Photo of Ciya Sofrasi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
Photo of Ciya Sofrasi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
Photo of Ciya Sofrasi in Istanbul, Tü, TR
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Ciya Sofrasi

Mediterranean Restaurant

Ciya Sofrasi14.5
turkey • kebab • lamb • salads

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  • Photo of Qzoi Po
    a year ago
  • Photo of Amy J
    5 months ago
    We stopped in for lunch and ordered enough food to sample and do family-style eating. This food is simply amazing. You know the place is great for several reasons: 1) they own several of the neighboring buildings so they have more space for their restaurant, 2) there are plenty of people enjoying the food, and 3) take a look at the food - a-maz-ing. The flavors and aromas are so intoxicating. I can't remember half the names of the foods we ate, but I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of it.
  • Photo of silapipa
    5 months ago
    It is worth the trip to Kadikoy, you cannot miss it in Istanbul, in Turkey and in the World. Try once in your life and you’ll get surprised that there is still some food you haven’t tried yet. It is a place for those who love tasting and enjoying all flavours. Food has excellent quality and it is hande made with love. Anytime I have the chance I go there. Last time Bulgur pilav smoked rice was so good that I had to ask a second portion. Be carefull that you can get addicted. My favourite is the pumpkin dessert. They don’t speak fluent english, anyway whatever you choose from menu or from desk is all very good, guaranteed. Taste it very slowly and drink tea.
  • Photo of Christopher G
    5 months ago
    Food was ok, service was not attentive, was not a top 100 Istanbul meal. They were out of chicken, and the olive salad. Didn't finish my dinner. Wandered over to Basta street food afterwards and had another meal that was better, and healthier.
  • Photo of Nilgun O
    5 months ago
    Ciya is one off. Home cook meals from south eastern part of Turkey. I was taken there with my cousin who lives in the area. Loved it. There were some dishes I have never tasted.Must visit and taste while in Istanbul.
  • Photo of Anjanarb
    5 months ago
    The food is always fresh, very well made and delicious. They serve 'homemade' turkish food - local dishes that one would find in a typical Turkish home (but a lot yummier in Ciya) The quality & variety of the food is great - especially for meat eaters, not always so much for vegetarians though. The servers are friendly, polite & prompt.
  • Photo of David S
    6 months ago
    It's a very simple concept and when executed well makes for a lovely meal. Ciya Sofrasi understands this and obliges. Upon entering this street side Cafe, your sense of smell is heightened and your eyes opened. A glass canopy covers a wide selection of fresh made Meze spreads; your job is too choose what you want. On the opposite side of the room a small kitchen presents pans and pots overflowing with nourishment, and again you choose what you would like to eat from their selection. Staff write down your choices, and allow you time to find seating inside or out. Shortly thereafter a server brings your food selections, with bread too soak up all the goodness. Glass bottled water is provided helping stave off more plastic water bottles. Everything we ate was outstanding, but two of my favourites were the lentil soup and the very tasty lamb stew. This is a great people watching Cafe with its neighbouring kebab side just across the street. A must taste when on the Oriental continent side of Turkey.
  • Photo of sanoo90
    6 months ago
    Local food which is simply delicious i went there by chance and i was lucky enough the next time i went specifically to kadikoy to go to çiya sofrası specially lahmacun and kebab,,çok lezzetli yemekler gerçekten 👌🏻😋
  • Photo of Ahmet S
    6 months ago
    The food is spectacualr, you can find original dishes from South Eastern part of Turkey and some recepies even an avarage Turk would'nt know. The starters as well as desserts are also excellent. Evertime I visit this place I really enjoy it. The only drawback is the service personnell, specifically the cook who was very reluctant to give information on food at display. But dont let this spoil your appetite.
  • Photo of monsternina
    6 months ago
    I came here with a food tour and everything was amazing! You can even order food from the ciya kebab shops across the street. I went and pointed to the mezzes I wanted too! Still dreaming of the food from here one week later.
