Photo of Heidi ChocoWorld in Pantelimon, , RO
Photo of Heidi ChocoWorld in Pantelimon, , RO
Photo of Heidi ChocoWorld in Pantelimon, , RO
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Heidi ChocoWorld

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pralines • chocolate • bars • fun

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  • Photo of Paul D
    9 months ago
    Caught metro to Pantelimon, then cab to Heidi. No tours available, only demonstrations if you are in a group of 5+ and you book. Could do so much better, people constantly turning up when we were there, coffee shop, small factory tour? Not only make the public experience better but more profit for chocoworld, win-win! Had to have help from reception to ring for a taxi for the return journey. Enjoyed it, but as before could have been ++
  • Photo of MUNVALE
    10 months ago
    Good place to visit. Childrens haveing fun. Make some chocolate. Eat and tasteing chocolate. The lab is in the middle of the store . Was a fantasting day together with my child. The trip till there was long. We left from Drumul Taberei..... an hour took. But it was worth it.
  • Photo of Sissy55
    a year ago
    We went as a group and were there for 2 hours. We made our own chocolate bars, filled our own pralines and had a great laugh. It is good fun!
  • Photo of tomorrowsantiques
    They need 3 days for a custom order. Shop in an air conditioned show room. The average 110 gram bar is $1.00-$1.50. Many unique flavors. I bought one of each. They all sounded so good. Many limited editions. Half the price of the supermarket.
  • Photo of DUMITRU C
    2 years ago
    Heidi Swiss chocolate factory is located on Biruintei boulevard in Pantelimon village. Most chocolate production is exported. Chocolate workshop can be appointed and you can be 'apprentice chocolae maker'! Wonderful experience! Enjoy!
  • Photo of Anna A
    2 years ago
    We went there for a new experience! We learnt new and interesting things about chocolate. We created our bars and pralines depending on our tastes. We tested and developed our pallets and delighted our taste buds with incredible fine chocolate flavours! ;).
  • Photo of OliviaPetraComan
    4 years ago
    I am not going to brag about how wonderful 'Heidi' chocolates and pralines are - although it's true!! -, I'm going to encourage you to book one of the chocolate seminars held at 'ChocoWorld'. They're a great source of chocolate-related information, fun, excitement and they definitely test your creativity. Plus, you can't beat the prices displayed in the factory store. Note that there are some Heidi signature sweets only available there.

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