Photo of Kapali Carsi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
Photo of Kapali Carsi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
Photo of Kapali Carsi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
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Kapali Carsi

Tourist Attraction

Kapali Carsi14
grand bazaar • touristic place • original price • shops selling

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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    An endless supply of jewelry, housewares, rugs, candles, spices, lanterns... basically you name it and they are selling it!
  • Photo of Kiki Sterke
    3 years ago
    Niet op zondag
  • Photo of Khalid A
    5 months ago
    Am not a shopping guy. But here I enjoyed every second spent. It feels really like a journey to the past. And the only thing that brings to the future is the cloths with the new brands on them. Be careful with the prices over there. Always go for 40 percent of the asked price; believe me they will agree.
  • Photo of John M
    8 months ago
    The Kapali Carsi (or covered market) is a beautiful, awe inspiring, exciting and intense market of such historic and architectrural significance that it stunned me to silence. It is absolutely huge and full of every possible gift or momento of Turkey that anyone could want.
  • Photo of Hadi628
    a year ago
    It was a beautiful day. We took a walk to see what was going on in the famous bazaar. There are endless shops selling everything from gold to spices. We were hassled from the moment we stepped into this place. We haggled our way to a 50% discount. Haggling is really for the very brave and something I'm not really very good at. But we were happy with our loot. Most goods are more affordable in side-street shops though. But Grand Bazaar is worth a snoop.
  • Photo of G L
    a year ago
    It is the largest and oldest mall in the world. Whatever you are looking for you can find it here. Understand that every store owner will use every trick to get you in their store. Enjoy and spend 4 or 5 hours.
  • Photo of ferran-alery
    a year ago
    this place its not superb expirience but its location is orient.many shop for everiting from food too jaket flovurs gold silver .for me this expirience its not superb .but its has histori
  • Photo of KarolaRS
    a year ago
    Prepare for your senses to be overloaded! Enter this remarkable retail palace and bombard your sense of smell, sight and hearing with an eclectic mix of colous, smells and sounds. You will be lucky to get out without buying a rug, a lamp, some tea or perhaps one or more of the other million items of food, drink, hardware and art. If you don't like over-familiar salesmen who will not take no for an answer then avoid! If you want a taste of what made Istanbul one of the World's most important trading posts, immerse yourself and go with the flow. This place is remarkable in so many ways.
  • Photo of tootah143
    a year ago
    enjoy the shopping in grand bazar .. the spirit of the past .. but u should argue with the prices and u should be clever ...
  • Photo of behnamameri
    a year ago
    Old bazaar of Istanbul. A lot of streets and nice things with good price. You can find cheap cloth there so easy.
  • Photo of RobertoVito
    2 years ago
    The Turkish People says it's the oldest Mall all over the world still working and I think it's true. I don't know how many books and novels and films have been written there and I don't know how many nice objects are stored in those ancients shops. Also true that it is a very nice place where You can relax and lose Yourself while shopping. Don't worry! Any corner is controlled by the merchants. Just be present. To visit the "kapali Carsi" is a must but just a few words on shopping. Possibly never buy without a Turkish friend or a Turkish guy. Just to be sure the price You are buying is good for Turkey (I am sure it is good for Europe). Never forget what You pay is not only depending on the unit price but also depending on quantity. Don't buy kgs of spices You need sometimes just a few grams. Never accept the first price they give, kindly discuss on and They will decrease it. Enjoy your time in the Grand Bazar.
  • Photo of ワンケディ
    2 years ago
    I like the energetic atmosphere of Grand Bazaar. I like to walk around this place. I looked around some jewelly shops, but no shop guys pushed me because they were busy with other customers. The are other shops selling silks and pashms. The price is great but the goods are, . . . I don't know, many of them are made in India or China? Anyway, this is the place to look around not to shop.
  • Photo of dusica_cook
    2 years ago
    It is quite a lot of fun to roam the streets of Kapali carsi, bargain with the sellers and find different things you might want to buy. Still, I would not really recommend shopping here, as it is a bit overpriced, as any other tourist attraction. There is a fair shoice of gold and other jewlery, and also leather, but prices are a bit higher than in smaller other places.
  • Photo of Mike S
    2 years ago
    Its a big market which has lots of shops but with similar content. You have to bargain at everything because the original price might end up to be 50% off or even 70%! You will admire all the shops under the same roof but that would be all.
  • Photo of Darwihs
    2 years ago
    walk enjoy the place and it"s spirit ... you have every thing around ... history ... heritage ... people .... spices ... smells and colors
  • Photo of archer241161
    2 years ago
    The Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsisi) is one of the highlights of visiting Istanbul. It is a immense closed bazaar, which has been maintained for hundreds of years. Well worth a look for the gold shops.
  • Photo of surprise s
    2 years ago
    the place is very historic and felling in other world like old times the smell of spices and coffee will take you to old days and people who would like to sell you their goods will take you to yourself.of course its very touristic place but I think its must see place maybe not to shop but just for window shopping. But be careful not to get lost its pretty huge place and be careful its very crowded too.
  • Photo of junior1907
    2 years ago
    Kapalı Çarşı is one of the most important and historical Bazaars of the city.Hundreds of various kinds of shops,stores,jeweller, cafes,restaurants and other speciality shops selling everything you can imagine.Strongly recommended to have here at least a half day.
  • Photo of Keyul S
    3 years ago
    great shopping experience if you are good at negotiating prices . general rule is to offer 1/3 to 1/2 of the asking price and walk away not showing much interest and you will be surprised at stuff you will buy !
  • Photo of Barkan
    3 years ago
    One of my favorite spots in Istanbul for a long time. Great place to watch the life go no and people hurry during the weekdays. Very crowded at the weekend.
  • Photo of NatttyB
    3 years ago
    Whilst visiting Istanbul a trip to the Grand Bazaar is a must however I couldn't help but feel disappointed. There were streets and streets of shops however they were very repetitive. There were lots of shops selling lamps and bowls all very much aimed at the tourist market. Whilst the Bazaar is interesting to see I feel that it has become a tourist trap and romanticised in the guide books. By all means visit but don't set aside hours and hours.
  • Photo of Roula B
    3 years ago
    Nice place but they are selling very high just to fool you.You can find much better prices elsewhere,so try buying gifts and souvenirs somewhere else.

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