Photo of Galae Restauant in Chiang Mai, , TH
Photo of Galae Restauant in Chiang Mai, , TH
Photo of Galae Restauant in Chiang Mai, , TH
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Galae Restauant

Asian Restaurant

rice • spare ribs • pomelo salad • fries

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  • Photo of ashokmadan
    6 months ago
    This was our second visit only difference was last time there were TULIPS and THIS time seosonal FLowers. Food is ĢÒÒĎ and exalant service. You can sit next to lake and enjoy LOOKING at the beautiful gardens .The Drive is long and lots of traffic but it's worthwhile. WE really recommend you must go there if you are in CHIANGMAI . On our next visit we will try to come back for the Dinner.
  • Photo of Instantcalmer
    6 months ago
    Like to dine with a view of a riot of colorful flowers? Then this is your dream setting. I have rarely seen such a great collection of hydrangeas with some colours I had never seen before. We sat right by the lake and ate pork ribs with dipping sauce, cabbage and pork mince soup, prawn seafood salad and papaya salad. The food was very good with excellent service and a reasonable price for such a setting. They specialise in North Eastern Thai food but there are plenty of regular Thai staples and Chinese-Thai dishes also.I even saw western style fish and chips but I wanted to stick to NE Thai. Incidentally the English version of the name is sometimes Galae not Kalae. Their own napkins say Galae. As a couple, we went in the troop carrier style taxi for 200 baht from the city. Our driver was happy to wait 2 hours for us to make the return trip for the same fare and gave us a 10 minute magic show as a bonus.
  • Photo of Jesjournal
    6 months ago
    They decorated many flowers around the restaurant and they freshened up the atmosphere. The price is not that cheap and the taste is good. I think the price depends on the decoration and location.
  • Photo of LH M
    8 months ago
    We came here with friends to spend the afternoon, drinking and eating in a leisurely way. It's a lovely place with well-maintained gardens on the edge of a small reservoir. The service was attentive and friendly, and all the food was of a reasonably high standard - nothing really outstanding, but all the dishes were well-prepared.
  • Photo of LadyMeTaste
    8 months ago
    This is a very nice atmosphere restaurant. Lots of flowers planted. The dishes were quite good. Now they have more variety of international dishes to serve tourists
  • Photo of Kerry M
    8 months ago
    If ever there was a perfect dining experience this is it. With its rustic charm, the Galae Restaurant offers lakeside dining in the heart of the forest on the side of Doi Suthep, just a few minutes (traffic permitting) drive from the heart of Chiang Mai. All the dishes selected from the large menu are prepared with care to give the diner a great experience. Fresh, delicious and presented in good time, our food was delivered in a reasonable time and perfectly satisfied our appetites from a a morning of exploring the city below. A gentle breeze gliding across the lake cooled us while dining at tables on the shoreline and under the shady canopy of the forest roof above. Restaurant staff are busy, but friendly and happy to help. Gardeners propagate a wide range of flowering plants to decorate the displays in and around the restaurant. Great escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets and airport below. So relaxing, you may just see your flight departing ...
  • Photo of sasidada
    9 months ago
    The thai restaurant in chiang mai delicious clean in the center of the city try and recommended thank.
  • Photo of Alexandra_NK
    9 months ago
    This place is worth the trips just for the wonderful atmosphere! All of the flowers are beautiful, and the outdoor seating is wonderful. If you don't have a reservation, except to wait a little while as it seemed parties of all sizes were having to wait. The wait isn't bad though since the scenery is lovely. We had a large group, so we ordered a variety of dishes. Some were pretty delicious, and some were just okay.
  • Photo of John L
    10 months ago
    This place has a fantastic garden full of English plants, the food is ok the location up in the hill is fantastic, well worth a visit
  • Photo of jonas778
    10 months ago
    I was with my girlfriends family there for dinner. The location is amazing with the water and lots of flowers. Very romantic. The food was delicious. The staff was ok but they dont speak well english. Most of them only thai. Everything else was great.
  • Photo of Rasih
    10 months ago
    Heavens are on earthly flowers garden restaurant on the hill of Chiang Mai. The most enchanted flowers garden I've seen before. The ambience is second to none and the food was reasonable and delicious Northern Thai dishes.
