Photo of Station Amsterdam Centraal in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Station Amsterdam Centraal in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Station Amsterdam Centraal in Amsterdam, No, NL
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Station Amsterdam Centraal

Train Station

Station Amsterdam Centraal44.5
beautiful building • busy station • beautiful station • lots of shops

Stationsplein 15
Amsterdam 1012 AB, NL
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  • Photo of no name
    6 months ago
    (1) Amsterdam, Centraal Station Linie 4 (Staion RAI) Gleis A3 30 mins =>Amsterdam, Dintelstraat
  • Photo of Maynard Todd
    7 months ago
  • Photo of Vinyla Young
    a year ago
  • Photo of Kien Pang
    2 years ago
    Built on artificial islands in the 'IJ, this enormous structure creates a grand entrance to the city. Take a closer look at the details on the facade.
  • Photo of kattullus
    a month ago
    Palace like building. Easy to find your way about. Trains were on time. Clean and efficient. What more to expect?
  • Photo of dhontour2016
    a month ago
    How good is this place, Catapulted onto the platform from the Arrivals Hall & easily found our destination, requested tickets ,paid & off we went to get our train. The punctuality,choice of trains & clarity of timetable terminals was fantastic. If we could only use double decker trains, journeys, particularly into our major cities would be a whole load more acceptable. A great all round service.
  • Photo of Remipatrick
    a month ago
    The train station is very beautiful and very well organized. From here you can go to quite a few other places around Europe within a few hours.
  • Photo of Madeleine H
    a month ago
    Beautiful old building but modern and well organised inside. easy to get in, out and through. quite the center of Amsterdam. Very busy place. With i amsterdam offices nearby, trams, buses, taxis and bikes everywhere! Worth a visit.
  • Photo of youke_worldwide
    a month ago
    The most famous landmark in Amsterdam. Easy to get to as from the airport it’s a direct train here. Loads of hotels within walking distance. It’s nice to be in a functional old building
  • Photo of Puppet_mongoose
    a month ago
    Centraal station is a big impressive building, that most people will visit when in Amsterdam (the airport trains go from here). The building is mainly a busy station.
  • Photo of LeslieMa
    a month ago
    You arrive in Centraal Station if you come from the airport by train (which I recommend!) You can store your luggage for the day and hop a train to anywhere you want to go. You can also buy multi day tram/subway tickets, which is a good way to go if you are going to be exploring.
  • Photo of badanalexandruiulian
    Central station is a very old and beautiful building. When you will arrive there will be amazed and surprised of the building.
  • Photo of frequentraveler13
    The outside of this building is historic while the inside is modern and functional. About 15 tracks- good signage, and short lines for either ticketing or information.
  • Photo of Caroline C
    a month ago
    Although congested, this station provides old world architecture, with new world amenities. Sadly, with limited signage in English, it did take some negotiating to maneuver throughout the station
  • Photo of vshmnn9
    a month ago
    All round connections and easy options make this hub a great experience for visitors. Most of the major landmarks are within walking distance of the station. Lot's of options for food, drink and shopping as well...
  • Photo of Karl_W1995
    a month ago
    Easy to navigate even tho very busy, lots of shops and places to eat, used self service and was easy enough to use
  • Photo of Rononlyron
    a month ago
    Lots to see inside the station and beyond and the station building is a structure that does look really well suited to the position it holds. Lovely views from the back of the station across the water and got some good photos . Lots of activity around the station and great for getting on the Trams to view all around Amsterdam which is quite easy and reasonably priced. How anyone ever finds their bike from the station is a miracle as there must be thousands of them .
  • Photo of doppierunner
    a month ago
    We found it easy to get tickets and onto the correct platform because there are enough signs and voice commentary informing you of changes. Easy to get to the station via metro.
  • Photo of betsey_MIA
    a month ago
    VERY easy to follow if one has common sense. :-) great signage great staff to assist us with our silly questions and all day transit card was great too. Clean station compared to the subway in America. Would definitely use again.
  • Photo of JasCumbria
    a month ago
    We didnt have any problems trains to the airport regular and on time, note there are some 15 platforms and each platform operates to a small number of destinations.
  • Photo of SSusio
    a month ago
    We arrived at Centraal Station by train from Rotterdam on our first visit to Amsterdam. It was easy to get around despite being busy with lots of people and activity. The signage directed us easily to where we wanted to go, i.e. the taxi rank. There we immediately were able to get a taxi to take us across town to our hotel. The train station seemed to offer lots of services and of course was central to all modes of transportation. There were no apparent problems with cleanliness or safety, or traffic issues exiting the station. It is a beautiful large building which we saw again several times on our outings - always impressive. Outside are the most bike racks I have ever seen!
  • Photo of Jennifer P
    a month ago
    Huge station and can easily accommodate all the people travelling through it. We used it to travel from and to the air port. Trains every 5 minutes or so and not a very long journey. Would recommend getting a travel pass for all travel. We got 1 for use on train, tram, buses and some ferries. Cost us €26 for the whole weekend.
  • Photo of Tisha C
    a month ago
    I loved the activities and the places to see the galleries and ALL OF THOSE BIKES....but it has so much to see and do I was glad to be in the area to get a feel of it
  • Photo of yyzdxb
    a month ago
    I like the structure of the station and a variety of stores and restaurants staggered around the station. The coffee shops and restaurants weren't cheap but the offerings of some of them were good. The station has couple of outlets , the first is for the transport system local city trams and buses, and trains in the city and to other European cities. The staff there were friendly and gone out of their way to provide info. The second store is I Amsterdam store, which had a lot and lot of Dutch souvenirs. It was a nice couple of hours stops before heading to our hotel on our last night in Amsterdam

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