Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
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I Amsterdam

Monument / Landmark

I Amsterdam44
iconic photo • decent picture • photo opportunity • iconic sign

19, Amsterdam 1071 XZ, NL
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  • Photo of Emma Daubenmerkl
    9 months ago
    Get there early to avoid crowds
  • Photo of Daniel Lage
    a year ago
  • Photo of Harjas Batra
    a year ago
  • Photo of Sunchhay Thlang
    a year ago
  • Photo of Rodrigo B
    6 months ago
    While I was traveling in Europe for the Map Your World Week #LocalGuides for Google, I enjoyed this place as nowhere! However super super crowded. TRAVEL TIP: Walk a little bit more and enjoy the freedom of lack of people taking pictures...
  • Photo of PizzaLover130295
    6 months ago
    Great place to go just because it is iconic. However it's far too busy to get a picture, people just sit there for a long time instead of allowing others to get a photo. It's ok, just crowded.
  • Photo of tarigax
    6 months ago
    you will want to take a picture, but there is just too many people. Tip: go to the back of the sign, take a picture, turn it around later in your computer. It´s empty behind the sign
  • Photo of Aimée N
    6 months ago
    Visited this iconic monument while touring the museums in the surrounding area. It was nice to see and to say I was there, but it was near impossible to get a nice photo op of it due to the mass crowds. If you really want the iconic photo with it, then I'd advise you to go early in the morning or during bad weather. Would count this location as a must see but wouldn't be devastated if I didn't get around to visiting it.
  • Photo of Lilu B
    6 months ago
    It a major landmark of Amsterdam, near Rijsk Museum. Yes, is full of tourists, but the happy ones ! It's worth visiting, even if you will not be alone in the photos, you will be among people from all over the world !
  • Photo of Dan M
    6 months ago
    Another must visit if you're in Amsterdam and very crowded. You won't be able to get that clear photo unless you go early!
  • Photo of Nuwan Kantha L
    6 months ago
    Feels like a life time achievement, though it's just a selfie. Almost everyone does this who comes to Amsterdam. Historic city and it's very own free culture has earned this recognition.
  • Photo of Lara A
    7 months ago
    The infamous "I Amsterdam" sign is not a must-see in a city full of incredibly beautiful canals to stroll along & many museums full of works of classical & modern art to visit. However, it does make for a fun & quick pit-stop if you happen to be in the area. Good luck trying to get a pic with only you &/or your family/friends in the photo because the square is always busy. You'll feel like the ultimate tourist but you'll have a silly photo to add to your album.
  • Photo of HunainAbbas
    7 months ago
    Amsterdam was so clean and people were very friendly. Lots of local food stored to try out along with multicultural places. I went with my 8 month old and even though it was cold and rainy we managed to get some good pictures with the I Amsterdam sign and also the shopping centre was very close so we did some shopping as well. Everything was all in one place so we didn't need a car we just walked.
  • Photo of Jamey C
    7 months ago
    This was okay. I know it's a must see and must take photo, but it's in a very small square and not much room. Definitely disappointed. We even are here off season at an off time.
  • Photo of Tim G
    7 months ago
    Fun place to visit with the kids. Good for climbing and getting pictures. Also next to a cafe and play park which is good. Right next to museums so lots to do nearby.
  • Photo of kyle j
    7 months ago
    It's almost the perfect Instagram shot that everyone should take, the only drawback is the large crowds. We went late morning on a Friday and it was jam packed - we ended up fitting only about two letters into our picture. Amsterdam is a sleepy city, get to the sign early (places open around there mostly at 10am, some at 9) if you're looking for that perfect picture, then wander about to the nearby museums or canal cruises.
  • Photo of Jellybellydancer
    7 months ago
    Yes, it's crowded, touristy and predictable, but it's also fun, funky and a fantastic photo opportunity, as long as you don't mind every other tourist in Amsterdam photobombing your shot!
  • Photo of k5ama
    7 months ago
    Go as early as you can unless you want 30 more people with you in that selfie you're s so eager to take.
  • Photo of Bezmir B
    7 months ago
    Good for a quick selfie with the stunning backdrop of the Rijksmuseum. Expect to find hundreds of tourists with the same idea!
  • Photo of Michaelafirth
    7 months ago
    Really cool place, lots going on in the surrounding area; buskers playing lovely music, giant bubbles, the ice rink and other nice things to see. I visited on a Saturday afternoon so the sign was very busy. Probably better to go mid week or early morning.
  • Photo of Lucy B
    7 months ago
    This place was super busy when I went for a weekend, I went on the Friday and apparently the rest of Amsterdam decided to visit too! It was so so busy but it was really enjoyable to watch everyone look so happy and have fun climbing all over the sign, and taking lots of pictures of friends and pictures for strangers. It's nice to see everyone can get along. Although there are so many people I would still say it's worth a visit, maybe mid-week would be quieter but it's still nice to see with other people there, just not great if you're set of getting a picture as you won't be able to see much in the photo!
  • Photo of 268yusufn
    7 months ago
    The city is also beatiful and amazing place to be here. Me and my friends had Great time and Clicked amazing Image. Everyone one enjoying themselves at #iloveAmsterdam. It really getting Cold in the evening . Had amazing Experience .
  • Photo of Sofi S
    7 months ago
    We went first thing on a Monday morning (about 9-10am) on our last day in Amsterdam - it was spitting with rain, but the sign was completely empty and it was a good time to get a photo compared to when we walked past it on a Friday afternoon and it was heaving! Would recommend if you want the standard "look, we went to Amsterdam" photo that you go first thing!
  • Photo of SWH100
    7 months ago
    Quite a cool thing for tourists to visit in European cities. Nice to get a picture, but it was very very busy. I would not recommend visiting this area just for this, but its cool to see if you are walking past.

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