  • Photo of reyty1
    a year ago
    Great Thai food with thousands and thousands of seasonal flowers surrounding you, literally, in the garden restaurant. What a lovely place.
  • Photo of Akaradecho
    a year ago
    Been on last weekend. Good location, nice service, great test food and AMAZING FLOWER!! Thank you for made my trip is complete!!!
  • Photo of fxm8
    a year ago
    Was recommended this restaurant by a friend. Great Thai food and reasonable prices. The view and the scenery itself is worth the visit. Flowers everywhere.
  • Photo of Brad D
    a year ago
    This restaurant should be one of your destinations when visiting Chiang Mai, especially if you're a flower lover. It sits tucked up a hill on a lake. I didn't drive but parking I think was a little hard. There was a parking attendant there though who helped park. Walking down the path to our table was extremely beautiful. The variety and colors from the flowers were breathtaking. We got a table right at the lake but, really, any seating location would be great simply because of all the flowers! The food was excellent too. Great photo opps. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of santonez
    a year ago
    I was so disappointed our hotel suggested this restaurant. We wanted really good Thai on our last night and were staying in a hotel in the old part of the city. We were connected to Uber to bring us to this restaurant which was PACKED with people waiting for tables - up to an hour. Too bad our driver went off and no taxies in sight. This place is far from the old town. Under the garish lighting you can see and smell tons of forced flowers. Just weird to see tulips in the hot humid climate. The scent of Asiatic lilies was nauseating. And I love flowers. Well, got a table finally and then pretty much no one wanted to wait on us because we were the only non-Thai there. I think since we clearly spoke no Thai. Usually a good sign when only locals but in this case not so much. I think people come since it has an amusement park feel. Not my cup of tea. The food was only mediocre. And not the cheapest. Too bad we wasted our entire last evening in transit and waiting at this restaurant. We were told a taxi back to town was about $30USD. We were able to get our hotel to send Uber back to us instead.
  • Photo of lucyang99
    a year ago
    If you adore FRESH flowers like I do, this restaurant is super. I could just "float" around to sniff and caress the flowers, never mind the food. We arrived after six one evening ... peak hour. We were given a number and waited for a table. It took less than ten minutes. We were given what I would consider one of the choicest table, just right along the lake where some lazy fish "parked" themselves in highly visible shallow water. Service was courteous and efficient. Although I would say that the food is nothing exceptional, it's well prepared and more than satisfactory. The price may be a bit steep, but still reasonable. We enjoyed our dinner.
  • Photo of Anna K
    a year ago
    We were very impressed when we arrived, the area was beautiful and we were quickly shown a table, beautiful down by the lake. After that we were left alone for about 20 minutes and could not get in contact with a waiter. A person at another table sent their waiter over to us, which was very kind! We ordered our food and beer (they had no wine, but you could bring your own for a fee). After 20 minutes, still no drinks, so we had to track down the waiter to get the beer we ordered. Another 20 minutes passed, and we got one of the food orders which was good. 10 minutes later we got cold rice, then one of the main courses was served which was cold. One of the orders never arrived. We sent back the food that was cold, and they came back with it after heating in microwave... So we decided to leave. But first we had to pay. ALL the orders were on the bill, even the one which had not been served. I had to argue to not be charged for that or the cold food. We left and will probably not go back there. I feel sorry for the waiting staff since they were obviously too few. It was the chinese new year week, and lots of guests.
  • Photo of DrBooska H
    a year ago
    Parking is a problem. Place open at 11am. But you have to walk all the way inside to find service. Food were ok. Price was normal but flowers! So beautiful!!! Worth to try.
  • Photo of James R
    a year ago
    Situated next to a reservoir and Government facility, in the Mountains, near Chiang Mai. Due to one road being closed, our GPS sent us in circles til we eventually found the place. But it was worth it. A nice flowery entrance (photo ops) to a large restaurant on terraces. Price increased for tables at the lower level, with a better view over the water. Arrive early to avoid the queues of Asian Bus tour groups.

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