Photo of Skansen in Stockholm, Sö, SE
Photo of Skansen in Stockholm, Sö, SE
Photo of Skansen in Stockholm, Sö, SE
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outdoor museum • scandinavian animals • swedish culture • lemurs

Djurgårdsslätten 49-51
Stockholm 115 21, SE
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  • Photo of Desislava Abrasheva
    Open-air museum
  • Photo of Deividas Subacius
    Zoo 12 eur
  • Photo of Selene Enjeix
    a year ago
  • Photo of Keithlhk
    9 months ago
    This is a wonderfully magical place. It's a brilliant idea to have all this different structure place together in a park. And to include zoo as well. The ticket price isn't expensive. Only think you need is enough time and strength to walk around. It's a really nice place for families and kids to visit. For adults like myself, it's throughly enjoyable too . Explanation in English, that helps a lot too .
  • Photo of Jesus Mirko H
    9 months ago
    Hela Sverige i miniatyr and Amazing place to learn More about Sweden and their history .. bring you to last and the present in small Walking trip try to visit souvenir place and Aldo take your time like one day!!
  • Photo of Camila E
    10 months ago
    Very recommended place. It's a place full of nature and very kids friendly, perfect to spend the day, see the animals and learn the history of the place.
  • Photo of Jang-Vijay
    a year ago
    I loved watching the seals for the first time but beyond that the aquarium collection wasn't that large. The zoo close by (within Skansen) has a great collection of some interesting animals including the European bison, wolverine, wolf etc.
  • Photo of Anna S
    a year ago
    This great open air museum offers the best of every single province (all 24 !) of Sweden on a reasonable space. Here you will find our tradions and history celebrated by Swedes and tourist. Skansen should be on everyones bucket list !
  • Photo of Eva W
    a year ago
    Helt fantastiskt. Härligt ordnat. Massor med djur i fantastisk miljö. Totally fantastic. Everything top notch. Different animals in perfect surroundings. You just have to visit.
  • Photo of Papuchiev
    a year ago
    Perfect place to visit! You can spend few hours in very nice atmosphere talking with helpful, well informed and nice people that work there.
  • Photo of BasicsTouring
    a year ago
    There is only one Skansen with all of the old houses collected from all parts of Sweden and within them a great variety of activities from the glass blower, ceramic studio, the bakery, bank and lill skansen with the small animals that today only the goats can be patted, if they choose to come near. There are also a few rides with the classical Skansen train making a tour all around and gives a good view of the quite large park. It is a pity that to see many of the animals (monkeys and the aquarium) there is an extra fee. Our grandkids were able to go horseback riding for the first time in their life on ponies and they were thrilled. One of the musts in Stockholm, even without kids, and it is better when it is not raining.
  • Photo of drjsaleh
    a year ago
    In the skansen village you find this Aquarium. It hosts a vsriety tropical animals. Crocodiles, lizards, etc. It was a lovely zoo tour that took us about 30 minutes to cover.
  • Photo of Lillan11
    a year ago
    The ringtailed lemurs are so friendly. One of them decided to walk right over our feet - so funny. Another one decided my handbag looked tasty (no food in it!) and took the handle with it's cute little hands and attempted a gentle bite. When I said no, it left the bag and continued to another place in their home :-) They are great hosts. :-)
  • Photo of Katherine P
    a year ago
    This is a wonderful and historical collection of homes,churches and buildings from all over Sweden dating back to the 13th century. We spent a full day there. Better than any history class. We would highly recommend it.
  • Photo of Stephan E
    a year ago
    We nearly spent the whole day in skansen. It's below 200SEK per person and totally worth it. It's a animal park mixed with a historical museum. You feel like walking through an old Swedish village and make sure you don't miss the "bakeri", cheap,fresh and awesome kanelbullar are waiting there
  • Photo of Jane591S
    a year ago
    The aquarium is located inside the Skansen museum but has a separate almost similar entrance fee to the Skansen. It is not very big, however is spacious and there you can see some small primates, meerkats, reptiles, fish and amphibians. There is a souvenir shop and small cafe. The best attraction was probably the walk though the lemurs' abode and opportunity to touch a snake or tarantula at the exit. I would give it 3 stars rating, but it gets an extra one from me for its very nice interiors.
  • Photo of mickknap
    2 years ago
    A good enjoyable day out for any age,ok the kids will love it but there is enough to keep almost anyone entertained ,there are plenty of animals and activities ,some historical sites ,and some scenic views of stockholm ,easy to get to on the tram by boat or its quite a long walk from the center but enjoyable, its a good place to visit for the history of swedish lifestyles ,
  • Photo of Thomas J
    2 years ago
    Here you will find the lemurs, crocodiles and various tropical fish in a relatively small but well-kept space. Skansen has recently focused mainly on Swedish fauna but this makes it a classic exception and mixes in some exciting and 'dangerous' animals from all over the world. Worth noting is the knowledgeable staff and especially their manager Jonas Wahlstrom, who is a national celebrity and having good hands with everyone (all!) animals.
  • Photo of FrancescoSt
    2 years ago
    Skansen is a good way to learn the Swedish culture and nature. It gives you an idea on how people and way to living has changed during the time. It's good to visit in summertime, when weather helps and when all the attractions are open. Recommended for kids.
  • Photo of Александр В
    Interesting site for kids ! At first we thought that was late but it turns out they came from another entrance.Kids like fish ,sharks in tropical waters,the richness of life in the seas and oceans!
  • Photo of Phayao13
    2 years ago
    There is an extra entrance once you are inside the Skansen takes to get into this a little bit different aquarium.Adult and young will always get something out of the visit A commendable effort to breed and re-deploy endangered species in the wild nature.
  • Photo of Dave C
    2 years ago
    We had a great day at Skansen travelling by ferry from Gamla Stan. Skansen is a village of historical Swedish buildings that have been moved to Skansen to exhibit. Not only are the traditional buildings on display but traditional skills such as glass blowing, baking and pottery. Scandinavian animals such as reindeer are on display (although October is not the best time to see the animals).
  • Photo of NovaSif
    2 years ago
    You get to be in the exhibit with lemurs--how could you not want to experience that?! It was awesome! Definitely recommend going. The animals were healthy-looking, friendly, and the exhibits were clean

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