Photo of Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel in Grandola, , PT
Photo of Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel in Grandola, , PT
Photo of Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel in Grandola, , PT
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Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel



Grandola 7570-336, PT
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Sobreiras - Alentejo Country Hotel has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of rkneepkens1965
    3 months ago
    The TripAdvisor ratings and the pictures were very promising. However, we had not a very good experience. The hotel staff, although very friendly, did not have much local knowledge so could not advice an many questions we asked. But worse, the cook didnt show up. As the resort is located in a very remote area, this is very annoying. The reception staff were kind enough to provide us with Some cheese and Bread. But.... for a hotel with a 5 star rating this is very unprofessional. Plus, we had a lot of bugs in our hotel room... So we decided to leave earlier than planned...
  • Photo of belgtravel
    5 months ago
    Aesthetically pleasing hotel with amazing views over the Alentejo countryside (the plains in Africa come to mind). We stayed in the suite which is composed out of 2 separate rooms. At first sight, there is little to blame, but on second sight, the lack of dedicated care becomes apparent: rust in the shower, algae in the swimming pool, the sun loungers have turned yellow instead of white, the rooftop of the houses needs a new layer of paint, etc..for a premium hotel this is not really acceptable. The only reason we're not giving 3 stars is the support we received from the manager when complaining about wifi (which is basically non-existant in the rooms). She went out of her way to find us a mobile router which we could take to our room.
  • Photo of tiagomendesid
    6 months ago
    Located in the middle of Alentejo, in a secluded area surrounded by nature, Sobreiras is a very neat and well designed spot, small scaled hotel, with a very pleasant layout - a social area that congregates a living room, reception, dining room, services and kitchen and opens up to an outdoor area that includes a beautiful swimming pool and a lounge area. Its all sort of small and cosy, but having said that even the busiest time at breakfast felt fine, as did the pool, even though not massive in size was always empty and available for a dip. The rooms are in-line attached small houses along the property - all quite close to the main social area, and with views of the scenery surrounding us, mountains and trees in a sort of dry deserted landscape. The room itself is quite comfortable and neatly done, love the cork flooring feel, and the minimal design, huge bed and views from inside. The bathroom is very pretty and the shower is great, some people may feel awkward since there is no actual door on the bathroom, but the dividing wall is enough to ensure privacy. We ate dinner there and was quite good, even though we got excellent recommendations for restaurants in the nearby village. There are tennis courts that we did not try, and you can walk through the property which is something I would recommend.
  • Photo of Renata S
    6 months ago
    The hotel is beautiful and very comfortable. The room is spotless and we were amazed by the views. I was there with my mum and sister and the room was spacious enough for 3 of us. We were overall very happy with our stay. The big downside was the lack of vegetarian options in the menu. It's 2017 and the best vegetarian meal that the restaurant could offer us was couscous (with 2 tiny slices of mushroom inside) and lettuce with cucumber. Every other hotel or restaurant across our trip had at least a couple of (way better) options to offer.
  • Photo of Maria Beatriz S
    8 months ago
    There is no mobile phone network in the hotel. And the portions served at the hotel restaurant, during meals, are small although tasty. The beauty of the architecture and decoration of the project are a delight. The communion of the simple, white, stripped features with the surrounding nature is the best of the hotel. Absolutely exquisite!
  • Photo of Lara K
    9 months ago
    Sobreiras was absolutely incredible... Our room was huge, staff was friendly, food was great. The architecture, design and decor are astonishing. We met the manager, Sónia, who was so nice and always seeking for ways to have all her guests happy. We loved it! Congrats!
