Photo of De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, , NL
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De Nieuwe Kerk


De Nieuwe Kerk14

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  • Photo of Kien Pang
    2 years ago
    (Iamsterdam €15) Gothic church originally satisfied the medieval city's need for greater worshipping capacity.
  • Photo of Sandra S
    4 months ago
    De tentoonstelling We have a Dream geeft je inzicht hoe de Gandhi, King en Mandela tot het besluit te komen om de wereld te veranderen. Mooi om deze 3 heren te leren kennen. Een minpunt: veel bordjes met tekst!
  • Photo of DHdeWit79
    4 months ago
    De nieuwe kerk ligt in het centrum van Amsterdam. Met name het moderne glas in lood is mooi. De kerk is groot en ontspannen.
  • Photo of SevillaElena
    5 months ago
    En pleno centro histórico en la plaza Dam está, en un bello edificio visto desde el exterior.El interior de las iglesias protestastes son más austeras, salvo tengáis la visita incluida al haber comprado la I Amsterdam Card, hay muchos lugares por ver en Ámsterdam para no perderse po eso no es visita primordial. Pero eso sí rodearla pues el edificio exteriormente es hermoso. normalmente hay expocisiones cuando yo fui era sobre la reforma protestante de Lutero. Me pensé visitarla por ser la principal pero hasta en el free tour nos recomendaron que no, puesto que pierdes la oportunidad de ver otros lugares primordiales naturalmente si se lleva bastante tiempo naturalmente la hubiese visitado.
  • Photo of Jarmo K
    6 months ago
    Here in this summer, you can discover many of the church´s hidden histories with audioguide for free of charge against the ticket. Take Your time and enjoy learning history of the church.
  • Photo of Anna V
    6 months ago
    Le audioguide in italiano ci hanno fatto apprezzare questa chiesa, la cui storia corre parallela a quella della famiglia reale olandese, Belli il pulpito e l'organo, che abbiamo potuto ascoltare nel concerto gratuito delle 12. Ingresso gratuito con la carta dei musei.
  • Photo of Ivan L
    6 months ago
  • Photo of JAB2405
    6 months ago
    De fototentoonstelling World Press Photo was zeer de moeite waard. Interessant om de top 3 van alle categorieen te zien, alsmede een overzicht van de winnaars van de afgelopen decennia.
  • Photo of Vicki L
    7 months ago
    We visted the World Press Photos of the Year in this stunning Church. Really a stunning building and breathtaking interior well worth a visit !!
  • Photo of travelfun001
    7 months ago
    The world press photo exhibit is well worth the visit. It's easy to buy your museum card at this location. Conveniently located at Dam Square and right next to the royal palace.
  • Photo of Aleida1989
    8 months ago
    Ik ben hier ter viering van mijn verjaardag met twee vriendinnen hier geweest tijdens de Marilyn Monroe expositie. Het was mooi opgedeeld in alle ruimtes van de kerk. En zo kon je een hoop leren over haar leven. Hierbij kreeg je een audio tour aangeboden. Overigens vond ik die soms wat langdradig worden. Mocht je dat allemaal toch wel interessant vinden dan kon je er aardig wat uur spenderen.
  • Photo of Tomme T
    8 months ago
    This 15th century church may have a nice facade, but there wasn't much else to see here on our visit other than a world press photo exhibition, which we weren't particularly interested in. Good location for a quick photo and move on to see the more interesting things around this area instead.
  • Photo of luvroma2
    9 months ago
    Every year this decommissioned church hosts the World Press Photo Exhibition. Many of the award winning photos - highlighting both the good and the bad about this world - are very hard to look at. The risks photographers take to document some of the horrors and cruelty that goes on it admirable. It is a fascinating exhibit but not very uplifting. The church is very beautiful and one of the guards was kind enough to provide a very in-depth, spontaneous tour explaining the history of the church.
  • Photo of MoandIanWiles
    9 months ago
    This is a fantastic setting for such an evocative and thought provoking exhibition. It had a display of all the winning photos for each year since 1950, it was a record of many of the atrocities we have inflicted upon eachother over time
  • Photo of ochassot
    9 months ago
    De Nieuwe Kerk is a grandiose church well worth a visit. As of April 2017, there was an extraordinary World Press award photography exhibit.
  • Photo of mikesbike123
    9 months ago
    we wanted to go to the palace but it was closed; then spotted the press exhibition in the church next door. I have to say we would not have gone in but for the exhibition. But they did a great job and in such an atmospheric setting.
  • Photo of Marek S
    9 months ago
    it is being renovated from the inside, so I couldn't appreciate all the beauty, but there is still the exhibition of the painting "Pentecostes" by El Greco, which makes a great impression.
  • Photo of TJouer
    10 months ago
    I was drawn to the De Nieuwe Kerk because of the El Greco exhibit. The exhibit is a limited one for approximately 90 days. It is a paid exhibit with an entrance fee. There were not many crowds when I was in attendance during a recent weekend morning. You can easily see the exhibit in a half hour or less, unless you prefer to view it on one of the seated benches for a longer gaze. There is no photography allowed of the El Greco, however you can photograph the rest of the church. The organ is beautiful as is the stained glasswork. You should allow some time to tour the church interior and look at the artisan carvings and brass work.
  • Photo of ksarman
    a year ago
    it s funny the building is magnifique ! it s an old church well renovated the display is really well done the exhibition has great ambiance we discover or re the MM life throught many details : clothes , sentences , mise en scene etc etc really nice
  • Photo of devonstar12
    a year ago
    A 600 year old church that you have to pay to enter as they have a marlin maroe display on. Shop dedicated to her etc all the history and architect of the building wasted. Can't even pray.
  • Photo of mitymick
    a year ago
    This wonderful site in Dam boasted an exhibition whilst we were there in early October 2016 celebrating the fact that one of Cinema's most iconic figures, MARILYN MONROE, would have been NINETY YEARS OLD this year. The photographs, reviews and press cuttings about her life and times were mind-boggling and simply awesome. A wonderful couple of hours passed going round the exhibition, followed by a perfect lunch in a fabulous restaurant next door to the church. So glad we didn't miss it.

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