Photo of Draft Gastropub in Taguig City, , PH
Photo of Draft Gastropub in Taguig City, , PH
Photo of Draft Gastropub in Taguig City, , PH
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Draft Gastropub

American Restaurant

beer selection • family restaurant • friday night • pint

Unit C
The Fort Entertainment Center, Taguig City, PH
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  • Photo of Danny T
    a year ago
    A wide array of beer selection and quite a large outdoor area for smokers to enjoy their smoke while drinking his or her choice of beer. Plenty of parking spaces available and it's indeed a good place to hangout with friends.
  • Photo of StoneCreekHouse
    a year ago
    I am actually here right now as I write this. I am absolutely appalled at the horrendous service; the waitstaff stand around like zombies. My second pint took over 15 minutes to serve...and that's after my girlfriend and I each went to the restroom on separate occasions and as she came back and still found me without a drink she went in and complained. It's only after that when I was served by a different waiter then the original one tending our table. And the chicken pie? Their best seller? Rubber and obviously microwaved. I had a few bites and then passed. I complained but did they care? Nope. Did a manager show up? Nope. Noone cared. Terrible place when compared to Draft at Greenbelt.
  • Photo of Mitch_Malli
    a year ago
    It's been a while since I have been to Draft Fort but to my delight it has evolved nicely since my last visit. The number of beers on tap have increased tremendously and now cary my favorite Hoegaarden Rosè on tap. The food menu still has my favorites like the Draft Ribeye and they added new items like the Draft Paella which was delicious and full of fresh seafood all for a great price considering the quality. Will definitely keep coming back. Tip: - There always new drink promos like buy one take one Bacardi Cubalibre and so much more. - They do not sell local Filipino beers. - A lot of parking space available up front for easy access. - Its off the menu but ask for garlic butter with the steak....It's fantastic.
  • Photo of zandytan168
    2 years ago
    Draft is probably one of my favorite places in Manila to hangout drink beers and also have some good food. The pint size Hoegaarden or Stela Artois ice cold draft beer are my two favorite drinks here. The price is very cheap for those 2 quality draft beers. The food is ok but based on my friend's feedback who is from Canada who now works in Manila says that Draft is now his "family restaurant". Good restaurants in Manila is rare and I can say that Draft is one of the top ones in Manila, probably better than Chilis' or TGIF due to the great beer selection.
  • Photo of Bruce L
    2 years ago
    I like going here when I feel like some "comfort food". You know, they type of food that just tastes great but is probably not on any diet plan! But this is good quality - my favourites being the Clam Chowder (in a bread bowl) - cheesy and delicious, and the Chicken pie (Tiger-style whatever that is!) comes with creamy mash, mashed peas and thick gravy. All washed down with some excellent beers (330 ml or 500ml) - watch out for the Happy Hour buy 2 Becks beers get the 3rd free. Staff are friendly, efficient and don't over do it. Make sure you ask for your entree and main to come out separately with a gap in between (if that's what you want) otherwise your main will come out whilst still eating your entree! Not a biggie but felt rushed the first time it happened.
  • Photo of AshokMela
    2 years ago
    Had a chance to visit this place for a business meeting. They serve a wide range of beers. They also serve some good european food. I like the Nachos and the sausage platter that we ordered. Beers were very good as per my friends.
  • Photo of paffytripper
    2 years ago
    An ok drinking spot for a Friday night. Has a good menu of different beers along with bar snacks and a 2 for 1 happy hour on certain beers. Doesn't sell San Migual though which should be a crime in the Philippines!
  • Photo of Simon P
    2 years ago
    Great place I came here 3 times. Top beer selection but apart from the Hoegaarden the beers had a biscuit-like taste e.g Chimay, Paulaner wheat beer. Actually I've no complaints as it was a nice taste albeit unexpected given the usual tastes of these beers. BTW before 7pm the Hoegaaden you get 3 for 2 - worth having as that one is top notch!
