Photo of Concerto Records in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Concerto Records in Amsterdam, No, NL
Photo of Concerto Records in Amsterdam, No, NL
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Concerto Records

Record Shop

second hand • music shop • record store • great shop

Utrechtsestraat 52-60
Amsterdam 1017 VP, NL
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  • Photo of sterimar
    4 months ago
    they are holding the widest vinyl collection I have ever seen. But still it is possible not find what you are looking for (like me). The vinyls are a litte bit over priced by the way, you can find same vinyls cheaper on the other record shops.
  • Photo of cameranny44
    6 months ago
    Best Record Store in Amsterdam. One of the best in the world. Loads of Vinyl. Old and New. And CD's if you like. Awsome staff tot advise you. A stage for instore gigs and a nice coffee corner. Saw Daniel Romano, Allah Las, Lisa Hannigan, Robert Ellis and many others. A nice break from your work or your tiring tourist things.
  • Photo of foodaddicted74
    10 months ago
    This is a paradise for music fanatics .…..a music store almost covering one entire block…This a journey through music and what is nice there is also a café and a stage for concert . While you are enjoy drinking a coffee and eating a good piece of cake, you could be lucky to listen a concert in a very cozy place.
  • Photo of Andrea L
    a year ago
    Great music shop! You can find everything you want in music! Also loads of music books and a great cafe'. If you are lucky you can catch a gig😀 Must if you are a music lover! Andy
  • Photo of Lewis S
    a year ago
    Easily the best record store I found in Amsterdam. Great selection spread across most genre's of music! Worth a stop off for any vinyl collector.
  • Photo of Barry M
    2 years ago
    What a great shop this is. We discovered it by accident one time and we've been back several times since. A word of warning: allow yourself plenty of time if you do visit. There is a lot to see/listen to. It's a big place. If you walk in through one of their doors and then make your way through the shop on the inside, it'll take you quite a while to get to the other side. When inside, you can go up or down. There's records everywhere. Vinyl wasn't as in vogue as it is now the first time we visited (several years ago) but even back then, they had a decent collection. Now it's more vinyl than CD. They obviously know the value of what they have, so there are no real bargains to be had. Having said that, they do have a second-hand section and that's worth browsing through. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. They don't grumble or make you feel like you're a bother if you ask them to put on several records. I guess they know they'll win in the long run. The house always wins, right! :-)
  • Photo of AndyLeeds2015
    2 years ago
    Concerto is just one of dozens of superb spots for digging in Amsterdam, most of the best shops aren't listed on TA though. (Hit me up if you want tips). This is one of the bigger shops though, with acres of vinyl spread across its many levels. Start here, but save some pennies as if you're a vinyl hound you'll be wanting to spend hours in many of the other goldmines in this fantastic city. Great for jazz, soul and many other genres, it is though at the slightly higher end of the €€€ spectrum.
  • Photo of isasshax
    2 years ago
    Every time I go to Amsterdam I have tried to find a moment for getting to Concerto. This is certainly one of the best record shops I've seen! Not only it does have a great selection of new records, also the basement is filled with some second hand bargains among which you can find some real jewels. Trust me!
  • Photo of Mark R
    2 years ago
    One of the best CD/record shops I've ever visited. A huge selection of new and second hand CDs and vinyl, as well as a coffee shop. Also hosts live performances.
  • Photo of Кантемир К
    I have simple rule - buy vinyl on every trip. First trip to Amsterdam was perfect to stick to this rule. €2 per 1 vinyl and 5+1 special offer = €10 for 6 and lot of happiness. P.S. There's also a little caffe with the best cup of coffee americano I've ever drunk.
  • Photo of Saun S
    2 years ago
    It was an amazing place, great ambiance and bit of a hipster style/vintage. The barista girl also gave me a homemade banana bread slice, that was amazing :)
  • Photo of Bernard1000000
    2 years ago
    if your in Amsterdam go and buy a record from here , then get a coffee and have a listen to it if you want or just browse till the cows come home ........there's something for everybody
  • Photo of MaxK3
    2 years ago
    Let's be honest, as a vinyl collector I can assure you won't find any bargains or rare records. They have a good selection of used vinyl, specially in jazz, but that's about it. The vast majority of the vinyls for sale is new releases which is a no no for a collector. What really makes this place a great one is the vibe and the mood in the store. Everything is super neat and ordered. The music plays the exact volume, not too loud not too low. There are great listening stations with good equipment and very well maintained. There is great coffee cakes and sandwiches and a great place to sit and listen to what you've bought whilst drinking your coffee. Very recommended and I'm sure be back.
  • Photo of Nora1975
    2 years ago
    If you are looking for a great record store, where you can find a great mix between classic, obscure and modern, visit Concerto. They have a lot of vinyl as well, so you get that classic feel there too. The staff knows a lot about music and there are a lot of in-store activities.
  • Photo of salyouha
    2 years ago
    Best music store in Amsterdam. Its the right place to be if you are music lover. Concerto operates since 1955 .
  • Photo of LindiBM
    2 years ago
    We found basically everything we've ever searched for in this amazing place. Concerto is well worth a visit for any music lover. There are loads of vinyls to browse through, covering all genres. There's also a DVD section that has a great selection. It was one of my favourite places during the course of my visit to Amsterdam and I would definitely go back.
  • Photo of AmsterdamAsh
    2 years ago
    My favourite place to spend an hour browsing. I hate shopping, usually working out what I want before I go, and getting in and out as quick as possible. Not so here. They have a fantastic assortment of all genres on vinyl (although their metal and punk sections could be larger) with prices that are standard wherever you go. Also a decent selection of turntables and amps to get you started down the long path of music collection. They also have a vast selection of compact discs. I generally avoid pre owned vinyl (of which they have plenty!), but spend a lot of time and money in their pre owned CDs which average around €5 a piece and I've found many treasures there. It is naturally difficult to find more well known popular music as its snapped up as soon as its in stock, but I've easily doubled my cd collection in a few months. There is also a cafe at the end of the shop, which serves fine coffee and provides a quiet space to look at the lovely music you just bought.
  • Photo of Solodam J
    3 years ago
    It's been too long that I didn't come to this shop till a few days ago. The best music shop in the country. It's now bigger than ever. Though you not planning to buy thing here, finally you always find something to bring it home. The biggest vinyl collection and there is also second hand.
  • Photo of terryth0mas
    3 years ago
    This place is not in the centre of Amsterdam, it is on the outskirts but easy enough to find. This place is a little gem of a music shop (well it's anything but small) it has more rooms than most houses and sells records, CD's, DVD's and Blu-Ray, oh and it does coffee, cakes and delicious toasted sandwiches at a reasonable price. They also have a toilet too. If you like music then it is the place to be, they sell second hand vinyl and CD's too and if you need a rest there is a lovely seating area where you are served your order at your table or sofa, you could spend hours here, I have many times. Great service, always smiling and a great selection of music with every style covered. You will not be disappointed and you will be keeping a great shop open, now in its 60th year.
  • Photo of PaulnToronto
    3 years ago
    I found this store well stocked with both used and new CDs. I had been looking for a couple of jazz and electro swing CDs for a few months now. I was able to purchase my entire shopping list in this one store. The staff were helpful in my search, and offered additional info and the option to listen to my choices prior to purchase. I was well satisfied with my visit. I would recommend this store to anyone in search of a good music selection & a knowledgeable staff.

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