Photo of Lipscani in Bucharest, , RO
Photo of Lipscani in Bucharest, , RO
Photo of Lipscani in Bucharest, , RO
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old town • bars and restaurants • commercial street • nice street

In The Heart Of Old Town
Bucharest 030037, RO
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  • Photo of Jessica Qureshi
    3 years ago
    Walk down this historic street
  • Photo of Caterina O
    4 months ago
    Here in evening and again for breakfast. Lively area lots to see and plenty of places to eat and drink. Must visit
  • Photo of travelpassion
    4 months ago
    This is considered to be the old town of Bucharest and is a great pedestrian area with lots of bars and restaurants.
  • Photo of Keith P
    4 months ago
    This is the ideal place to go bar hopping, although you might no get to do all the bars. Very impressed with this place
  • Photo of JoeSeg
    4 months ago
    All of the old downtown is crowded with outside seating for the numerous bars, restaurants and cafes. I guess all toruists do is eat and drink ;-)
  • Photo of edavic
    4 months ago
    While a little run down in places, it is worth the time to walk the Lipscani district. We had a guide, but it is a small area so a guide may not have been necessary. Perhaps the most interesting part was the monument of Vlad the Impaler and lecture about how the legend of Dracula developed from his history. Be sure to visit Patriarchial Cathedral just down the street!
  • Photo of TheShis
    5 months ago
    This is probably the best place to come and party at a bar or restaurant in Bucharest. The street is filled with countless restaurants and bars with loud music (and, alas, smoking) everywhere.
  • Photo of Zucc50
    5 months ago
    A very cool street that has a lot of activity and places to frequent. Bars, some shopping and many restaurants. A must go in Old Town.
  • Photo of lamusi
    5 months ago
    The lively Bucharest old city centre is a compact area with an enormous amount of pubs and restaurant. Many buildings have been renovated and is now a really pleasant area. Some buildings are still in ruins though, that adds to the general character of the area. A few pretty churches and palaces will keep your camera busy, and you will find yourself taking more pictures to banks (the prettiest renovated palaces) than you probably ever did before.
  • Photo of Tuan W
    5 months ago
    Traditional old type buildings, shops and food and beverage venues surely attract any tourists. Many options for food and beverages. Must visit if u at Bucuresti.
  • Photo of Chihiro L
    5 months ago
    I've seen several European cities & their walking areas around the Old Town but this one struck. I know every such area will boast in cafes, bars, and similar drinking places but this struck me with abundance of night clubs, shoterias, hookah bars, massage parlors, hints on striptease or more ("hot touch massage") which is too much for my taste. Even Amsterdam with its freedom of coffee shops, gay clubs (I'm totally supportive of LGBTQ), and the red district felt more decent / high class in comparison. The area gave me the feeling of a place for students & backpackers looking for brainless parties & drunk adventures. This might be just me, so don't take it too seriously, you might very well love the place - it does have many interesting spots & hidden gems like architecture, shops, and cafes with local food. Overall it was quite interesting.
  • Photo of Robert S
    6 months ago
    This street(area) is located in the heart of the Old Town. Here you can find a lot of restaurants and bars to enjoy your staying in Bucharest. Also if you are night life lover this is place.
  • Photo of Magdalena M
    6 months ago
    We loved it. We found great food, nice coffee shops were we good drink lemonades and coffees, a great ice cream place! There are a lot of affordable restaurants that even my teenage son enjoyed the food-burger and fries.
  • Photo of ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ Γ
    Unfortunately an ugly dark grey color old building but shows a not so beautiful but a true & different perspective of city's history.
  • Photo of Mihai D
    6 months ago
    Lipscani street is now a world away since my high school years when I used to wander around with my colleagues, making frequent visits to the aquarium pet shop that ran out of business a while ago. A place filled with 19th century history, Lipscani used to be the merchants' neighborhood, especially the ones from Leipzig, Germany. It's great to see that some decayed buildings have been consolidated and what used to be a risky gang territory at night is now buzzing with (mostly foreign) visitors. A bit too expensive for my taste, but still highly recommendable for anyone visiting Bucharest.
  • Photo of عبدالعزيز محمد ا
    Good place to see old building and there are a lot of resturant . Nice to the place . It's heart of bucharest and important to see it .
  • Photo of morewierd
    6 months ago
    I've already reviewed OLD TOWN....and all i can say is THANK GOODNESS we did NOT stay there for 4 nights. What's there? Bars,restaurants and cobbled streets and hawkers? We stayed way north at the Hotel Christina and couldn't be happier. Don't fall for the hype!
  • Photo of GURMANDUL
    6 months ago
    The LIPSCANI street and its surroundings used to be the commercial heart of Bucharest over 150 years - and some of the buildings there date back up to 180 years ago...But unfortunately decay & neglect have left their ugly mark all over and one misses on the nostalgia which the place is supposed to invoke...However the area has got a new "Breath of Life" through the OLD TOWN modern night Life streets around, full of Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc..
  • Photo of sunshinecoastgirl
    6 months ago
    The Heart is the old town was an old merchants Centre but now a thriving business for cafes and restaurants. Dinner here is a must. It comes alive when the sun goes down. Great food and atmosphere
  • Photo of Patpv
    6 months ago
    You can walk, shop, eat, drink or just hang here..lots to see and do...a real feel for the Old City...quiet during the day and hopping at night!
  • Photo of James H
    6 months ago
    Great place to walk around or have a drink or meal ! Well worth the visit and I loved the atmosphere. Quite quiet during the day but still worth wandering around. At night it's really alive and kicking !

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