  • Photo of mathilde_m_costa
    9 months ago
    We visited the hotel for only one night, to relax and spend time with our two year old. The hotel is beautifully situated in the middle of nowhere in Alentejo, and all the rooms have a veranda and a fantastic view. The beds are comfortable, the room feels big, and the only drawback is that the bathroom has no door, so maybe not a place to visit in the very beginning of a relationship...? :) The water in the shower is also of a strange quality, feels strange on the skin. But these are minor details. The place is great. The pool area is also made with good taste, with a great view over the countryside. The breakfast was good, with plenty to choose from. The orange juice is freshly squeezed, but had sugar added so too sweet for my taste. But lots of fresh fruit, cake, bread and pancakes. Staff is nice and helpful. A bonus is that the place seems well adapted for people with reduced mobility. Well done! I fully recommend a visit!
  • Photo of callumx
    a year ago
    The Sobreiras hotel is very contemporary and stylish, in a great countryside location, with views out over the rolling hills. However all is not perfect. On the positive side, everything is tastefully laid out and decorated. The rooms were clean and functional, with great views out over the landscape. While we stayed there, we had a sense of splendid isolation, and chilled out on our balcony each evening. We did not hear any noise from the next door room. The swimming pool was a decent size (and most importantly clean), and there were a reasonable number of loungers. While we stayed there was only one toddler, and things were reasonably calm, but I can imagine things would get rather over-powering if there were more than a couple of children, as there really is only one communal space to relax outside. The restaurant menu is very limited, especially for a fussy vegetarian. There really wasn't sufficient choice. Breakfast had a better selection for the buffet. The wifi was non existent in the bedrooms, and patchy even in the reception area. The location is good, though admittedly hard to find if you haven't printed out directions beforehand (and studied a map). I wouldn't want to approach it for the first time after dark, as I can imagine you would easily get lost down the dirt tracks. The hotel is about a 10 minute drive south from Grandola (which has a number of restaurants) and about 25 minutes drive from the coast, and beautiful sandy beaches (though cold Atlantic sea).
  • Photo of bmgpjl4
    a year ago
    Wow when you drive up to Sobreiras..we had driven 1500 klms to stay here..being a bit of an architect freak I loved the look of this new hotel..the site was stunning and the building superb, in its all white minimalist glory.. from the outside...on arrival mid Sunday afternoon the place was buzzing...Sonia de Sousa Conclaves the manager at reception made us feel very at home and welcoming, very friendly and helpful as were her staff, a light lunch inside ( only club sandwiches on offer with crisps ) as one of the problems was The noise from a family using the pool was too much for us, we had expected peace and quiet but far from it. The large family concerned had booked 6 rooms and were on their way out but the grandparents stayed for one more night, so some of the family with the kids were sharing their room for the to ours...doors banging and so on...something policy wise that should be addressed. Talking to Sonia this seems an issue with the place...even though it mentions in the room brochure respecting others staying and respecting quiet...not many do...or they don't read. ( another family with a crying baby also spoilt the atmosphere and another with two unruly kids also )...we booked in for 3 nights and sadly even thought the family left the next day we were still disappointed. The stylish 70's retro furniture and the odd classic looked good but it did have a hint of basic Ikea about the interior especially in the restaurant and main reception areas..not a bad thing but not quite upto the concept of the hotel. The breakfast was OK but again the standard buffet format you fine everywhere today...better than can be said for the evening dinners on offer. The rather trendy tattooed chef on display behind his glass wall looked the part but again it all fell down slightly with a limited menu and again a rather standard local Portuguese cuisine..Sonia did mention he was one of the best and his food good..if your into eating dryish meat and bread in everything thing then I'm sure its fine..I was hoping for a nice simple creative salad or two or something with a little creative flair to match the building are stuck here as the drive to Grandola ( about 10 mins ) is not too far for a dinner date but down their dirt road and in the dark it is something you do not wish to do every night..( there are some very good restaurants in the town ). The other bug bear internet in the rooms, so you are stuck using the lounge with all the other trendies on their Macs ( including two very young kids on their iPads )..also even though the rooms are spotless a few marks here and there are making it look a little difficult when you have the pure white aesthetic of a modern interior..also our bath tap did not work and we had to fill it ( once only ) with the hand held shower..we had a shower but again nothing remotely up to the standard expected..we stayed in a hostel on our way back and their shower was just sensational, powerful and very hot and only 65 euros a night... our room cost 135 at Sobreiras. We also asked for a laundry service,,yes they had but the shirts came back unpressed, we had to ask for two to be done again...we asked the same in Lisbon and the laundry service at this hotel was just its possible to do things correctly. So the building is beautiful in its white and raw natural timber style, the location stunning, the crowd a little to young the food OK but not unto the standards hoped for, kids rule and all in all not the experience we were hoping for or expected...the only thing that made it for us was Sonia and her staff, superb My partner said never again do we say in a designer style hotel..his thoughts not mine...
