Photo of Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, , NL
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Anne Frank House

Historic Site

Anne Frank House134.5
moving experience • in advance • hiding place • young girl

Prinsengracht 267
Amsterdam 1016 GV, NL
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  • Photo of Maynard Todd
    5 months ago
  • Photo of Eduardo dinelli
    6 months ago
  • Photo of Caitlin Lara
    9 months ago
  • Photo of Emma Daubenmerkl
    10 months ago
    Purchase tickets ahead of time
  • Photo of Andrea Jones
    a year ago
    Go early
  • Photo of albanta unicornio
  • Photo of Ines Sax
    2 years ago
    Anne Frank huis
  • Photo of Stefan Irimiciuc
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Danielle Pacheco
    2 years ago
    Anne Frank House in the center of Amsterdam is the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during the World War II. Just a few empty rooms in the hidden annex to the house will make an unforgettable impression if you realize, that two families lived in these small quarters for more than 2 years hiding from the Nazis. The original of the diary is on display, as a part of the Anne Frank House's permanent exhibition.
  • Photo of Nomadic Matt
    2 years ago
     This house is where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II. The house showcases her life, what it was like to live in the annex, and other information about the Holocaust. It is a sad and moving place. Expect very long lines. Prebook your tickets online to skip the ticket line. Go after 6pm to avoid the masses. Opening hours: Daily (9am–9pm). Price: €9, discounts for students. 
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  • Photo of Kien Pang
    2 years ago
    Anne wrote in her diary of hearing the Westerkerk’s bells, a small sign of life outside her hiding place.
  • Photo of Bill C
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Sonny Curt
    3 years ago
    Need to go here
  • Photo of fwing-it
    a month ago
    A trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without a stop at the Anne Frank Haus. While the lines can be quite long it is a statement to how worthwhile this tour is. I recommend reading the Diary of Anne Frank before going as it really does, in my opinion, intensify the experience. The audio tour is fantastic and combines quotes from Anne's diary, WWII facts, and statements from those who knew Anne. As you walk around please be respectful and quiet as this is an experience that deserves that reverence. At the end of the tour there is an 8 minute video where popculture icons give statements about Anne and what her story has meant to them. This is quite moving and I recommend staying for it. My favorite quote was from Emma Thompson, "her would-haves are our possibilities". That quote, for me, perfectly summed up the visit. Entrance is about 9 euro and is well worth the wait.
  • Photo of Mark C
    a month ago
    Very informative and well laid out! I would recommend booking online before going as the lines are huge! Also book the 30 minute introduction to give you a better insight into the life of Anne Frank
  • Photo of Hallett505
    a month ago
    The house has been restored beautifully and there is a huge amount of very interesting info available including audio commentary. A must see whilst in Amsterdam, it is right on the edge of a canal as well.
  • Photo of garycallow
    a month ago
    Book well in advance and turn up 10 minutes before your allotted time to avoid the incredible queues. My wife really wanted to experience the house and was not disappointed. It is a very good educational experience and easily worth the cost and effort.
  • Photo of Danielle S
    a month ago
    Despite the really long queues (handy tip go after 6pm when queues go down), you really shouldn't go to Amsterdam without a trip to Anne Frank House. A crucial part of history, the visit is a sobering experience, and the house evokes the tragedy that befell its occupants. The atmosphere is particularly heavy in the old part of the house. Despite the crowds, the layout is excellent and everyone keeps moving. Just don't take a grinning selfie by the Anne Frank House sign. It's not cool!
  • Photo of peterjr41Mandurah
    This is a place that reminds us of the ordeals some people endue in order to survive. Make it a place to visit here in Amsterdam. Buy you tickets online beforehand and just turn up at the your designated time slot. Photos cannot be taken. You are given an audio device to help you get the most out of your visit. It is very informative and moving. Be aware there are steep steps to climb and descent so you need a certain degree of mobility. Allow about 45 minutes to an hour for the tour. The line moves in an orderly manner and people are very quiet, I suspect, out of respect for what happened here.
  • Photo of acphifer
    a month ago
