Photo of Madame Tussauds Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Madame Tussauds Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Madame Tussauds Amsterdam in Amsterdam, , NL
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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

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Madame Tussauds Amsterdam14
wax museum • charlie chaplin • wax work • dam square

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  • Photo of Diana Dinkel
    2 years ago
  • Photo of ajkajic
    5 months ago
    So interesting, but I was expecting much more. We bought our tickets online, so we skipped 30 minutes of waiting in line. But we were expecting much more figures and celebrities. From outside it looks like 4 floors of amazing figures, but we went out in 40 minutes and we made a picture with every figure.
  • Photo of Aneri S
    5 months ago
    This is at dam square. Quite close to central. This is must visit if anyone who visits here has not been to madam Tussauds. Superb wax statues where one can click photos and have a lovely time.
  • Photo of mmaajjaa
    5 months ago
    The statues are generaly extremely good! A few interactive exibits, like Van Gogh doing a painting of you or singing with Adele, are very entertaining! But a bit overpriced for the size and number of things to see (Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum are cheaper than this).
  • Photo of ArghyaKolkata
    5 months ago
    This is very close to the "Dam". I found this venue quite good, a bit too packed, always people in the way etc... but still fairly fun to see what famous peeps look like, the height etc... is interesting. reminds everyone that there just human (well, even though your looking at a vat of wax!). One of the highest overrated destinations globally. Excellent attraction.
  • Photo of CYMRU-DRAGONS
    5 months ago
    Went to Madame Tussauds on Wednesday 13th September, we both enjoyed the time there, the waxworks were of a good likeness, sadly wether it was our age of not we didn't recognise some of the displays, especially when we got to the Justin beaber model, my hubs said who is that, thankfully we had a walking talking army of school girls who helped us,lol. We took many photos of nearly all the displays and loved standing next to so many world leaders, Nelson Mandela, Barrack Obama, Gandhi, Dali Lama, as well as the incredible hulk,lol. All in all a great time, took us roughly a hour to get around, another great location for disabled visitors, will definitely go again in probabley a years time, especially if they change the displays
  • Photo of Andrew K
    5 months ago
    Statues look really good and there's quite a few,all of famous people and also some interactive things you can do like making a video dancing with Charlie Chaplin or recording a song in the studio.Not something to put on top of the to do list but worth a look if just looking for something to do.
  • Photo of Penny F
    5 months ago
    I don't think it is very good value for money and probably won't go to another one. Some of the waxworks where awesome and the others I didn't know who they where! Feels like we spent longer in the VIP que that in the exhibition
  • Photo of bluebeard2017
    5 months ago
    The statues in Madame Tussauds look like real people, which is what the whole concept of Tussauds is all about. There are different zones with different contexts and you travel from one to another. We had a lot of fun with the interactive zones (e.g. reenact Marilyn Monroe's flying skirt). We were lucky in that the queue wasn't too long and that we could even skip to the Skip-the-line line. I do advise to buy tickets online, they are cheaper but have to be bought at least 1 day in advance.
  • Photo of ayaa1977
    5 months ago
    The last time I have been in a wax museum was in Madame Tussauds London 12 years ago, and while it was big and full of displays, I don't remember it had any interactive exhibits, at least not back then. This one in Amsterdam, while not as big, is loads of fun. I got the chance to be a kid again, which is something I was not expecting.
  • Photo of fariba s
    5 months ago
    The artists made statues of famous people : celebrities, politicians, scientists .... The museum is very friendly managed. You have opportunity to take photos , wearing cloths and makeup .... you have fun..
  • Photo of Tessyvoyage
    5 months ago
    It was great to see one of the famous Madame Tussaud's and due to a discount (at the back of Kellog's cornflakes packages !!! Tip !!!) we only paid the half prize (full adult prize is 23,50€ per person). However, it's still too pricey for what you get (as there are lots of dutch artists displayed that you don't know).
  • Photo of Christian Patri... R
    If you have a budget then try checking this out. Its just in Amsterdam square. You will get boring fast.
  • Photo of Eleni E
    5 months ago
    it is the well known Tussauds museum, smaller and more modern staged than the one in London. Well organised and interesting, but still it is not Tussauds in London,UK
  • Photo of ArttuVJ
    5 months ago
    I've been in a couple of wax cabinets and this was smaller than usual. Not sure if it was worth the money...
  • Photo of Alae H
    5 months ago
    The quality of the statues is indistinguishable from the real thing and this is probably their best kept secret. A lot of photo opportunities, a remarkable view of dam square on the 3rd floor and fun little Easter eggs here and there.. However maybe because we were a bit tired or hungry it felt a bit too long and repetitive specially since there are a considerable number of local celebs that if you are visiting from abroad might not relate to
  • Photo of Francois T
    5 months ago
    Way too expensive for a wax museum or any museum of the sort! And the long lines outside. Was looking forward to this but not worth it. Tickets come to 30 euro which works out to about R500 a person.
  • Photo of NFX5X23
    5 months ago
    This is the first Madame Tussaud's I've been to and I can't see what the hype is about. We bought fast track tickets and went around 9am as even with the fast track the queue was unbelievable.. I honestly don't know why people queued for so long to go in here! Yes it's interesting but once you've seen a one wax figure you've seen them all. It's not very big and it took us around 30 minutes to walk around everywhere taking our time and stopping to take photos with celebrity wax models we wanted. It's overrated in my opinion, maybe the one in London is much bigger than this one and that's where the hype is coming from. Still worth going if you want to visit all the attractions in Amsterdam but I wouldn't say it's the best like the ticket palaces advertised!
  • Photo of Alicio0o
    5 months ago
    Alot of fun, photos and lovely experience, you can easily skip queues by getting your ticket from the several quiosks around Amsterdam. Avoid weekends!
  • Photo of The Book C
    5 months ago
    Had fun, worth checking out even though it's one of the smaller Madame Tussaud's I've been to. Particularly enjoyed the art section and the Avengers
  • Photo of DiMa C
    5 months ago
    Really nice place. Very interesting starting of the tour . By elevator you will get on 5th floor . A lot of interesting stars and celebrities are there . My suggestion to visit this place !

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