Photo of Leiden Square (Leidseplein) in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Leiden Square (Leidseplein) in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Leiden Square (Leidseplein) in Amsterdam, , NL
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Leiden Square (Leidseplein)

Monument / Landmark

Leiden Square (Leidseplein)34
coffee shops • american hotel • apple store • busy square

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Leiden Square (Leidseplein) has 23 Tips

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  • Photo of Ksenia Lysenko
    4 months ago
  • Photo of Mariana Dantas
    a year ago
    Praça rodeado de bares e restaurantes
  • Photo of Sandra Duifhuizen
    Famous square in Amsterdam. Huge terraces, so it s nice to people watch here in the summer time with wine or beer in hand
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  • Photo of Lorraine D
    5 months ago
    Visiting my daughter who is at Amsterdam University. My friend and I went for a stroll to The Leidseplein. Got a seat under the busy bar area, given a blanket to keep us warm and had the best gin and tonic ever. Great place to watch the world go by even in bad weather.
  • Photo of P1CKY34T3R
    5 months ago
    We have enjoyed this familiar and friendly pub for 3 stays in Amsterdam now and it never loses its simple charm. Set in the heart of Amsterdam, the loud, annoying tourist traps and you feel quite content. There's always a football match on and there's always a friendly bar man/woman ready to give recommendations. Try the Murphy Irish Red, it's delicious.
  • Photo of Jamie P
    5 months ago
    We stayed at the Hampshire Hotel Theatre District which is situated just over the road from here. It has all the night life here with lots of mini strips for mid range dining, hospitality and professionalism isn't high here but nonetheless it does the job.
  • Photo of crum1775
    5 months ago
    It never appeared to be a safe place to be. Dark and noisy...treacherous street crossings...the cyclists will try to run you over, if they don't succeed, there is always the trams
  • Photo of Heather H
    5 months ago
    Good street cafes and restaurants everywhere so plenty to choose from . Busy little square - great to sit and watch the world go by.
  • Photo of Louise D
    5 months ago
    Seriously my favourite part of Amsterdam. Everything is so busy but so beautiful. I enjoyed the busy streets and sitting outside people watching. There are a fair few amazing coffee shops in this area too which was great. My hotel was only a 10 min walk away but it only felt like 2. A lot of food places to visit, but not really a shopping place.
  • Photo of Mark C
    5 months ago
    If travelling via tram worthwhile getting off & having a wander around. Plenty of bars & restaurants covering all price ranges.
  • Photo of Marius L
    5 months ago
    We stoped at Leidseplein after we visited the Rijksmuseum just around the corner. This where you drink coffee or beer and take in the rhythm of Amsterdam. Bulldogs on the plein is the perfect place if you want to try a true Amsterdam tradition, smoking some "parrot salad". They also have very nice tasting chocolate space cakes.
  • Photo of jillianlynch2013
    5 months ago
    Excellent bars and restuarants Especially Mayas Steakhouse. Leidse Square is always different it will be depend on what time of year you visit. In winter months it has an Ice Rink there.
  • Photo of Tikitoura
    5 months ago
    A lovely square with everything on offer and perfect to lead on to the shopping streets. Always plenty of things going on to entertain
  • Photo of WimVriend
    6 months ago
    Leiden Square mainly houses bars and restaurant of partially mediocre repute. Interesting for youngsters, including a sometimes grimm atmosphere and the types of restaurants that deliver poor quality for the buck. Reason to visit? the Apple Store, Paradiso (pop music live performances), Hotel Americain, near the Rijksmuseum, .
  • Photo of Danners74
    6 months ago
    Very touristy but has a great vibe. This place comes to life at night 🌟Watch out for pick pockets though or distraction style pick pocketing.
  • Photo of mikhilrs
    6 months ago
    Really pretty place to walk along or cycle across! Rent a bike and cycle across here- you will enjoy it!
  • Photo of BornAmsterdamNative
    One of the 4 social squares in Amsterdam. Leidseplein has about 50 venues to drink and eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea and endless alcohol. Great area to spend an afternoon or an evening. Just relax and go with the flow.
  • Photo of Joany46
    6 months ago
    The whole area in very busy and vibrant. If you cant find a restaurtant to suit you, you will nevefr find anywhere. There are restaurants of every type round here. Excellent.
  • Photo of siddhant k
    6 months ago
    If you want to see and be part of the Amsterdam Night Life, this is the place to be, lots of cafes, shops, bars and disco pubs around the area open full night with loud music inside is a great fun to be part of. Really amazing experience to be lived and remembered.
  • Photo of Alyx D
    6 months ago
    Lovely area of Amsterdam, buzzing, vibrant, with plenty to do, just outside Centraal, but with not quite the madness, loads of nice restaurants on the side streets.
  • Photo of sanmiguelman
    6 months ago
    this is were our hotel was located......this is a busy pace with squares and streets all bustling with activity..........plenty of bars and eating places............and very safe too........
  • Photo of joolscoops
    6 months ago
    Enjoyable on a Sunday morning. Had a great morning doing coffee and enjoying Dutch life! Fab experience.
  • Photo of Antoine Antoś C
    6 months ago
    Nice area to visit. Wen't here for 3 evenings during my stay. There was a great relaxing cafe I went to with my mates but it's since closed down, such a pity,

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