  • Photo of QBPhil
    a year ago
    Looking for a retreat to relax and chill out, we chose this remote area and were hoping to enjoy the contemporary "minimalist" design of the hotel, some traditional local food and above all, some sunshine around the pool. Unfortunately, we did not ! Indeed the location is remote and the hotel offers stunning views over the Alentejo region. And indeed, the weather has been great (on the windy side though). But when one offers a "retreat" away from the bitten tracks, the experience should be complete ! The access is difficult, signposting from Grandola very discreet. The track from the "main" road to the hotel itself, a complete disaster when driving a sport car ! The look of the hotel is great from the outside, modern, simple and attractive by all means ! The lobby and lounge areas offer little sitting (which is not enough for the number of rooms, especially when they are the only areas where wifi connexion works !). The restaurant is tiny (again not enough for quite a large hotel: 20+ rooms) and offers little privacy. Our bedroom (one of the suites) was large with separate sleeping area and a large bathroom with bath and shower. Problem being that the hot water was not working for the bath (and was not fixed during our stay). Lighting was poor and one bulb was off (not replaced despite being requested). A nice balcony could have given us the possibility of enjoying some peace and quiet, unfortunately being next door to the kitchen area with staff talking loud at all times and guests using the pool (kids in particular), it did not happen ! And no internet access ! In the room, there was a folder with in-house policies and various instructions to make sure that guests could enjoy the serenity of the place ! A shame nobody had been in hand to make sure that the instructions apply to all guests. The first day was totally ruined by a family of 12 (including screaming kids) who managed to take over the all hotel. An attempt to ask them to respect other guests ended up in a very serious altercation and threats from the older gentleman paying for the rest of the group. Staff are all very nice and helpful. But the manager being off for 2 days they had very little authority to stop kids making noise or guests using their mobile phones for business conferences around the pool ! When staying in this type of place, one also expects not to have to drive miles to get a decent meal. The menu proposed by the restaurant is limited and does not change on a daily basis. So the only alternative is to go to Grandola to find something to eat, which is not satisfactory. We left really disapppointed and frustrated that our 3-night stay has turned to something totally different to our initial expectations, especially when the place and location could provide the perfect setting to peace and quiet.
  • Photo of kubo321
    a year ago
    Absolutely stunning hotel in a beautiful countryside of Alentejo region, offering pure relaxation. Rooms are huge and nicely designed, although there is still a place for improvement (extra touches such as paintings, design pillows or bigger TV would make the room less plain-looking). I was also missing coffee & tea making facilities in the room, although this is probably not a 4* standard in Portugal. The bed is heavenly! Housekeeping extremely fast and effective, room service to be improved (!), especially when arriving late at night I would expect more than toasted bread with cheese for EUR 5 and EUR 3 service charge. Staff is lovely and very chilled, happy to give recommendations of what to do in the area and which restaurants to visit (make sure you reserve a table before you head to Grandola, especially in high season). Breakfast is good in terms of range and quality for a 4* hotel, but breakfast area (food station) is so tiny that on busy times it makes the experience a bit uncomfortable. Quite strange, as the hotel in general gives you an impression of endless space...We have not dined there but the meal choice seems fair and I would apply the similar for lunch (for the moment only drinks, salads and toasts are available). Pool is spectacular and area around relaxing, however it's absolutely unacceptable not to have umbrellas there as the summer temperatures get to crazy heights. All of the above are just ideas of improvement which did not spoil our unforgettable experience at all. This hotel is just different than any other I have been to, and watching the sunset or a sunrise on such a peaceful setting will always remain a wonderful memory. Keep up a good job and listen to the feedback of the guests to make this place even better! Hope to be back soon.
