Photo of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier in Singapore, , SG
Photo of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier in Singapore, , SG
Photo of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier in Singapore, , SG
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Laurent Bernard Chocolatier


souffle • ice cream • cakes • quality chocolate

80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11 The Pier At Robertson
Singapore 239013, SG
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Laurent Bernard Chocolatier has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of jessicaaU9987DE
    6 months ago
    I can't find the words to describe how much I loved the chocolate pie here. Let me put it this way: I am not a big dessert eater, but this here chocolate pie has changed that. I can't rave about it enough. If you're in Singapore, pay this charming little chocolatier a visit and give yourself a treat!
  • Photo of RussTheCat
    7 months ago
    Generous portion, unusual flavours. Try the After 8 flavour. Enormous head from an outstanding rise, beautifully crafted. Excellent service and friendly staff. We will definitely be back!
  • Photo of gilasss
    7 months ago
    We had always had wonderfull experiences at Laurent Bernard chocolatier's counter at Takashimaya and the cafe at Heeren over the years. They serve the best chocolate cakes and hot chocolate (at the cafe), and of course the freshest (and the best) chocolates you could find in Singapore. I never thought of writing a review since we had been acquainted for so long. However, having been all over France and Belgium very recently, and having tasted (and re-calibrated our taste buds) chocolates from almost all of the top chocolatiers, I just wanted to say thank you to M. Laurent Bernard. Thank you for deciding to make your home on this little island. His chocolates are the best in Singapore!
  • Photo of 9357MarkY
    7 months ago
    We were having dinner at robertson quay and wanted to save space desserts. Did a google search and laurent cafe turn up to just a few units away. That's where we headed. We ordered chocolate tart, creme brulee and a cup of double scoop ice cream. Very friendly and helpful staff. My son ask to try out 2 ice cream flavours and the counter staff obliged. He then ordered one of the flavours and chose another. The place was well patronized and crowded as it was saturday. The next time we go to robertson for dinner, we drop by again to try their cakes too. Looks very good.
  • Photo of 12Trees2
    8 months ago
    We visited after dinner one evening and just ordered coffee. While expensive by Australian standards, the coffee was superb and the little complimentary chocolate cookies were to die for. Just be warned - a large coffee is REALLY large!
  • Photo of theonico
    10 months ago
    we had a wonderfull experience at Laurent bernard chocolatier, they serve only cakes and pastry, but they are the best. there is no doubts about the quality . the tea is excellent too, i had the Bali which i s a great place to chill out.
  • Photo of kyotokuma
    a year ago
    they have nice chocolate, cakes and gelato.. you can tell that they're using high quality ingredients. the cafe is by the river, really nice to chill.. service was okay, staffs seemed to be indifferent.
  • Photo of RohazBosky
    a year ago
    Sunny Island of Singapore, on one of my walks down at Robertson Quay came across Laurent Chocolate.. I was pleasantly surprised by the huge selection of cake on display 'Chocolate with Hazelnut' base. Freshly baked. The Manager Mr. Damien Fourett was really helpful, friendly and eager to assist. The staff was really friendly and attentive. Highly recommended for this outlet to anybody who visiting Singapore, especially Chocolate Lovers :)
  • Photo of Panda6551
    a year ago
    My wife bought a chocolate cake with layers of crunch. It was awesome !!!! Had to eat it slowly to enjoy the small piece that I got. Sad that we had to share the cake with others. Need to buy a bigger cake next time
  • Photo of ericbengo
    a year ago
    As a French, We had a dessert there for the 5th time and this time we took an equator cake. It was dry and old. We asked to change for the Trianon which we used to eat and it was equally dry and not fresh. For a $10 per piece this is not acceptable. A disappointment for this high end chocolaterie.
  • Photo of TheEverydayTourist
    If you can't decide what to order, then go for their hot chocolate. Ask for their classic, thick one. It's heavenly. In fact, it's all I remember having in this place. I may have had some other chocolate dessert. (Did I have their chocolate cake as well? Did I have their chocolate truffles? Who knows? All I remember is their hot chocolate.) I plan to go back just for that.
  • Photo of Elmolita
    a year ago
