'll also find games and some shops. Unlike other markets, the food stalls offer seats and tables which is pleasant. I wouldn't say this is a must if you're short on time- it's smaller and doesn't have a lot of various food as tonggua or shilin night market.
  • Photo of JBTraveIIer
    9 months ago
    This place is cool. We visited here one night during our trip because we had done Shilin Night Market and this one was closer to our hostel. It's worth a visit 100%. It's a lot smaller than Shilin but we still got some nice food! The food was cheap too.
  • Photo of tressed
    9 months ago
    This was my first night market of this trip so MAYBE I am overrating it. It is fairly small and easy to get through. I felt like it was more local - but still busy. i would not say it is THE ONE you have to go to - but if you are in the area, why not! I did see my first duck tongues there (I didn't eat any) and it was crowded (and steamy humidity hot).
  • Photo of palawandave
    9 months ago
    On my last evening here i decided to visit Ningxai Nightmarket before heading to the airport to catch my flight home. The market is in Ningxai Street and two line of food stalls are set up in the middle of the road during the late afternoon, where you can sample all kinds of Taiwanese specialties. On one side of the road there are some simple restaurants and i visited one which served oyster omelets and by god, it was delicious. Towards the end of the street the market had stalls for children to play simple games and try to win prizes. I never visited any other night markets in Taipei but i certainly enjoyed this one.
  • Photo of doctorse7en
    9 months ago
    This is a good example of Taiwanese street food. It's a bit out of the way compared to other street food markets but the range of Taiwanese street food is good.
  • Photo of Susan S
    9 months ago
    small place, mainly food. I complete the place if never buy food, within 15 min. If buy food, within 30 min cos wait and eat. Do not expect to see stalls to sell clothes, shoes, toys. extremely little, I think less than 5 stalls. LOL! cos there are shops around the area, selling tourist things, etc.
  • Photo of Anubis M
    9 months ago
    I was planning to visit Shulin Night Market. But the NingXia was just 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel. So I thought why not gave it a try and it was a good choice indeed! Firstly, NingXia is not as crowded as the Shulin Night Market. Secondly, I think Shulin is more tourist oriented while NingXia is more local oriented. All food look delicious and it's so hard to make up the decision. At the end, my partner had the bake potato and I had the oyster pancake and stinky tofu. Both of us were happy with the food and we are looking forward to explore different Night Market in Taiwan in the future!
  • Photo of qiaolinmomo
    9 months ago
    Our first night market in Taipei. Pretty vibrant street with all sorts of local street foods. Not so touristy which means no need to queue up for good stuff, this is maybe the best thing. Spent around 700NTD to feed both of us. Very enjoyable experience and great value. We recommend the oyster pancake 蚵仔煎 and pork liver soup 豬肝湯. The pork liver soup has clear broth which tastes very satisfying. Maybe don't eat the liver slices if you're not a fan of organs, but the broth itself is worth a try. The only thing is that this market may not be very foreigner friendly with little English translation on stall signs and the stall owners may not be able to speak much English.

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