  • Photo of LiquidTraveller
    a year ago
    This hotel was recommended to us by the patron of another Alentejo place. Though we got a fairly good rate (€ 125 including breakfast) shortly before the peak of high season we left disappointed. The location of the hotel is absolutely stunning. Is in the middle of beatiful Alentejo hill countryside. It sits on top of a hill overlookoing vast stretches of fields and oak tree plantations. In the night you can see the lights of Grandola from the pool area. A lot of young Lisbon couples chose this setting for a romantic weekend escape during our stay. And then it's a design place. Put down a couple of Eames chairs and - hurray - you've got a design hotel! It's not that easy though. There's lots of beautiful and nicely put together design elements. But upon closer look this impression implodes by the sight of everyday Ikea lounge chairs in the rooms. (Yes, the half-moon one with changeable tops you threw out when you finished school and finally could afford "proper" individual stuff.) If you want to play Champions League or at least Premiere League you don't stop half way. Sobreiras Alentejo Country Hotel feels like someone had a couple of millions or got them from the bank and went on to design a place like he or she had encountered on his/her privileged rich kid journey through the design hotels of this world. But having the ingredients for a place doesn't mean you understand how to mix them together. There is too many basics wrong at Sobreiras. Room Service - they just don't get this done properly. We ended up carrying our glassware and dishes to the restaurant area by ourselves as the cleaners just left everything in place. And they left the dirt in place, too. The bathroom with all the white spaces might look beautiful in a design magazine spread. It doesn't look that good if it hasn't been cleaned properly for two or three days. Then Sobreiras is in a wood, tree, and farming area. This means you have all sort insects going after the lights at night. But does this mean, there have to be spiderwebs and insects on the ceilings of the rooms? Yes, they're house-like big spaces. Get yourselves a ladder or a special hoover and sort this out before you rent out the spaces for a premium. Probably the cleaners are simply understaffed to get all rooms and places done properly in the amount of time they have on hand. This brings me to the biggest plus of the Sobreiras: the reception and bistro area staff. The all female staff are super-friendly and all smiles. They "broke the ice" with our son in under a minute - respect! It's just in that luxury B&B field (I quote another reviewer here) where they lack training. So this is the issue that annoyed us most. The Sobreiras lies in the middle of beautiful nowhere. If you don't feel like that fifteen to twenty minute ride to Grandola in the evening you'll end up staying at the hotel where you want to rely on the F&B offering. And yes, you can have dinner at the Sobreiras. You have to pre-book for this. There's a nice and talented chef working in the show kitchen. And he's doing it all by himself. There's a set menu you can choose from. But don't you dare and stray off the menu line - you'll end up causing chaos. This happened to me when I asked for a simple salad. (They don't do salads for dinner.) They aks premium prices for the food offering. With starters, mains and a bit of wine the 2.5 of us manged to stack up a € 70 to € 80 dinner bill easily. It's only that we didn't have the feeling of being out for dinner. No dimmed lights, no proper service. Choosing the only "kids menu" item - a simple pasta bolognese - for € 10 (!) certainly helps accumulating that bill. Yeah, mixed costing, I know.... The sad thing is that the chef - a really nice guy who showed us his favourite Grandola restaurant when we met him on the street - really seems to know his stuff. He knows his sous vide and flavouring. The meat dishes we had were all delicious with clever presentations and side combinations. Again, as said above, having the right ingredients to build a design hotel doesn't mean one knows how to mix them... WIth both the chef and the reception area staff - I mean they seemed all happy and content - I couldn't help imagining how they would perform with additional staff and/or proper training. This review is already way too long so I'd like to close with another episode from the Sobreiras stay that shows that someone had a wrong understanding of design hotel when putting together the concept. There's a whole bunch of "rules" they expect people to follow. While having a certain rule book for the pool (personal hygiene etc) makes sense, we discovered that we weren't supposed to hang any towels or clothing from the little balconies. Why? I can only imagine. Maybe because it hurts the architects sense of design? So where do you hang your pool towels and beach wear then? There's nothing provided. The architect clearly doesn't go to the beach and never uses the pool. What are you going to do if you feel patronized for the wrong reasons? You start ignoring those silly rules and do what everyone else does - so we put our bloody black and whites striped towels out on the balcony to dry. Like all other guests. It felt silly. And it felt good. :)
