Photo of De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
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De Oude Kerk

Historic Site

De Oude Kerk23.5
old church • oldest building in amsterdam • rembrandt's wife • the red light district

Oudekerksplein 23
Amsterdam 1012, NL
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  • Photo of Ksenia Lysenko
    10 months ago
    Church in the middle of the red light street
  • Photo of Ines Sax
    2 years ago
    Oude kerk
  • Photo of RanjanaPerera
    5 months ago
    This is a Beautifully church still I don't consider this as a must see place. To me new church of Delft is a far attractive church. This church has large Gothic windows and three ship models too are something that one would not miss. Further small rooms open for visitors is also interesting to see. Printed information that they give with the ticket are less user friendly. Walk along the canals around this church was existing to me.
  • Photo of sentellr
    5 months ago
    My wife and I travel extensively and have seen hundreds of churches and cathedrals. The church is located in the heart of the Red Light district and the day we were there, there were very few tourists. The staff is very helpful and informative. This church has a rich history and the woodwork inside is quite fascinating. This is a fisherman's church and the architecture proves it. The entry fee is expensive (10 euros) so buy the MuseumCardt or the Amsterdam card and have free entry.
  • Photo of elsarge
    5 months ago
    This is the fishermans church in old Amsterdam right in the heart of the red light district. As with most places we went to in Amsterdam (rijksmuseum aside) the entry fee of 10 euros is on the steep side. we were told there was an "art" installation inside but not that this "art"(sorry bout the speech marks) had taken over the entire church. Good things first, the wooden vaulting in the ceiling is supposed to represent the upturned hull of a boat which in my view it does rather impressively, there are some nice stained glass windows and the choir stalls are worth a look. The art display consisted of dozens of gold foil emergency blankets laid supposedly uniformly across the entire floor of the church which had been cleared making it a cold, soulless cavernous open space devoid of any atmosphere and utterly non spiritual. If you want to see art then spend a few euros more and see the Vermeers and Rembrandts at the Rijksmuseum, this isn't art its just twaddle!
  • Photo of MijnlieverdFH
    5 months ago
    It is one of the oldest architecture in the city. They said it has been a museum since 2016, and actively use for church service on Sundays. and also a place of pilgrimage for heritage enthusiasts as well as for lovers of contemporary art and music. There is a small cafe next to this church should you need some drinks.
  • Photo of Sarah K
    5 months ago
    This church would have been highly disappointing had it not been for the fact that we got in free with our Amsterdam Card. The main attraction was under restoration, so you couldn't even see it. The audio tour was slow as molasses. Only cool part, lots of people were buried here.
  • Photo of Tofurry
    5 months ago
    This is free with the I Amsterdam card so we decided to drop by to see the oldest building in Amsterdam. We were told that there is an art installation on the floor and to not step on it. Turns out the floor of the church is covered with gold "emergency heat blankets" with paths around them. Walking around them is fine so we still got to explore the old church. Found Rembrandt's wife, Saskia's, grave.
  • Photo of LizzyJayManc
    6 months ago
    As the oldest building in Amsterdam this church is worth a visit for any history lover or somebody interested in Amsterdam's past. The only issue was I found there was not a lot of information on the church or art/artifacts inside it. The information booklet I was given was sparse and I found myself on the wikipedia page of the church while visiting. Wish there had been more information or a guide, as for E10 I feel like more could have been offered. Our Lord in the Attic down the road is better value for money, but to be fair the Oude Kerk is a building like no other.
  • Photo of William L
    6 months ago
    The oldest building in Amsterdam was semi derelict but now partly restored, in the red light district from which historically the church made money via donations from the confessions of the sailors! Interior is stark but shows the remains of what was a magnificent church at one time. The site of Rembrandts wife's grave among thousands of others. Interesting stained glass. there is a separate tower tour but it was not available when we went. There was a modern art exhibition by Sarah van Sonsbeeck using golden survival blankets on the floor when we were there ...unusual to say the least. No cash cards only to get in.
  • Photo of ZenHealer7
    6 months ago
    This is the oldest church in town and like almost all other churches in the city this too has been converted into an exhibit space. However one can still feel the vibe of the church and the stripped interior is still very impressive. What was striking was the number of confession boxes to cater to the ship loads of sailors who flocked here to enrich the Church. It is right in the midst of some of the most dense tourist area, yet inside it is an oasis of peace and quiet.