  • Photo of aeleron_blue
    2 years ago
    Service is too slow especially if you're situated outside. Crew is too robotic and spend more time lingering around "richer -looking" guests ready to take their orders in a snap. The mac n cheese was great though.
  • Photo of lucassen
    2 years ago
    We went to Draft at the Fort for an aperitive before dinner, thinking to enjoy the outdoor veranda and having some snacks and drinks. Unfortunately our hopes did not come true. First, the place is very noisy, with loud music of arguable choice. Second, it does not look very clean and indeed it is not. We sit at a table that was allegedly ready for us, but was not cleaned at. When we asked one of the staff to clean it, he passed a dirty and very wet cloth on the table and that was all. Even more dirty than before. After having cleaned the table with our own tissues, we asked for the menu (indeed the guys had no clue that normally when a costumer arrives he/she needs the menu....) and finally we got one (1 only) piece of paper, dropped on the table. Despite it's a pub and despite its name, half of the beers shown on the menu were not available. Eventually I ordered a Paulaner draft (it was ok) and my wife a Virgin Mojito, plus some finger food. Again, our order was dumped with no grace on our table. The croquettes were passable, although full of oil. Already disappointed, we just finished our drinks and asked for the bill, which (unfortunately) I paid without checking it. In fact, there was a new bad surprise: instead of the Virgin Mojito, we were charged for a alcoholic Mojito (double the price). I drew the attention of one of the guys asking to rectify the mistake. He came back with the guy who took our order. This person had the gut to say that we ordered a "normal Mojito with no alcohol" (which was not true, but even though, then this is exactly a Virgin Mojito). Eventually he unpleasantly and very unpolitely stated that this was the bill and no refund could have been made. To avoid spoiling my temper, I gave up of the 100 pesos, sent to hell the guy and went for dinner in a better place. Never more Draft.
  • Photo of Spinner_Muyan
    2 years ago
    Service was slow. Takes awhile to get the waiter's attention. They seem to be blind ! Great food specially the drunken mussels and of course great beer!
  • Photo of Kate O
    2 years ago
    I decided to surprise my beau here at Draft since based from the reviews this pub has a great selection of beers. While we are here he expressed his happiness because of this dining experience and could have swear to go back soon. The location for me is cozy with good music and food. The staff is friendly and attentive as well.
  • Photo of Scott M
    3 years ago
    We had lunch here, was a late lunch so not busy, food arrived in a reasonable time, all quite delicious. While they didn't have my favorite on tap (Chimay), they did have my #2 (Leffe), quite a nice selection of bottles and cans too. Menu is extensive, possibly something they will need to pare down in the future as given the size of the place, the menu seems big, which will end up to the inevitable 'not available' problem that abounds restaurants in the area, great Cuban sandwich ! Def worth another visit.
  • Photo of Scott T
    3 years ago
    Consistently good quality food, friendly staff, to some people it's above average prices are offset by the great Belgium and German beers that are on tap, (in my opinion at least) chilled to perfection and great tasting, they have Becks. I acknowledge they seem to have periods when they are out of stock, I attribute this to poor logistics and ordering. Tonight I ordered a Half Pound Cheese Burger with a dash of spice (picture below), good portion size, great taste @$7.86 personally I don't consider that expensive for Gastropub food, some might. I frequently bring my family as it's a clean, safe enjoyable experience, Draft is family friendly but it gets packed out on the weekends. All said and dobe tonight 2 beers and a burger came to $21.00
  • Photo of P D
    3 years ago
    As other posters have noted, their extensive beer menu is, at best, aspirational. Pick a few you'd be happy with and hopefully they'll have one of them! Otherwise, a decent bar and the ladies' room was cleaner than expected.