    We visited the Anne Frank House with a tour group so we had advance tickets and a scheduled time. The house itself was incredibly moving and somber. A reminder of what should never be again. However, we were in a constant line of tourists which took away from the ability to truly reflect.
  • Photo of Sunsetbeach08
    a month ago
    You are advised to book your time slot in advance to avoid disappointment. The timed entry works well and ensures that your viewing experience is maximised. However, be aware that you do have to queue outside, so do take an umbrella if wet weather is forecast. The museum does give you a plastic bag to put this in when you enter the house. The tour is very good with well documented and informative signage. You cannot help but be moved by what you experience as you move through the house.
  • Photo of Bernardo S
    a month ago
    Went to the 30 minute introductory program which as a 5€ additional cost to the normal ticket. It os totally worth it!! You get a "history class" and get to know much more about the Frank's and those who helped them survive. The "house" itself is well preserved and as an audio-guide.
  • Photo of marysmiles
    a month ago
    Interesting to see the history, the home, and the area it is located in. Be sure to get the advance tickets ahead of time.
  • Photo of Sarah K
    a month ago
    To go into the house made me want to read Anne Frank's diary. I felt some things weren't especially well explained, like there's some more I want to know. The museum is very busy, but you can see everything because people follow in a nice order for the most part. Definitely use the audio guide. Also, a tip - when you look at the museum, the line on the left is for group bookings. The line on the right is for pre-purchased tickets. When your ticket says 12:30, you can't get into line until then. 12:30-12:45.
  • Photo of Pam620
    a month ago
    The tour of the Anne Frank house was very well done. The audio system allowed you to go room to room without missing any information, and kept the visitors moving, allowing admissions by appointment. Very efficient
  • Photo of Jeffrey C
    a month ago
    A must do while in Amsterdam. The tour is self-guided guided and just long enough. You need to see this.
  • Photo of TudiFrudi
    a month ago
    This significant, historical attraction was sensitively presented with professionally organized, and well-paced care -- thus the need for strictly timed tickets. Do this before you leave home for sure to seal your spot. The museum is located along a scenic canal with spots for food nearby and close to the hop-on-hop off bus stops. Walkable too, as the area is beautiful and a 15-minute walk from the main tourist docks.
  • Photo of megrey
    a month ago
    For individuals and families, this is a must-see. The exhibits are chilling yet many of them are also heartwarming. The extraordinary story of this family and their friends is really a very ordinary story at that time - there were so many who experienced the same terrible hardships. It is the innocence of the young girl who keeps a diary that makes this stand out among the many heartbreaking stories. Each floor of the building reveals a little more about how their lives were upended until finally you are at the very top annex where they lived hidden away for more than two years. It is a minimalist exhibit with a good film at the end. Note: Purchase your tickets in advance, online or through your travel agent. The lines will be very long. Also be aware that there are stairs only, and many of the stairways are steep and narrow. There is no elevator option and there are no benches to sit on except for in the film viewing area and the cafeteria.
  • Photo of Donald A D
    a month ago
    A must see, especially with all that is going on in our world today! A reminder of what can happen when man's inhumanity to man gets out of control
  • Photo of Robert O
    a month ago
    truly a moving experience, and i must say although we did not have ticket reservations the lined moved FAST ....the displays and the audio tour was spot on - at the end most are brought to tears - i highly recommend this to anyone
  • Photo of sfdann
    a month ago
    It is remarkable that such a place exists for people from all over the world to step into an authentic moment in Europe's deeply troubling past. Genocide is still taking place on every continent and very few places give you the opportunity to feel the ghosts of the people who were destroyed by it. The way the audio tour takes guests there is extremely effective. The lines are quite long and it is possible to buy tickets in advance - highly recommended. Do not miss this when visiting Amsterdam
  • Photo of Erica C
    a month ago
    Enjoyed this visit. Try to buy tickets on line before arrival in Amsterdam but the 1 hour 30 minute queuing was woth it.
  • Photo of B6101BNannab
    a month ago
    Amazing to see! Need to buy tickets online, or else the line to get in is 3 hours long. Every day they release tickets online so make sure to check daily.

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