Photo of Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, No, NL
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Van Gogh Museum

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Van Gogh Museum84.5
his life • starry night • his brother • self portraits

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  • Photo of Ksenia Lysenko
    15 days ago
  • Photo of Linus Abrahamsson
    9 months ago
  • Photo of Alley Foster
    a year ago
  • Photo of Ines Sax
    a year ago
    Van Gogh
  • Photo of Stefan Irimiciuc
    To see
  • Photo of Sorina Dadim
    a year ago
  • Photo of Nomadic Matt
    a year ago
     This museum displays hundreds of Van Gogh paintings, including the famous Sunflowers and works by other Impressionists. I’m a huge fan of this style of painting, so I love this museum. Go in the afternoon to avoid the lines. Opening hours: Sa–Th (9am–5pm), F (9am–10pm). Price: €15, students 18 and under are free. 
  • Photo of Kien Pang
    2 years ago
    Immerse yourself in the world's largest collection of works by the brilliant Dutch painter.
  • Photo of MaitrayeeShah
    18 days ago
    Such a gem especially since it exhibits most of the famous and know paintings of the great painter. We traveled close to this museum by a city bus and got dropped by the Rijksmuseum. And walked for about 10 minutes to reach here. Probably it was a weekend and the rush to and around the musuem was immensely less. Please buy an IAMSTERDAM card which includes entry to this museum too.
  • Photo of Stack123
    18 days ago
    The audio tour is wonderful and pulls it all together. A good learning experience. Well thought our museum
  • Photo of Mark J
    18 days ago
    Although most of Van Gogh's best work was done in France, and much of his work is on display in Paris, this museum is worth the visit. Well done, first class and a pleasant visit. I recommend getting tickets online in advance and arriving when they open in order to avoid a long line and waiting. The location is great, near the Concertgabow and directly behind the Rijks Museum. About photography, a bit confusing. If there are any signs stating that photography is prohibited I missed them, but after taking some photos I was told by a staffer that this was a no no. So I left a bit unsure about this rule.
  • Photo of EricNol
    18 days ago
    Must see. Even better then we imagined! Pre book your tickets to avoid the huge line. You wont regret a vist
  • Photo of ashwani_nair
    18 days ago
    Van Gogh is amazing.... very inspiring and Kid's loved it, with the Interactive Kid's audio guide. The problem I had was queues, 4 queues, 1 - to get the ticket (took me about 1 hr to get to the counter), 2 - After getting the ticket - another one to get into the museum - that takes some 15 mins 3 - For the locker room (its manually managed, and queues move around all the places) 4 - After you finish, again queue up to get your stuffs out. Add to that, arrogant staff - I was ok, but I felt bad for others who were treated badly (maybe because of security events). So, - Buy your ticket online - cut short that 45 - 60 mins on the first queue - iAmsterdam Card - does not help much... - If possible dont carry your bags, so that you dont have access lockers. - Pictures are not allowed (rightly so... I guess)
  • Photo of David T
    18 days ago
    It's busy, very busy, so book your slot ahead. But beautifully shown works in a building of great design. Free cloakroom. One not to miss.
  • Photo of kpmum
    18 days ago
    This was one of the major reasons for my visit to Amsterdam, and I wasn't disappointed. The exhibits were stunning and I learned such a lot about the man himself. The only thing that would have made it better for me would be if 'Starry Night' was on display.
  • Photo of hewbertus
    18 days ago
    I may have seen some of the art through the crowds, but I cannot be so sure. What I did see was spectacular, the building is well laid out, although the stairway seems narrow for the crowds. Either go as early as you can, or find a museum (e.g. Frans Hals in Haarlem) that is less crowded. Of course if only Van Gogh will do...
  • Photo of Mimi M
    18 days ago
    The museum is very well organised. You get all the ideas you need to understand Van Gogh as a person and as an art. I suggest audio guide. I loved this musem very much. To skip the line, get the tickets online on their site, it is the most convinient price.
  • Photo of babwara78
    18 days ago
    Yes it is expensive 24 euro with the multimedia guide, but it is so worth it! I was here 17 years ago but I was still overwhelmed by the beauty of this artist, simply breathtaking just go there!
  • Photo of Bellewj
    18 days ago
    We were so disappointed this morning, having queued for 1.5 hours from 9:30am we got to the top of the queue and remained there for another hour. A host eventually came over and said she couldn't say when we would get in that it could be another 2 hours. She said that Additional on line tickets were made available but we had the IAM card and had free entry with it, or so we thought. The museum and IAM need to get their act together. Either allow direct entry with the card or remove it from the scheme. Apparently up until 2 weeks ago you could get direct entry with the card. We ended up leaving at that stage and went to the Stedelijk Museum, got straight in and had a lovely time. I don't really mind queuing, once it is fair to all but the museum treated us so disgracefully this morning, it really put a dampener on our visit. I cannot see us returning to Amsterdam. So just be warned, if you wish to visit the Van Gogh you need an online ticket.
  • Photo of Desbon
    18 days ago
    Seeing the masterpieces painted by Vincent Van Gogh actually hanging before one's eyes, is an extraordinary feeling, not to be missed if you love art.
  • Photo of Shaz720
    18 days ago
    Interesting to learn about the life of the famous painter and to see his most famous paintings. Didn't get the audio as we were just happy to move at our own pace and everything was well explained in words printed on the walls. Shop great! Book in advance to avoid queue.
  • Photo of Jo D
    18 days ago
    The extensive collection of Vincent Van Gogh paintings and historical documents from his life were outstanding. The museum contains some paintings from his contemporaries but the real treasure for me was all the personal correspondence they have preserved and made available in translations.
  • Photo of Tony R
    18 days ago
    Well layed out modern museum. A must if you're in Amsterdam but Musée d'Orsay in Paris has more famous works.
  • Photo of pauljackson71
    18 days ago
    We visited after booking the evening before online and weren't disappointed. Been the day before to stand in line and buy tickets for the day but would have been waiting hours to get in. Online was quick and easy and all these types of places accept smart phone online tickets so no worry if you don't have access to a printer. Stunning paintings by a genius of a man. So unfortunate he only became a name after his death. Cheap and a great way to while away the afternoon. ## personal tip - if you are prepared to spend time reading the signs at the side of the paintings you really don't need to buy the audio guides. ##
  • Photo of mngasem
    18 days ago
    i am not that interested in art so i did not understand the paintings but its good place to look around
  • Photo of Robert Alexande... T
    This is a must see but be forewarned it's a very busy place. If you want to go slow and study the paintings forget it, far too many people, still despite the crowds you can still savor the genius that was Van Gogh! I strongly recommend that you do the audio tour, I didn't and deeply regret it. I also made this the first attraction of the vacation, plan this carefully and push through the crowds, but be prepared for others to cut in front.
  • Photo of Jibrail H
    18 days ago
    Very good new-feel gallery, VanGs displayed on 3 floors. Other artists of the time displayed for context which was interesting. Predictably crowded, would recommend visit as early as you can in morning.
  • Photo of Charles F
    18 days ago
    This smallish museum presents the artist's life and work more of less in chronological sequence, which I found interesting as the development of his style and the influences on his work were clear. There were quite a few biographical details about the artist and his family that I did not know before visiting the museum. Be aware that this is a very popular museum and it would pay to visit early in the day on a weekday if possible. There are nice gift shops if you are into that sort of thing.

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