  • Photo of Dizliz0507
    a year ago
    On arriving at the hotel we thought wow lovely setting ,room fab ,modern quiet, tranquil , lovely view , two lovely sunbeds to chill then at 5.30 the pool area which is not really child friendly was full of screaming children, we returned to our room to sit on our veranda for a peaceful drink taking in the fabulous views but to our dismay again screaming children on the veranda next door my husband had to shout for them to be quite after half an hour !!! This hotel would be better as a couples hotels with the out look. We booked a table for dinner which again was disappointing , my husbands steak was tough and I was served a chicken leg ! Cuscus was lovely tho Our main course was brought before we had finished our starters, We also asked for white wine but received red but did'nt like to say anything . Breakfast staff need to smile , the egg and bacon was cold unable to eat needs to be a bit more organized . The wifi was stated available in rooms but was only available in the reception area. We were expecting far more from this hotel lovely setting , lovely rooms front desk staff lovely just needs tweeking.
  • Photo of VascoBotelho
    2 years ago
    A beautiful cozy Hotel literally in the middle of Alentejo, where you can enjoy a nice and peacefully days. The staff is very helpful and kind. The breakfast is good and the dinner was great. Rooms have a lots of space and are very comfortable. I strongly recommend to couples who want to spend some time "alone"
  • Photo of Maxharboe
    2 years ago
    We stayed for 2 nights Friday-Sunday, and arriving we were glad to have google maps as assistance - the hotel really is a country hotel, located about 15 minutes in car from the nearest town (Grandola). The hotel is newly build, and the reception/lounge area/ dining room is furnished stylishly and really make you feel welcome. The room we had was a standard double room approx 20 m2 with a private patio (8m2) with a spectacular view of the landscape. The room is essentially a "small house" where you have a full ceiling height of more than 4 meter at the highest point, and this makes the rooms feel roomy, and very spacious. Two things to be aware of - the bathroom is behind a separating wall, and while that leaves you out of direct sight there is no door etc to give you that "private space". The other is that this is a (design) country hotel, so you are most definitely going to see some spiders etc as you will be in the middle of the nature :-) The hotel offers a super nice breakfast with Croissants, eggs, bacon, ham, cheeses large selection of cut fruits and various cereals - if you are hungry before lunch, then you are the one to blame :-) We dined in the restaurant a single night and the cooking was good for dinner as well - the card was small but offered a good selection of dishes at a price point that was well matched against the quality of the food. Hotel has a nice infinity pool, and from the sun-beds in the lounge area you have an amazing view of the landscape - so if you are looking to unwind by the pool for a small get-away from the rest of the works this would be a perfect choice (but do check the temperature of the pool before going in head first, it was a bit "fresh" when we visited :-)
  • Photo of LisbonMiguel
    2 years ago
    The rating could be Excellent, but then there are the little things. We stayed for one night in Sobreiras. The hotel is brand new. It was spring, so the sorroundings were great, flowers and green everywhere. The hotel is, as the name promisses, in the middle of the countryside, with stunning views from the pool. If You are a city person, You probably won't enjoy the multiple encounters with spiders,bees,beatles,etc. At night it's best to keep your windows closed, or the lights closed. Unfortunately our room was very damp and had a strange smell (paint??) . There was no wi-fi in our room (very very weak to say the least), and allmost no cellphone reception. I think the staff needs a bit more training, specially the ones in the front desk. The check in was a bit distant, and nobody asked us if we needed help, or volunteered to show us where our room was. On check out it was worse. Nobody asked if we enjoyed our stay, or if everything was in order. Just a simple cash transfer. At breakfast the room was almost totally full and there was a big delay in reffiling what was missing. There was not a big variety of products. I think this is a key point that could be improoved. The last thing that threw me off, was that the pool was beeing cleaned during the whole mornig and as we left (at 12h30) it was still beeing cleaned (this could be done at night).