  • Photo of RejseMorten
    6 months ago
    I have been in Istanbul numerous times, keep coming back, and eat Turkish food every time. At Ciya I tried very nice Turkish dishes I had never tried before, and they tasted wonderful. The interior is not very nice. Go there for the fantastic food. The menu is new every day. A good place to try something new or go with the recommandations.
  • Photo of Mazx1976
    6 months ago
    Very good and delicious. If you want to try Turkish food on Asian part of Istanbul, here is best place.
  • Photo of CharlsRance
    7 months ago
    Located in the fish market in Kadikoy, Ciya is a great choice for a delicious meal. They do have a normal menu, but it is the daily specials that you go for. Specialising in ottoman cuisine, they source their recipes from many regions, and the menu changes everyday. The staff behind the counter are always happy to talk you through what's on offer, but it helps to be able to speak Turkish, or to have an interpreter with you. Over the eight years I lived in Istanbul I took all my guests there, and I was never disappointed.
  • Photo of LifeIsForLivingUK
    7 months ago
    My absolute favourite restaurant in Istanbul. Located on the Asian side of the city in the Kadikoy district, this restaurant offers a truly authentic Turkish dining experience. The ingredients are from all over Turkey, often using rare produce from the heart of Turkish village traditions. There is no menu - all items are prepared daily and served directly from the show kitchens in the dining area. Flavours and textures are mouth watering. The service is friendly and passionate. It says a lot that Ciya is as popular with locals as it is with people from overseas. Decor is simple, but it's the food that you go there for. And on the way, be sure to walk up through the street market - the produce is phenomenal.
  • Photo of Kaan S B
    7 months ago
    I went to Ciya because they are making speacialities from "Gaziantep" which is my hometown. Many times i have heard that the food should be very delicious which is not true! It is not even simular to the local taste of the meals what they are serving there. Service was also very dissapointing, unfriendly and slow. The only thing i can say positive about this restaurant is that i am fastinated with their branding strategy. They went huge in a short time, this is a big success. Sorry Ciya, i dont think i would ever come back.
  • Photo of kddemiray
    7 months ago
    Down to Earth Restaurant in a very lively part of the Asian side of Istanbul. Waiters are attentive, Spotless clean,Lots of vegetarian options, Dishes are full of flavour. handy hint; best to order a variety of small dishes to eat and appreciate this Restaurant.
  • Photo of concertoitaliano
    7 months ago
    I was taken here by a friend from Anatolia, and I absolutely loved the food. I found many options even as a vegetarian. It's for sure the restaurant I liked best in Istanbul. It is very busy and our table was in the street. But service was relatively fast. Absolutely recommended.
  • Photo of Elif B
    7 months ago
    It is expensive that is the truth however the food is really good and one thing you have to try is their Fig Dessert "incir muhallebisi". All natural - no suggar added
  • Photo of iConcierge
    7 months ago
    Long before “New Anatolian” became the fashionable way to eat, there was chef Musa Dagdeviren, who traveled Turkey’s backroads in search of traditional recipes to replicate in his restaurant in Kadikoy. Every food lover visiting Istanbul makes a pilgrimage to taste Ciya Sofrasi’s regional dishes: meat stew with tart green plums or lamb intestines stuffed with spiced bulgur and minced lamb. Opposite Ciya Sofrasi are two side-by-side ciyas serving kebabs: in spring, look for loquat and Gaziantep truffle kebabs, pide, and lahmacun.
  • Photo of Daniaht
    8 months ago
    I came here for an early dinner at 7:00 pm, the food is very authentic. The place is small and cozy. They have something like salad bar where they offer many vegetarian options. However the place is crazy busy thus the waiters barely give u attention. A group of people took over our table before we even paid the check!!!!
  • Photo of Alhawaj2015
    8 months ago
    Normal Turkish food, very hot place. They have AC but switched OFF. Menu is terrible and waiters do not speak English. I don't recommend it.

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