Photo of Dapper Markt in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Dapper Markt in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Dapper Markt in Amsterdam, , NL
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Dapper Markt

Tourist Attraction

Dapper Markt14
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  • Photo of Max Ribbens
    3 years ago
    De markt!
  • Photo of ria492015
    5 months ago
    You have two big nice markets in Amsterdam . The AlbertCuypmarket: where you find many tourists from all over the world. And the Dappermarket, where you find the locals. Thats why I prefer the Dappermarket. I like to walk around, drink a cup of coffee, talk with the locals and buy many cheap products, like shoes, dresses, flowers, fish etc. etc. And a lot cheaper than the Albert Cuypmarket.The Dappermarket is also easy to reach by tram line 9. From the Central Station to the Dappermarket. Its a nice drive and you see a lot of things from the tram, like The Rembrandsquare, The Hortus Botanicus, The Waterloosquare, The Zoo: Artis and The Tropenmuseum. It's also a nice walk from the Dappermarket to the centre. + 45 minutes. And you see a lot of nice things on your way.
  • Photo of Karina C
    7 months ago
    I come to this market quite regularly. One of my favorite food stalls is the fish stall with a great selection of fresh or fried fish. You can also find the best Turkish kebab place in town - the last stall. You can also find good quality Biologic cheese here. The prices are much lower compared to the city center. You can also find cheaper souvenirs. Have never felt insecure. Great place if you wanna see a truly local culture.
  • Photo of Michelle o
    7 months ago
    From central station get on the number 9 tram and it's two stops after the Zoo, you'll see lots of signs saying "DapperMarkt" so you'll kinda know when to get off, cross the road and take the first left and straight up the road you'll see the market, its cheap and interesting! They sell lots of clothes, the clothes are really stylish nothing like you'd get back at home, cheese, homemade cakes, breads, orange juice, pancakes, fruit, vegetables, waffles etc, cheaper then city centre but if you are looking for gadgets like souvenirs you don't get it here, but it's a great Amsterdam culture feel. Lots of stalls I loved it, thought it was really cool to venture and see what's been sold!
  • Photo of CrampMyStyle
    7 months ago
    If you are considering visiting a market during your stay in Amsterdam, go to Albert Cuypmarket or even the Flea Market in the old town. Avoid the Dapper Markt. This market is not a tourist attraction and should immediately be removed from your itinerary. It's no different from the dodgy British marketplaces you might be familiar with; and we did, with reason, feel very unsafe and unwelcome here. We had a very negative experience here which leads me to write this review, but even with my balanced reviewer hat on, I cannot see any reason to visit here as a tourist.
  • Photo of Róża T
    7 months ago
    Nothing special for tourists, cheap clothes, materials, but there is a stall and a shop called Boer Geert with a very nice shop owner who sells cheese. If you don't like to spend too much for the same cheese, that you can buy in the city center go to dappermarkt and buy there. A lot of local food stalls are available there too.
  • Photo of IntrepidTraveller777
    A couple of very good cheese stalls with fresh eggs, a large fish market, meat, produce. Loads of clothes, some good prices, some overpriced, some for 0.50 cents. Shoes, children's boxed games, jewellery, hair accessories E1, floor mats, carpets, bed linens. Stunning Indian/Middle Eastern fabric and dresses beyond beautiful. Stores as well as stalls. About 1/2 km long. Lots of stalls. Usual assortment of clothes and sox. Worth going. You will prob find something you like. Lots of people so don't bump into anyone. I found it quite safe. Multi-cultural Nr Amsterdam Muiderport Sprinter train stn. Near Tropenmuseum. #9 tram on Linnaeusstraat, to Centraal Stn. Free toilet at McDonalds in middle of market. Go down Tweede van Swindenstraat for 4 mins to Linnaeusstraat 3 for Le Pain Quotidien, opp Oosterpark for wonderful cafe/lunch atmosphere with classical music and warm welcome.
  • Photo of Pittsburgh_Lazer
    8 months ago
    We went to the Troppen Museum and then walked 3 blocks east to Dapper St.Like all the other markets in Amsterdam. they have booths in the street with all kinds of goods and food. We bought 3 loaves of brad to nosh on. There are also retail stores lining both sides of the street. There were a number of fabric vendors which seemed odd.
  • Photo of thewanderinggypsy
    8 months ago
    My husband and I enjoyed this market so much we went back twice! The vendors were extremely friendly and the prices were very competitive. Very easy to find from Amsterdam Muiderspoor Train Station, one stop out of Amsterdam Centraal Station.
  • Photo of Geoff F
    9 months ago
    To get all the way out there to start with takes a bit. The goods available really weren't worth the look.
  • Photo of Sherryfoodblogger
    10 months ago
    From my childhood till now I visit this market. When I was a child the market seemd to big now it's a normal market to me. Nice market stalls you can almosy buy everything here: flowers, food, books, clothes, toys. If you are missing something then you could go to the nearby shops. I ❤ this market. Pleae do visit this best market ever.
  • Photo of Shafiqah A
    a year ago
    If you are looking for a daily wet/open market, this place is awesome! You can also find a halal butcher along the street. Very convenient and you can find lots of fresh veggies, fish, eggs and chicken.
  • Photo of AnnenJimEuropeTrip
    Was staying in a nearby apartment, so found this useful for buying fresh fruit and just enjoying that early morning walk. Not as good as the Albert Cuyp Market, but has its own charm.
  • Photo of scott j
    a year ago
    I'd never even heard of the place. It's a bit away from centre but only 10 minutes walk from waterlooplein. It's similar to Albert Cuyp but less food options. Worth it for the guy selling mini-pancakes telling every passer by how happy he is. He's selling mini-pancakes in amsterdam. Course he's happy :)
  • Photo of Ed D
    a year ago
    Came here following the description from the sight seeing bus of a bustling market with artisan stalls. This is however not the case it is full of cheap rubbish that could be made anywhere. Not recommended.
  • Photo of Hella H
    a year ago
    The Dapper Markt is good for grocery shopping with some nice delicacies. But the majority sells cheap made in China clothes that aren't fashionable at all neither if good quality. A pity. It's still nice for a walk and to spot the diversity of people
  • Photo of Hanan B
    a year ago
    I have visited this market a few times in the past as well as yesterday. While I don't believe that this is a great market, it has its own personality and is more than adequate for a short visit. I am unfamiliar with store prices in the Netherlands and so am unable o compare, however the presence of many locals (the market is not particularly geared to tourists) really says it all.
  • Photo of GeoKitten82
    a year ago
    Worth a walk round to see another side of Amsterdam but don't go specially or thinking you will buy loads. it is after all a flea market with fresh produce but is close to the windmill and on one of the red bus stops.
  • Photo of ramkikura
    a year ago
    It's a long street full of of shops and bars on both sides. Full of people hanging around and shopping. You can find there almost anything from food to clothes or stuff for your kitchen. Very interesting. Easy to reach by tram from downtown.
  • Photo of FayeInAmsterdam
    a year ago
    Every time I have an afternoon with my mum, we go to another market in Amsterdam. She loves this one, near a tram stop. Lots of good buys. Especially fresh fruits, vegetables and fried fish.
  • Photo of Melanie T
    2 years ago
    Dappermarkt is another one of Amsterdam's flea market. It's probably about half the size of Albert Cuypmarkt with half the variety. But the one thing I saw here that I didn't see at Albert's was kibelling (fried fish). They also have fried shrimp, and fried squid. While the market in general has limited options, I would say that it's definitely worth checking out, just for the fried seafood.

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