  • Photo of MarKno
    2 years ago
    We had a bit of trouble finding the hotel but a friendly police man (GNR) escorted us to the hotel. We felt like important people:-) It was end of April and a mass of wild flowers was embellishing what is already a beautifully designed hotel. The reception was very friendly. . Everything is on floor level so the 24 rooms are spread in groups of 5 over the grounds. We got room 23 so had to make a small walk to get there. The rooms are fully equiped and we were delighted to see that the floors were made of cork. Strangely enough this is rare in the country with the largest production of cork. One negative point however: the bathroom with the WC is located in the bedroom behind a wall but without separating door. Enjoy the noice and smell of the WC in your bedroom.... The room price includes a buffet breakfast to be taken in a small but beautiful restaurant space. The kitchen is separated by a large glass wall and you can see everything what is happening over there. In that same place you can take dinner. The choice is somewhat limited. The dishes are typical Portuguese and of good quality. The waitress was very friendly (and just like the reception girl fell in love with our border collie). We also loved the swimming pool. Although still a bit cold (water about 20 degrees) we couldn't resist a swim. From the swimming pool you have a gorgeous view of the Alentejo. We enjoyed our stay. Excellent hotel for a break in the quiet Alentejo.
  • Photo of bobvanloock
    2 years ago
    From April 3rd until April 8th 2016, my children have rented 4 rooms in the hotel. As it was raining on our arrival, we were very pleased that the staff had set the airco on 30°C. In fact the rooms are one-room houses, with all the comfort you need. They are very spaceful and clean. The breakfast was very tasteful, our only problem was that we were not able to taste everything that was offered. To me the hotel is more a very luxury B&B, but if necessary they serve you some food in the evening. Each morning our youngest daughter and her friend did swim in the open air pool. The only problem of Sobreiras can be that you need transportation, as it is in the middle of nowhere, but this includes that nature, with so many flowers almost walk in to the hotel !!! As our stay was a present of our 3 children, I don't know anything about the bill. Nevertheless we can only wish all the good to Sobreiras, and we will keep on recommending it to our friends !!!
  • Photo of misflopes
    2 years ago
    This is a resort, with individual cottages, in the middle of a beautiful and relaxing landscape. The architecture and design are contemporary and of interest. Each cottage has a very large room and a bathroom, as well as a nice balcony overlooking vast fields of cork oaks and olive trees. They are very nicely appointed. The furniture and decor is white-based. The public areas are nice and comfortable. The breakfast room is somewhat small and not sufficient if the resort is fully booked. The breakfast is fine, though not exceptional. The staff is kind, very welcoming and eager to please. Although in the middle of nowhere, it is just a couple of km from Grandola, a village where there are good restaurants. It is a perfect place to take a few days of rest together with a good book.
  • Photo of DavidandAndre
    2 years ago
    It's very nearby and still so far away from everything you need a break from. In the middle of nowhere, just a few miles from the main road, you get there very quickly and suddenly you're in peace and quiet heaven. The rooms are very clean and spacious, great bed and fabulous view. The public areas are nice and comfortable. The breakfast is quite good although the restaurant is not especially interesting considering the richness os Alentejo's cuisine. The staff is very welcoming and eager to please and I'm looking forward to having the chance to come back in a warmer season. This is a great new addition to Alentejo's hotels.

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