Photo of Froken Olssons Kafe in Gothenburg, , SE
Photo of Froken Olssons Kafe in Gothenburg, , SE
Photo of Froken Olssons Kafe in Gothenburg, , SE
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Froken Olssons Kafe


chicken • salads • city • cosy

14 Oestra Larmgatan
Gothenburg 411 07, SE
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  • Photo of Olle E
    4 months ago
    Ordered a salad and expected a salad, but all I got was a bunch of green leaves and very little of everything else that was supposed to be in the salad. 10 dollars for that? Other places will get you much more food for this money. Hey the supermarket pick and mix salad is better, and cheaper. My husband got a chicken stew, but it was 90% rice and hardly any chicken. Also, I thought stew meant there should be more than chicken and a little sauce? Like what about putting some veggies in the stew, and serve it with some salad perhaps? You can't serve someone a plate of that much rice and call it chicken stew, call it what it is – a rice plate. Coffee was mostly water too. Don't know why or how this place ever got any hype.
  • Photo of David D
    4 months ago
    My family and I stopped in for lunch since my mom noticed that they had an all you can eat soup buffet. I ended up having their Italiano sandwich (which wasn't that good and didn't strike me as Italian in any way. My dad and brother seemed to have enjoyed their sandwiches.
  • Photo of Wetpants
    5 months ago
    Secrets: 1. Has a back courtyard that is great when it is sunny. 2. You can use your Condecco VIP card here too. 3. The chicken pasta can be had with rice too, a rare warm dish for a café not found in other Condecco's (Condecco is the coffee shop chain, started here). 4. The tables on the slightly raised floor in the alcove are the most comfortable café seats in town. 5. Since it's tucked away, almost always room even during prime hours like lunch. 6. Opens at 10am, not 9.
  • Photo of Babar1234
    5 months ago
    This spacious cafe is great for hanging out with friends. Numerous tasty eco-friendly dishes (both pastries and regular food). Only downside is that they can't make a decent espresso (strong is not necessarily good) - a common problem in Gothenburg. Still a very nice place.
  • Photo of ofHarwich
    8 months ago
    Not the most tasteful meal we've had, but food is eco friendly and salads feel very clean and fresh. Recommend a soup and cookies to go with your coffee.
  • Photo of ulrika p
    8 months ago
    This place was one of our favorites many years ago. Still very good lunch soup with fresh and tasty bread. Value for money. The place is still kind of nice, cosy and relaxed, but definitely in need of a re-fresh of the premises... and maybe also the menu could be slightly more inspiring...
  • Photo of martinspurs
    a year ago
    Situated in a more quiet street, this central and quite large cafe' offers lunch dishes, pastery and a variety of hot and cold dishes. There is a soup buffet for instance. The place has an open space and a more intimate and quiet seating. We had an excellent chicked salad, cinnamon rolls and a hot chocolate. Friendly and service minded staff.
  • Photo of A_Hendriksen
    2 years ago
    I stopped by to buy a lunch to go and ordered a vegetarian lasagna. I was really disappointed when I unpacked; I paid SEK 89 and in the box was a piece of non inspiring piece of lasagna without any leaf of salad or bread with it! The taste was non saying, absolutely not worth the money. I should have turned in the door, it was empty on people and the interior is the same as years back. This place need to shape up! Sleepy service and food not wat it used to be. There are much better places to visit on the same street and in the neighbourhood!
  • Photo of GeoffreyFirth
    2 years ago
    What a great coffee shop/ cafe. Newly arrived in Gothenburg, this was recommended by the reception at the hotel where I was staying. I had a Chicken with Red Pepper & Cream Cheese Panini with a raspberry, banana & orange smoothie. A total of 127 Kroner (about £11.50) would be more than I would pay at home, but it was conceivably the best panini I have tasted. Plus it came with the instruction, 'help yourself to any salad, extra bread and humous', so I really can't complain. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Madrusk
    2 years ago
    Very valuable and good tasting buffet. As much of everything as you wish coffee included . Only week ends from 9 to 12. Cosy and much space. Tasteful
  • Photo of MrGolem
    2 years ago
    The food was okay, but quite expensive. Menus were hanging on different walls, so I didn't even notice some of the dishes till after I finished ordering. The fact that I saw them at all was no thanks to the staff, who even had trouble recommending anything to eat. They basically read me the menu when I asked... The dessert was a sugary and otherwise tasteless carrot cake.
  • Photo of Martin T
    2 years ago
    This excellent cafe offers a range of hot and cold food throughout the day and s very popular. Good quality food, reasonably priced and a lively atmosphere make this an enjoyable spot for lunch, afternoon tea or an early evening meal.
  • Photo of eriblo
    2 years ago
    Nothing special acctually. Ordinary coffee, not ecological. Soups, sallads and baked potato if you want something more heavier to eat.
  • Photo of David R
    2 years ago
    A lovely place in the middle of Gothenburg the buffet breakfast is really nice and excellent value. Make sure you grab some cinnamon buns when they are warm! We went on a Saturday morning and it got very busy very quickly with football fans which caused some queuing.
  • Photo of BetuliaEriksson
    2 years ago
    Yes...all nice. The food was good, the staff helpful and friendly. They really cared about me making the right choice since I am allergic to gluten. They were informative and were willing to make a few chances in the menu so that i could enjoy the plate I had my heart set on. I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and their good food.
  • Photo of GuterServiceMussSein
    Prepae yourself for a day on the city at this cosy place. They offer a rich breakfast buffet for a reasonable price. You can probably find hotels and restaurants that offer breakfast for less but nowhere else will you find an original swedish handmade selection like here! Definately a go-to place!
  • Photo of Marco B
    2 years ago
    We decided to have breakfast there because of the proximity to the parking place. My ball made of chocolate was good and the hot chocolate OK. I would have expected a creamier smoothie anyway. The staff can speak English and the credit card is an option like basically everywhere in Sweden.
  • Photo of Kissemissan
    3 years ago
    I can honestly say I have never been to a messier place. I visited with my newborn son and my parents and struggled to find a table in this over 100 seater cafe- not because it was busy (it was almost empty) but because every single table was covered with previous customers' mess. (considering the caf was almost empty, god knows how long the mess had been lying around..) It was so filthy I didn't want to stay with my newborn. This place evidently lacks staff and could do with some lovin'!!
  • Photo of Venneper
    3 years ago
    This place looked more like a student canteen than an ordinary eatery, and indeed the majority of the clientele comprised of students, young unemployed people and an accidental passer-by like me. The dish-of-the-day, chicken stew from the oven, was cooked in a sloppy way, but tasted quite OK. Service was essentially self-service, and the bill came to a mere 150 SEK including mineral water and coffee. Fairly good value for little money.
  • Photo of KitKatSplat
    3 years ago
    Stumbled upon this place after a day's walking around Gothenburg. Inside, the place is surprisingly big, done out in a mix of Mediterranean meets Middle Eastern. The food itself is fairly classic - sandwiches, hot food (the vegetarian lasagne was delicious), salads, and plenty of pastries to choose from, all reasonably priced (notable in Gothenburg!) and much of it locally sourced. There's also a selection of cold drinks/coffee/beer to keep you happy for the long haul, and a vast selection of sitting options to pick from - from big comfy sofas to gazing out the window on high stools. The staff were pleasant and helpful, and it was a pleasure to kill a peaceful hour sitting back, watching fellow customers play board games, read, or take advantage of the free wi-fi. Recommended.

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