Photo of Vasa Museum in Stockholm, , SE
Photo of Vasa Museum in Stockholm, , SE
Photo of Vasa Museum in Stockholm, , SE
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Vasa Museum

History Museum

Vasa Museum64.5
maiden voyage • preserved ship • amazing ship • huge ship

Galärvarvsvägen 14
Stockholm 115 21, SE
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  • Photo of Raluca Cenusa
    a year ago
    Vasa warship museum
  • Photo of Desislava Abrasheva
    Vikings ship - museum
  • Photo of Deividas Subacius
    13 eur
  • Photo of Selene Enjeix
    a year ago
  • Photo of Jun Baron
    3 years ago
    Go there
  • Photo of Michelle
    3 years ago
    Amazing experience for everyone who loves original historic sites!
  • Photo of linsey93
    5 months ago
    I was debating whether to go in here but it was worth the visit. I would recommend watching the film (subtitles in English) before going round the museum so that you will have an understanding of the story. Greatly Enjoyed!
  • Photo of lovisaarna
    5 months ago
    I wasn't planning on visiting this museum during my short Stockholm visit, as I'm not really interested in anything sea-related :) My fellow travellers convinced me that this museum was an absolute MUST and I decided to trust their advice. I'm really glad they did as this is a very well thought out museum and just seeing the sheer size of the Vasa is overwhelming! I will now be recommending this museum to everyone.
  • Photo of Noel D
    5 months ago
    The Vasa itself is incredible, huge and amazingly carved. The museum building is brilliant, great architecture, well laid out. The attached restaurant is large and clean and staff are very friendly. A great venue overall.
  • Photo of kevinadele2017
    5 months ago
    A MUST - excellent value. Have visited 3 times and still takes my breath away. Very busy so don't expect to be the only one there.
  • Photo of Guillaume C
    5 months ago
    It’s one of the things I do in Stockholm! I recommend you to do it! You will be impressed at first by the height of the boat! It’s also interested to know the history of this boat and how it was discovered and raised to the surface :)
  • Photo of BE001903
    5 months ago
    The Vasa museum was on my 'must see' Stockholm list. I read in several reviews you should go late in the afternoon. However we decided to see if there were long lines on a Saturday morning. And as it happened we were able to walk right in no waiting at all. We just walked around. If you want you can follow an audio guide via your own mobile. The ship is really impressive. Only negative is that since it is so big you cannot get far enough to take a good picture of it.
  • Photo of Sarah P
    5 months ago
    The hours on this website are not entirely accurate, the museum is actually open until 8 PM on Wednesdays. Also very uncrowded and no line when I went on Wednesday evening. Photos really do not do justice to this ship. It is absolutely massive with gorgeous carvings and other details all over it. Definitely a must see when in Stockholm.
  • Photo of Anastasia V
    5 months ago
    Amazing museum with interesting historical exposition and high technological equipment. Highly recommended to all visitors of Sweden
  • Photo of TMWildMed
    5 months ago
    The Vasa museum tells in detail and very well the story of the fated ship that sank in less than hour after being launched and then sat at the bottom of the Baltic for over 300 years, almost perfectly preserved.
  • Photo of Ramkumar S
    5 months ago
    A very good history of the Vickings. Beautiful temperature controlled museum. A MUST see. Takes around 2 hours tops.
  • Photo of Sue2023
    5 months ago
    This was an amazing museum. They pulled up a gigantic (a few blocks long) war ship from 1298 AD and fixed it up. Most of it is original. Amazing wood carvings all around. We had a 25 minute tour and saw a 17 minute film. We didn't have time to view much more but it is a sight that I will never forget. It was built for a king and unfortunately it sank within 15 minutes of launching, which is it's claim to fame also. You will find out why. If you have time in Stockholm, you should go. Not expensive admission. We got to it from a hop on/hop off boat that navigates the harbor there, but it can be accessed by land also.
  • Photo of Alain D
    5 months ago
    The Vasa Museum is a must if you stay in Stockholm for a city trip. The story of the Vasa is incredible and what you see is also incredible. Don't miss this!!
  • Photo of Uira_IT
    5 months ago
    A whole museum built around 1 single boat. The story is that of a boat ready for war which sunk in 1628 after only few minutes, still in the harbour, because it was too narrow and too heavy. Then after 300 years it was found and taken out of the water. It's magnificent, it's 98% original, it's something you will see nowhere else in the world. The museum is well organized: free short tours in Swedish and English every 30 minutes, detailed multilingual posters with explanations on every part of the Vasa, simulations for children, videos in the auditorium. There are 5 floors, at each floor you can appreciate different details of the galleon. You will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of hkygoalie30
    5 months ago
    Very cool place. Definitely one of a kind. Must Check out the short film it was very informative and well done. The displays were also really cool and informative
  • Photo of beachboy02653
    5 months ago
    An unbelievable ship, but there it is in front of you. It sank in the 1620s, and was preserved by muck and salt water. The museum was built to display it. Don't miss the movie covering the discovery and restoration. A must see.
  • Photo of M A
    5 months ago
    From the moment you walk into this museum, you are mesmerized! The pure size of the ship draws you in from the start. You can continue to climb each floor seeing more and more and each floor providing information and displays that are hard to believe. This is definitely worth the visit!
  • Photo of IraP
    5 months ago
    The Vasa Museum has a very interesting backstory which probably everyone visiting the museum is aware of. The Vasa was a very large ship which sank on its maiden voyage. Because of the nature of the Swedish waters, the ship was amazingly well preserved, and was able to be recovered pretty much intact. The preserved ship is now on display in its own specialized museum which was built specifically to display it. Of course, they now know why the ship sank- it was too top-heavy, but it is interesting to see how they did not realize this at the time it was build. In addition to information about the ship, there is also a display about the sailors who perished aboard the boat, including skeletal remains and computerized facial reconstructions. There is also a decent snack bar and a nice gift shop on the premises. This is certainly a one of a kind museum and worth seeing.
  • Photo of Wayne H
    5 months ago
    Having read of the raising of this 350-odd year old ship, I was fascinated to have the opportunity to look over it. I was not disappointed - the way in which the Vasa and its many associated artifacts are displayed allows one many viewing vantage points. The story of the building of this ill-fated vessel (it sank within a kilometre of its launching place), and the human story those who perished is truly amazing. Much forensic work has been done to throw light on this time. We only allowed two hours there and could have easily spent another two or three - a must-see.
  • Photo of Niamh M
    5 months ago
    The museum was expensive to get into but we thought it would be worth the price given the reviews. Perhaps we should have done some more research but the entire museum centred around 1 boat... and that was it. They had the remains of the people that passed away on display. A little disrespectful perhaps?
  • Photo of Willsy13
    5 months ago
    Heard about the Vasa museum so decided to give it a go. Well worth the effort to see a unique piece of history preserved to such a level. You could almost imagine the panic on that fateful maiden voyage. The exhibits were first class.

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