Photo of Gallerian in Stockholm, , SE
Photo of Gallerian in Stockholm, , SE
Photo of Gallerian in Stockholm, , SE
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modern mall • clothing shops • window shopping • cafes

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  • Photo of mercanano
    8 months ago
    This is a mall in the city center of Stockholm. Its been under renovation for a while now, and it's becoming better for every new shop/area/cafe they open. It still lacks the feeling of being a place that you have to go while shopping in the city, which is something I like to feel when it comes to shopping malls. They still house the not to fun stores as lindex and KappAhl which in my opinion should be exchanged to something more fun like boutiques or something. But overall a nice mall with a good location.
  • Photo of Andrejs N
    10 months ago
    Great shopping mall in the center - H&M, Lindex, Dressmann and other popular stores. Lots of cafes and huge Mediamarkt on the lower floor.
  • Photo of chanels_travels
    10 months ago
    Not many shops here! Very quick browse but prefer mood shopping center for higher end boutiques. Or even just the shopping on the Main Street.
  • Photo of Dansku2014
    a year ago
    here you can do almost anything when it comes to shopping. and there is everything from clothes to toys. Then you can eat or drink coffee when you want. Just spend the hole day there if u want.
  • Photo of Ra M
    a year ago
    Best site in the city, all brands are collected in a big mall. Food stores are good. Accessibility is perfect. Unique atmosphere.
  • Photo of Joakim S
    a year ago
    Is undergoing a massive reconstruction work meaning that at least 50% of the stores have moved out for a period of time and many are just an interim solution which is reflected in the assortment. Further the only two restaurant has moved out. But if it's a rainy they it quit okay, since you can move from the central metro station under ground. I do like this during autumn and winter time.
  • Photo of drjsaleh
    a year ago
    Gallerian is modern mall that hosts many clothes shops and others. Its is a walking distance from the kungstrad park. The ambience is fresh, bright colors and abundance of natural light.
  • Photo of thike
    a year ago
    If you like shopping and do not have an option to go to the remote shopping locations, then this central mall is a good alternative, including a lot of branded shops. it is located a minute walk from Kungsträdgården and 5 minutes away from the Strandvägen promenade. Don't expect low prices, as the overall price level in stockholm is high compared to other world locations.
  • Photo of Bernardo F
    a year ago
    A nice large mall right downtown, close to Central Station. Lots of great stores in this multi level location. Clean, and a decent clientele
  • Photo of Stormfjder
    a year ago
    Gallerian, the shopping mall right in the city centre of Stockholm for everyone who would like some Swedish fashion. The mall is under refurbishment but are still open to the public. You'll find the most popular Swedish stores here, however if you are looking for something more fashionable and luxurious you are not far from NK or MOOD shopping mall. Happy shopping!
  • Photo of AmDe21
    a year ago
    This is a place where you can find many clothing shops , cafes and many places where you can find electronics as well. You should give it a go if you're in stockholm....
  • Photo of Suleyman A
    a year ago
    Good choice for shopping. In the central, connected to the metro station, many shops , cafes and recreation areas. We enjoyed beeing there.
  • Photo of Shaheen_17
    a year ago
    It's a huge place and lots of shops obviously. I loved that they had board games available to all. Definitely give it a go if you're in Stockholm. It's also a good option if it's too cold outside or if you want a quick bite. It will be fast food of course. I had a bagel at the dunkin donuts and it was fresh and sufficient for dinner ☺
  • Photo of Qasrawi85
    2 years ago
    you may find everything in it, clothes, media, toys, chocolate, coffee and ice cream. everything under one roof
  • Photo of Martti P
    2 years ago
    If you are shopping in Stockholm and have gone through Drottninggatan you should search Gallerian and the places nearby. There is a nice restaurant in Gallerian called "Hamngatan Stories" Where it is not too costly to eat too.
  • Photo of Dalbir_S_Virdi
    2 years ago
    Having spent the entire day in Sight seeing, if you are looking at spending some Quality Time in a Modern Mall for Shopping / Dining / A drink or just whiling away time in Window Shopping, "Gallerian" is the place. Here you will find good Eating Joints, All the Branded Show Rooms, Kids activities, Bars & High End Restaurants. You suddenly realize that your Time machine has travelled from 19th Century to 21st century. We had a good time here.
  • Photo of Holly S
    2 years ago
    The Gallerian is a shopping mall located in the center and is easy to spot and to access from different entrances. You can find most of the things you need. Some of the shops had really nice clothes. Not expensive but not cheap, either. The restrooms had long ques and they charge you. While this seemed common in Stockholm, I didn't like how dirty they were. The restaurants and food areas were noisy and crowded and the general atmosphere is people "rushing" and / or "rushed". I guess shopping is somewhat of a marathon but for a sit-down meal, it was not relaxing or enjoyable. We were reluctant to eat there, but hunger took over, so we had a pizza at one of the restaurants but we couldn't finish it because it was not the best. Overall, good for shopping but not for having a good time.
  • Photo of chiadoBelgrade
    2 years ago
    Nice, modern shopping mall in the city centre. It is not extremely big, but you will find everything you want, including cafes, food, free wi-fi and of course - nice clothes.
  • Photo of Gurumir
    2 years ago
    We go here pretty much every time we are in Stockholm.. mostly out of habit but it is a nice place to stop by in any case.. Too bad the Tiger of Sweden shop does not seem to be there anymore.. The cafés here are good in the morning for those who have just got off the ship..
  • Photo of Brenton K
    3 years ago
    This is a upmarket shopping centre with good access. It was a nice place to do some window shopping...

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