  • Photo of UncleGus32
    6 months ago
    Situated in the heart of the Red Light District, De Oude Kerk presents an interesting contrast at first sight, being just a stone's throw from the coffeeshops and girls for hire in windows. The 700 year old Calvinist church has some incredible architectural features, such as its grand stained glass windows and the large, beautiful wooden roof. The church is built on top of a cemetery and the entire floor consists of gravestones. The audio tour provides lots of interesting stories, though some of the chatter between the stories is a little goofy.
  • Photo of BigHugh51
    6 months ago
    We had come across these church during a previous stay in Amsterdam and had been fascinated by its marvellous architecture and its location in Amsterdam's No. 1 Red Light District. During our most recent stay in Amsterdam, we took another walk through the Red Light District and happened upon this church again. There was a Saturday night church service being conducted within the church so we had to make do with viewing the church from the outside. Its unique architecture was once again worthy of a good look and we enjoyed seeing it again at close quarters. The fact that it is located within the Red Light District adds to the appeal and attraction of the church. It provides you with the opportunity to forget the sordid surroundings for a short time and concentrate on something that is much more attractive!
  • Photo of Nikki C
    6 months ago
    This is a beautiful old church with lots of interesting stories. The audio guide was good. It was informative and still moved you at a pace around the church. It's location is good, very central and the red light district is even built into the audio guide. It needs approximately 90 minutes to tour the church. We didn't go up the tower though.
  • Photo of FayeInAmsterdam
    6 months ago
    Right in the middle of Red Light District or Chinatown is this beautiful church. For the first time I took time to read about the architecture. From the inside it looks like a ship and this church used to be right on the waters of the IJ - now behind Central Station. Now is this special exhibition too, all golden safety blankets are spread around the grounds of the church like a beautiful mosaic, but the story behind the artwork is also interesting.
  • Photo of Steve C
    7 months ago
    The church is ground zero for a wide range of activities and a great place to hang out and people watch. I'm sure others have described the church in detail, so I will tell you about what you can do around the church. First, there are benches to sit and people watch. And given its location at the edge of the Red Light District, you definitely see some very interesting people go by -- not to mention, the places of business, with their open windows and preening ladies of the night. The Free Walking Tours leave from the front of the church. There are canal-side cafes wherever you look.and canal boat rides leave from the nearby embankments. There are some very unique shops all around the church and busy Warmoestraat with its shops and restaurants is a short block away. There are historic houses and an endless assortment of fun attractions. And there are outdoor bathrooms. I found the giant red "Sinners Door" really interesting on the back side of the church. For more travel tips, please check out my popular travel blog.
  • Photo of Kendallkong
    7 months ago
    Great old architecture. Don't miss the tour to go up the tower. It is simply amazing. The wooden staircases and nooks are crazy. We had an full unobstructed view for miles from the very top ring of the tower. Don't miss this!!!
  • Photo of Mohamed G
    7 months ago
    This church is really fascinating and simply stunning. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam red light district and comes free with I Amsterdam card.
  • Photo of Christy C
    7 months ago
    $10 is a little high but we enjoyed it. Good gifts! Very interesting story and ceiling. In the heart of the red light district so be aware but it feels safe and friendly. Just a very crowded part of town.
  • Photo of BobbyGentry
    8 months ago
    Beautiful old church. We had fun finding the misericords at the old church. Peace and serenity in the heart of Red Light District.
  • Photo of MartinD34283
    8 months ago
    Loved Amsterdam, not so De Oude Kerk. The entire insides have been removed, the fabulous organ pipes are out for repair, won,t return for over a year. Under the guise of an art installation, gold leaf rectangles covering most of the floor, you are charged 10 euros. When we asked for our money back, we were told that the city no longer supports the church so they need the money, so do I. Save your money, come back in two years when maybe there is something worthwhile to see, or just give them the money for a cause that you will probably not see come to fruition.
  • Photo of KB9MNN
    8 months ago
    This was built in the 1300's. It needs a foundation to restore and promote the church. There is currently an "art exhibit" that is space blanjets covering the floor fo the building - what a joke. The building is in disrepair - so sad. Your Museum Card will get you in. As we have said before, this is a good buy if you are goling to see more than 3-4 museums.

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