    This Chocolatier is predominantly selling chocolate and desserts. They have macaroons and praline available too. The coffee and hot chocolate tastes good. The chocolate cakes are really delicious.
  • Photo of Kei F
    a year ago
    I love Robertson Quay. It has a vibrant feeling but it is not as noisy and crowded as neighboring Clarke Quay. So the fact that Laurent Café is located here is in itself a thumbs up to this dessert place. I love the variety of desserts, tea, shakes/smoothies and coffee to choose from! I don't drink wine, but there are fine choices there too. There is something for everybody here, whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer the non-sugary option. I love their soufflé. It has the right moistness into it, complemented by a nearly crisp outer texture, made even more delectable by the vanilla and ice cream that is elegantly served with it in an artsy black wooden tray. I don't think I've been here many times enough to try everything they have to offer, so I keep coming back! But one more important reason I come back here is, aside from the superb desserts, it has a quaint, tranquil ambience that enables me to catch up with friends, talk for hours; and, not be bothered by the hustle and bustle of partying crowds around. Even on its fully-packed day, Laurent Café Chocolatier manages to maintain its serene atmosphere and it never feels too cramped. P.S. Also love the takeaways that can be bought here, like the bars of chocolate stashed on the side of the shop; and, the inviting pastries on display right in front of the door.
  • Photo of Phi S
    a year ago
    If you are a chocolate lover, this is the place to be. They serve very delicious drinks, desserts and pastries made with chocolate. We had the Chocolate soufflé, which was very delicious. It was not too sweet too.
  • Photo of JillLei
    a year ago
    The chocolate soufflé is alright, took about 30min and came with raspberry sorbet - quite nice. A bit heavy indeed and also the soufflé seemed to be more liquid than the latte I ordered after a while. The service was quite upsetting though - the European manager gave us an out of no where entitlement and quite rude - when we were ordering and also when asking if we want to add anything after we sat down. Well I won't go back - you think you are too good to make my money well fair enough. If you are really too good for opening a chocolate shop here why come to Singapore - for reasons I guess.
  • Photo of anu26
    2 years ago
    Loved the cafe and its ambience. Ordered 2 dishes.. Both were yumm. A nice place to go and chill out and have pastries and desserts.
  • Photo of juicesum
    2 years ago
    If you're craving for anything with molten chocolate or just very rich, gooey chocolate, this is the place you want to be. Great hot chocolate, tarts and souffle. Wish they're open a branch in Orchard/City Hall area so I don't always have to make a jaunt to Robertson Quay every time I'm looking for a fix!
  • Photo of Anatalia007
    2 years ago
    I absolutely love love the chocolates and desserts here. Good quality and oh so delicious. Casual relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.
  • Photo of bullseye1775
    2 years ago
    Consider how many outlets Laurent Bernard are actually capable to open in a small country like Singapore, I guess his focus is clearly retail. While their pastries and chocolate are clearly not the best (especially when F&B is tremendously competitive in Singapore), their service is not only non-existent, But plain old rude, arrogant and horrible. No wonder why their reviews are Actually, I'll take back what I wrote above. I can't even see how they can even be retail-focused when most of their products are not on display. They expect customers to just cruise in and make purchases without even bother to provide information on how the product looks like. I just went to order a christmas chocolate log cake. Not only did they not have one on display (which is completely fine), no photos are available. When enquired, Laurent Bernard himself, as the BRAND that represents his products / outlets in Singapore, simply shrugged very rudely and arrogantly without saying a word, as if I am wasting his time. That was followed by slamming the glass door at my face (!). No wonder why this outlet is constantly empty. I guess he is probably just frustrated. Well, to Laurent Bernard - sincerely wish you a good year ahead, as you guys may truely need it with this kind of service you are providing. Never go there unless you have a fetish for bad service.
  • Photo of arahbaby
    2 years ago
    They only have a few selection of cakes - but they're all made with good quality chocolate! Everything is delish, especially their variants of hot chocolates. Dessert prices are quite on the pricey side (S$16 and up) but the drink prices are at par with coffee chains - Starbucks etc.

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