  • Photo of Martin D
    3 years ago
    I have to give it a 2 to send a message. This place could be great but some things need to improve. Recommendations to owner at the bottom. --- Nice décor and atmosphere, good service and great concept (European gastropub). Unfortunately poor training and poor execution probably cost this place tens of thousands of pesos a month. It is frustrating to see so much potential and to see the delivery fall short of reasonable expectation. Pros Nice place with modern design, clean bathrooms, black boards for the menu, good music, TVs and a terrace. Good menu for a gastropub with something for everyone, from pub good to more sophisticated dishes. Excellent selection of European beers, including Trappist and Abbey beers from belgium. Good cocktails list too. They even have a selection of drinks using Ungava Gin!! Cons The food was very average. I had the Bleu Burger, a recommendation of the chef as per the menu. The hun was cold and the meat was warm at best. The blue cheese was a suspicious creamy substance that looked more like fake Blue cheese. Think Blue-Flavored Boursin. It didn't have the taste or texture of any type of blue cheese I've seen before. Weird. The fries were crispy but tasted like they had been cooked in old oil used on onion rings or calamari. The fries simply had an added taste. It took the while to get a beer. I first ordered a Delirium Tremendous on tap, only to have the waiter come back to say they are out. You'd think the bartender would communicate this to his waiters as soon as they are out so they don't lose face. I settled then for a Leffe Brune which was a painful pouring scene to watch. The bartender tried to poured in 6-7 attempts removing the 80% foam as he went along. I called the waiter and told him that rather than try to take 10 min to pour a beer on foam flattening, that perhaps they should change the keg. It's about selling a good product and nor scrapping the bottom of the barrel. They changed the keg but again a painful scene to watch. Recommendations for the Owner: - invest in training of your bartenders. Proper pouring technique will save you tons of money monthly. For each Paulaner, Hoegaarden, Leffe and Chimay poured, I saw the bartenders over pour about 1-1.5 beer more than what the glass can contain in order to get rid of the foam. For a Chimay at P280, you likely lose P300 per beer poured because of waste. Also for hygienic reasons, I am not sure they should stick the spouts in the beer the way they are doing. Also, if you want to be a true European gastropub, your bartenders should respect the brewers' pouring techniques. If you take pride is selling Stella, pour it right and use the knife for the foam. It is part of the branding and ritual and it would be expected of one who calls itself a European bar. I would be curious to see them serve a Guinness now. Other recommendation to sell more cocktails is to actually list the ingredients next to the names of the drinks (eg. Apple and Eve, Moscow Mule). People don't consider ordering what they can't tell what it will taste like. A simple menu adjustment that should help boost the sales while removing the dependency on your waiters to promote and sell the drinks. It is too late in the game to try to sell a cocktail to a customer once he has called you at the table to order. Better bar staff training, better kitchen execution and menu adjustment will make this place great. You have all the potential for greatness and to have full tables all night.
  • Photo of PogiXL
    3 years ago
    Pros - good selection of beers - decent food Cons - awful staff. You have to chase them just to order a drink then it takes ages for them to actually bring it to you. - expensive. Expect to pay top prices, you would think you were in a major western city.
  • Photo of kangelini
    3 years ago
    Came here for drinks and dinner with a group of friends. Very fun place to enjoy beers and some bar food. Beer selection range from German Bavarian (various Paulaner options), Belgian Trappist,.. Food options are along the lines of German style pork dishes, some friend chicken, buffalo wings,... Good for a group of friends to come and enjoy
  • Photo of David C
    3 years ago
    This place is over priced. The service is horrible, you shouldnt be chasing servers down to get a drink. Even when you manage to get their attention it takes forever to get your drink. I am not talking about when it is crowded either. They are ALWAYS out of MOST selections. Why not print a daily or weekly menu on regular paper? Its not that hard! Food is not very good either. What is that nasty white stuff they put on the nachos?
  • Photo of Mike W
    3 years ago
    Nice food with a great beer selection, pleasant atmosphere. Good location with easy access from the Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

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