Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of I Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
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I Amsterdam

Monument / Landmark

I Amsterdam44
iconic photo • decent picture • photo opportunity • iconic sign

19, Amsterdam 1071 XZ, NL
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  • Photo of Emma Daubenmerkl
    Get there early to avoid crowds
  • Photo of Daniel Lage
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Harjas Batra
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Sunchhay Thlang
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Mark C
    5 months ago
    Very busy tourist attraction so very hard to get a good photo! Luckily a rain shower cleared a good few people away and was able to get a better photo!
  • Photo of Sally N
    5 months ago
    We walked by this landmark every day at various time (including midnight) and there was always someone sitting/climbing/standing under or on it. There is a really lovely ambience around this feature though and everyone is very relaxed.
  • Photo of Tofurry
    5 months ago
    This is in front of Rijksmuseum in the Museum Quarter. We came here before lining up for tickets for the Van Gogh museum at around 8:15am. There were only a few other people there so we were able to get pictures without anyone else in them. When we went by again on our way to Rijksmuseum later that morning, there were a lot more people taking pictures.
  • Photo of Alae H
    5 months ago
    With so many people taking their photos around it you can hardly see the sign and at the end of the day its' still a sign that serves as nothing but a proof that you visited amsterdam if you ever doubted that, enjoy the park and fountain instead
  • Photo of Manu_Anthikkatt
    5 months ago
    This sign is in the heart of the museum quarter where the historic museums are located.Taking a photo at this place will be a dream for all those visit Amsterdam.If you go there early in the morning you would be able to get some nice photos other times it will be crowded .
  • Photo of Graceblood
    5 months ago
    My friend and I visited this "monument" twice during our 1 night stay. The first visit, which was in the morning, around 10 am, was very crowded. There is no way anyone can take a good pic in that situation. Fortunately, on the next day, we were able to visit the place before our early departure. Voila! There were less than 5 people there, and we could take our amazing pictures without anyone else getting in the picture. I wish you all good luck!
  • Photo of Rok_Poropat
    5 months ago
    Amsterdam is a kind of city that encompasses all the best of Europe and EEC. It is super relaxed, people are kind and even though they come to party there are no problems. So far one of the best cities I have visited.
  • Photo of Erin S
    6 months ago
    Everyone wants a picture of I AMsterdan. It has the beautiful Rijksmuseum in the background. It is quite the photo memento. When we were there, the landmark was swarmed by tons of teens. It was even hard getting a picture along the reflecting pool with the landmark in the background. Be prepared - you may just have to get a picture with a hundred other people.
  • Photo of Gaurav M
    6 months ago
    It is not really a best place to visit because of the crowd. It might be good to click picture in front of the famous I AMSTERDAM blocks but if its crowded, you can't click what you want.
  • Photo of Beachjax
    6 months ago
    Very crowded and was impossible to get a good picture of the entire sign. Was my least favorite thing in Amsterdam. The Museum behind it is beautiful making it worth the walk.
  • Photo of leanne536
    6 months ago
    Think it's one of those places you've got to visit to get one or two pictures. People complaining about it being crowded... what are you going to expect?? If you have a little patience you'll get your turn and get your pic. Let's face it, you're unlikely to get no one there and the whole thing to yourself. If anything, it's quite a fun place to people watch and check out other people making some dodgy and risky moves on the letters, or some amusing poses. I'd go again, crowds and all.
  • Photo of ahoyne9
    6 months ago
    For those of you complaining go to a smoke shop, grab some cannabis and then I think you'll enjoy the sign. You've seen it in Movies, On TV, and in Friends Photos, so might as well do whatever else does and take 5 minutes out of your day to stop. I went at 22:00 on Thursday night and got a photo with no one in it. I went back the next day to get one during the day and I didn't stand a chance. As you've read in reviews everyone wants to stand on it or in front of it and unless you want to tag 100+ people in the photo just go at night. It's right off one of the trams, hop back on and head straight to the red light district.
  • Photo of Brigitterowe
    6 months ago
    Well what a busy location, we visited this sight at 11am on Sunday morning so it was crazy. However, we did stumble across it at 12am Saturday night and still pretty busy! In order for us to get a quick photo without waiting we decided to take a photo from behind the sign. All 7 of us got in the photo and it was taken within seconds without anyone else insight. The photo was backwards but when we arrived home the photo was flipped and you wouldn't even know any different. If you want a tourist photo then this is a must see and when the weather is good there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the surroundings :)
  • Photo of Tara P
    6 months ago
    WE tried going at different times. Usually always crowded but even when it wasn't, it isn't really much to look at. Not that interesting wouldn't feel the need to do it.
  • Photo of James P
    6 months ago
    Not worth trying to take a photo here - you can hardly see the sign behind the dozens of people all trying to get a decent photo.
  • Photo of ZenHealer7
    6 months ago
    This is as touristy and iconic as it gets. After I Love NY, this has become a craze in almost every city around the world. It is impossible to click a proper picture with the hordes of tourists hanging round.
  • Photo of Emily Y
    6 months ago
    Very crowded even by 10am in the morning. Can't get a good photo with so many people in it. Don't expect to much!
  • Photo of BigHugh51
    6 months ago
    We were in the area visiting various attraction during our second stay in Amsterdam and so we decided to take another look at the giant "I Amsterdam" sign. Our hope was that we would be able to take some photos unimpeded by crowds of people draping themselves over the huge sign. Unfortunately we did not choose our time very well. It was early on a Saturday afternoon when we arrived at the sign which is located just behind the Rijksmuseum. The area was even more crowded than it was during our first visit two years previously. It was just impossible to take photos of each other by the sign without having a whole lot of "randoms" appearing in it. Do not expect anyone to stand aside so that you can take a clear shot, it just will not happen! In any case, it was all good fun and great to see people enjoying themselves. However, I certainly wouldn't put a visit to the sign on the "must do" list in Amsterdam. There are lots of better things to see and do.
  • Photo of AdrianWhitehead
    6 months ago
    Yes you couldn't ask for a better place to tell the world your in Amsterdam but it's packed - always busy as you would expect so go early ahead of the crowds or have a picture with lots of people in it lol.
  • Photo of Andreas K
    6 months ago
    Classic letters just like in many other cities nowadays. It's fairly impossible to take a picture without having a bunch of people in it. It's located right in front of the Rijks museum so the location itself is nice with the big park next to it.

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