Photo of Blumenmarkt in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Blumenmarkt in Amsterdam, , NL
Photo of Blumenmarkt in Amsterdam, , NL
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Singel Zwischen Rokin Und Leidsestraat
Amsterdam, NL
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  • Photo of Sam Mut
    a year ago
    Schwimmender Blumenmarkt Mo-Sa: 9-17:30 So: 11-17:30
  • Photo of Vinyla Young
    a year ago
    Flowers you can buy from ships Rover Old Houses 🌺🌻🌼🌷🌸💮🌹💐
  • Photo of Liesid Neto
    a year ago
    Mercado de flores
  • Photo of Ines Sax
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Kien Pang
    2 years ago
    World's only floating flower market
  • Photo of James B
    5 months ago
    The market is filled with flower stalls selling everything from flowers to gifts, if you look down some of the side roads leading off there is some amazing street art to look at too.
  • Photo of DavidGunn1
    5 months ago
    This market contains dozens of stalls and shops along the canal. They sell flowers, bulbs, marajuana starter kits and hash lollipops. You can also find Dutch cheese and souvenirs. Very colourful and worth a visit.
  • Photo of Mikael H
    5 months ago
    The Blumenmarkt is a very nice market in the middle of Amsterdam. You can find tulips and a lot of other flower at the market that reaches all the way by the canal.
  • Photo of BarbieMegaTraveller
    Rows of market stalls selling flowers, bulbs, seeds and all things horticulture related. The flowers are pretty, particularly at tulip time but once you've seen the first 4 stalls you've seen everything the rest offer too. I'd give this a miss if you're not planning to buy anything.
  • Photo of FayeInAmsterdam
    9 months ago
    To be honest a very expensive flower market and too many souvenir style things too. I always go to the best florist on the market: Klaas Timmer, good advice, great flowers, nice service.
  • Photo of edinu10
    9 months ago
    We saw flowers market really impressive elsewhere. Two years ago we purchased here 2 bags with black tulip bulbs that we offered as gift to our friends. Which have flourished PINK tulips.
  • Photo of Madalina C
    10 months ago
    It was amazing! I am big fan on tulips and here I got to see a lot of them. There were all kinds of flowers and seeds. It was a wonderful view and close to the city center.
  • Photo of Jacqueline E
    10 months ago
    It's 1 street and it has stands on both sides all along that 1 street. They had all the flowers that Amsterdam is known for. Lovely walk.
  • Photo of DimT1981
    10 months ago
    Not somethong special, but it is good to have a walk. Mainly tourist place, where you can find a big variety of tulips (flowers and seeds) in great prices. There are also souvenirs.
  • Photo of fisuka d
    a year ago
    Most of the bulbs are over-priced and in not good quality. You'd be better off going to a proper garden shops further away from the touristic areas. Even Horrenbach has better selection of bulbs.
  • Photo of Thedevelopingimage
    I have never seen so many tulip bulbs in my life. This is a real pretty and colorful walk. Go check it out even if you're not interested in flowers. It's a neat little walk. Plenty of shopping and food near by.
  • Photo of Gennaro P
    a year ago
    The flower market as you expect is full of flowers of every kind. It's a place full of color and you can really find every kind of flower you want. But the flower market isn't just this there are also seeds and souvenir.
  • Photo of zsszn
    a year ago
    I love markets, but this is a mini one. There are many flowers here, lots of gifts, but everywhere the same giftideas (with the same price). Buy some tulip onions to have a real 'duch' gift. Oposide the market there are some shops for cheese, go and try some of them. Usually they have samples or tasting boxes.
  • Photo of islandjerr
    a year ago
    Just a casual walk along the street and through the shops of the Blumenmarket is a great thing. Beautiful flowers, souvenirs and tulip bulbs and other seeds along one of Amsterdam's famed canals. It only takes an hour to enjoy the walk, the beauty and the people of this free attraction. This is not a typical tourist thing. It is enjoying the flowers and the beauty of nature in the middle of a bustling metropolitan area.. Enjoy it.
  • Photo of hynekk_13
    2 years ago
    You can buy almost every typical Dutch flower in here. Don't go to the first shop from the main street as it seems to me that it is the most expensive one. Flowers looks good, we buyed around 100 tulips, we will see what will grow up next year.
  • Photo of 545medva
    2 years ago
    Whereever you look around there are flowers and flowers. If you are not too familiar with the different sort of flowers, the small shopkeepers help you to buy seeds and bulbs.
  • Photo of Alon A
    2 years ago
    The flower market is one of the essential landmarks of Amsterdam. There's nothing new about it, nor exciting, but it is nice to walk among the flower shows, enjoy the colors and smells and absorb the culture of flower-growing.
  • Photo of BrasovLumumba
    2 years ago
    I visited Amsterdam and the flower market a year ago in May and got me a bunch of nice tulip bulbs to create my own Keukenhof. Everyone who grows tulips knows, that the bulbs will be taken from the ground after the flowers bloom and will be put back in October. So as I was there in May, the bulbs on sale were the old ones from last year and were all meant to die. And so they did. None of the flowers came out this year. So they basically just cheat you there, do not buy tulip bulbs from the flower market, the flowers you will ever see are just the colourful ones on the package if you keep it. Also a gardener in Keukenhof told us not to buy anything from the flower market. Just tourist crap there.
  • Photo of zuv
    2 years ago
    I think this is the third topic for the same interest point: Bloemenmarkt aka Flower market.It's a floating market(barges moored on Singel canal) with a lot of stalls selling flowers,bulbs,seeds and souvenirs.
  • Photo of Noe D
    2 years ago
    I just literally got back from this market a few minutes ago! Very lovely. Filled with little stores with fresh flowers, tulip buds, and other souvenirs and items from Holland. Some of the flowers were very beautiful. Wish I could take some back to the US! The shops and streets going to and from the market were also lit up and absolutely beautiful! An absolutely delightful Christmas setting overall! Definitely recommend flower lovers to stop by and smell the flowers as well as take in the beautiful Christmas setting!

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