Photo of National Monument in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of National Monument in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of National Monument in Amsterdam, , NL
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National Monument

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National Monument13.5
meeting point • dam square • second world war • royal palace

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  • Photo of Adi Winedhar
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Maarten K
    5 months ago
    Center of Amsterdam is this beautiful square with this huge monument. Most of the time you find street artists or a hotdog car here.
  • Photo of Erin S
    6 months ago
    This large (and important) monument in Dam Square was built to honor the casualties from World War 2. In July, there were so many people flocked around the monument, sitting and eating, that we could not get close enough to appreciate.
  • Photo of AbuSada2017
    6 months ago
    A monument in Dam Square, it is a good location to rest if you are shopping or touring around the Square. Many people gather, it happened that a concert took place in the evening and it was nice event
  • Photo of James P
    6 months ago
    This is a large monument in the middle of Dam Square - but it is still easy to miss really seeing it as the square is so busy and so many tourists. Built in 1956 to remember all those that have lost their lives since WWII.
  • Photo of rk821
    6 months ago
    I had gone by the monument a couple times before taking a photo and learned the significance as a memorial to the victims of the Nazis. As many have noted, it received about zero respect by the hordes that surround it. It is a great meeting place, but always crowded.
  • Photo of BigHugh51
    6 months ago
    We had seen this monument in Dam Square during a previous stay in Amsterdam and viewed it again during our most recent stay in the city. One disappointing observation that we made during our most recent visit was the general lack of respect paid to the monument. The area around it was awash with litter and people lazed around it, eating and drinking whilst paying little heed to the significance and purpose of the monument. At one stage there were even skateboarders attempting to use the base of the monument as a ramp! Worthy of a visit to pay respects to the sacrifices of the Dutch people during World War Two. However, the monument is deserved of much more respect and perhaps needs to be better supervised by the local authorities.
  • Photo of david n
    8 months ago
    The picture above is misleading as monument is behind one of the two lions which "guard" it. Its a photo op but surrounded by shallow & wide steps, it is very crowded for most of the day with people sitting all around it. Best to go early if you want a photo without the crowds.
  • Photo of Davydaniels
    8 months ago
    This is a great memorial site. It is a great place to take a photo or take a phot of the royal palce. It is very crowded however. If you can get a place to sit, it is a great place to see the busy life in Amsterdam.
  • Photo of Lane-English
    8 months ago
    It is a lovely monument and a great place to set as a meeting point as it's easy to find. It's very crowded but a very nice monument. Expect people in your photo.
  • Photo of malgosiamatusiewicz
    Not the main thing you must see in Amsterdam. The Square is do crowded and busy that after 5 minutes one wants to run away
  • Photo of Carlosity
    8 months ago
    This site is a really nice meeting point. It's a spot that I will always remember. This site is a good marking point for navigational purposes especially for tourists and the perfect venue for photos.
  • Photo of CodyMav
    8 months ago
    Most of Amsterdam's Squares (pleins) have a central feature, and the National Monument is a fitting one in front of the Royal Palace
  • Photo of BarbieMegaTraveller
    I'm disappointed that better care has not been taken of this monument, it's filthy and seems to be more of a meeting place than a respectful memorial. Shame really. It's in Dam Square so you'll tick off 2 boxes on your tourist hot spot list, but don't have too high expectations. Lots of people seem to enjoy feeding the pigeons here, covering themselves in birds and bird poo! I guess it's worthwhile having a laugh at that while you're visiting the monument.
  • Photo of AlpinerHut
    9 months ago
    The National Monument is nicely situated for a pop-in visit when touring Royal Palace Amsterdam or just taking in the vibe of the city's main square, the Dam. Every May 4, the monument becomes Ground Zero for the country's remembrance of war dead, particularly those killed in World War II. The king and queen lay a wreath as a square full of people watch solemnly; the ceremony is nationally telecast. Across the country, everyone, even drivers, stops for the moment of silence. Concentric rings form steps up to the monument, which has a 72-foot-high pillar and statues that represent suffering and resistance. TIPS: --Come a couple hours early and be prepared to stand if you want to watch the May 4 ceremony up close. Come the next morning if you want to be alone with the wreaths.
  • Photo of Ailine L
    9 months ago
    Really crowded everyday, this is like a gathering spot for everyone. and you don't feel lonely here. People sighting spot too!
  • Photo of TAIN2013
    9 months ago
    Located on the dam square, the monument is a memorial to World War II. It was constructed in 1956 and consists of a white stone pillar on a base of concentric stone steps. A semi-circular wall surrounds the back of the monument and four chained human figures representing the suffering in the war adorn its front. A central figure of a woman is placed above the chained figures while two human sculptures with weeping dogs at their feet are placed at the sides of the monument. Two lions sculptures guard the entrance to the monument. The monument stands opposite the Royal Palace and is surrounded by the many attractions of Dam Square. It is also the starting point for many walking tours of the city. The monument is a somber memorial to a dark and painful period in world history and is definitely worth a visit. You are unlikely to miss it given its prominent location on Dam square.
  • Photo of YTCHENG
    9 months ago
    The National Monument was located at the heart of Dam Square for memories of WWII history. Currently it was the assembly point for local tours where the guides would briefly tell visitors on the background of this monument. The place was normally very crowded during weekends and at peak hours of the day, so just let tourists be aware of pick-pockets around.
  • Photo of Brad P
    9 months ago
    A great place to sit and take in the sights and sounds of Amsterdam for half an hour. This is also used as a meeting point for the walking tours. There's a lot of space here, plenty of places to sit and there always seems to be something going on. It's also a great spot of the city to plan where to go next and head off to a few different locations.
  • Photo of HI_McDunnough
    9 months ago
    This monument is at one end of Dam Square and it is interesting for a look if you happen to be in the area. I wouldn't say it is exceptional, but take a visit.
  • Photo of Rutgerek
    10 months ago
    Every year, the fallen of WW2 are remembered at this location. When Theo van Gogh was murdered by a religious fanatic, he was honoured and remembered right here. The monument is an icon, reminding the dutch of their hard earned liberty. Normally the monument is populated by hobo's and pigeons, but don't let it deter you from having a nice photo opp.

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