Photo of KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) in Kuala Lumpur, WP, MY
Photo of KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) in Kuala Lumpur, WP, MY
Photo of KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) in Kuala Lumpur, WP, MY
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KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)

Monument / Landmark

KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur)14
prairie dogs • guinea pigs • observation deck • great fun

2 Jalan Puncak
Kuala Lumpur 50250, MY
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KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) has 21 Tips

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  • Photo of Rebecca Plaza
    a year ago
  • Photo of Devjani G
    4 months ago
    To catch a glimpse of the entire city from the top of the tower...its breath taking. Can see the petronas towers too. Before you entire the main building can have a look at the mini zoo which is in the adjacent area.
  • Photo of limhuisi
    4 months ago
    The place is relatively small compared to the farm in the city at Sri kembangan, however the ticket entry price is the same. A good stop on the way to the kl tower for pre-schooler. The kids will hAve the opportunity to hand feed the animals such as birds, chicken, tortoise, etc. Avoid visiting during rainy days as the rabbit will be back at their cage instead of roaming around in the open space. Special attraction is the small llamas in the pent, u can feed them too although they are a bit shy.
  • Photo of skylinediary
    4 months ago
    A small zoo but very much worth the visit. Because the visit wasn't too long and boring, we didn't have to walk a long distance and we could interact with the animals, something you can't get with larger zoos. The little 3 year old in our group was very excited and so were we. Most animals were loose and we could walk among them, pick them up and feed them under the supervision of the keepers. Highly recommended especially if you have little ones.
  • Photo of Sriram B
    4 months ago
    Limited animals. Got the ticket to this place along with the combo offer from KL tower. Visit it if you have a small children. Skip it if you dont have one.
  • Photo of r1cc0_c
    5 months ago
    The mini zoo is super mini and just few type of animals with few species... No show. The bird cage is small and narrow, if more than 3 families in that cage, you can't enjoy to take photo with birds. Too many staircase, not suitable to use stroller there. Remember to bring along mosquito repellant and mini fan. No restaurant inside. And we spot mouse at monkey cage stealing monkey food😅 Farm in the city at Serdang better than mini zoo.
  • Photo of Rogerson149
    5 months ago
    Visited here after the tower, was surprised at the size of the zoo really. It is mini yes but for a mini zoo is relatively large. You also get to feed some of the animals which is great. Just watch out for the goat in the entrance eating your shoe laces!!! After doing this I probably wouldn't return as I've now seen it, however as a first timer, it really is an excellent friendly experience
  • Photo of hanishoney
    5 months ago
    It was really fun for a while, but there's this buzzing sound from the air-conditioning and the crowds on the weekend get loud in the enclosure. So, unfortunately, my five year old son, who has sensory processing issues, couldn't stand it anymore and insisted on leaving and we didn't get to go for the whole thing. So my advice for weekend visitors with sensitive ears: bring some ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Photo of apelove
    5 months ago
    We bought the zoo tickets as part of the package to visit KL tower. The zoo looked very small from the outside but it is surprisingly bigger than expected. My kids particularly loved played with Larry the lesser sulphur crested cockatoo who was extremely friendly.. Alex the tortoise and the wallaby sitting in the corner. There was an area to feed the guinea pigs and racoon.. It was fun and we did enjoy our visit to the mini zoo!
  • Photo of DC3MX
    5 months ago
    Whilst there was a good selection of animals, I couldn't help thinking that they would be better off elsewhere. The same could be said for the visitors.
  • Photo of Searoo
    6 months ago
    This zoo is awesome! It doesn’t have as many animals as a conventional zoo but the ones that it does have you can interact with and touch and that is a lot of fun than just watching animals rot inside a cage... well actually you do that but you’re in the cage with them when you do it : ) Anyway its very fun and I think it was worth the entrace fee.
  • Photo of Sqddo
    7 months ago
    We visited this alongside the Menara KL and paid as a package so hard to comment on cost, I will say though as a foreigner it feels expensive to what you can buy for your money in KL - I am referring to food and drink, as the other main attractions also seem pricey. The zoo was great and out kids loved it as for most of the enclosures you were given some food to feed the animals which was such a hit for our kids. You can really get up close to a few of the animals and pet them which they also loved. The staff were friendly, helpful and generally quite knowledgeable about the animals and they had helpful signs up about the animals along the way. The Mini zoo was bigger than anticipated or maybe it felt that way because we stopped for a bit at each animal to feed them. We went to the main zoo and if I had to choose I would come back here, except they don't have pandas. This is more central, seems better looked after as an establishment. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Merinda B
    7 months ago
    Kids had loads of fun. Not so many animals that you can actually touch and gets extremely busy and very HOT. Parking is limited. Only an hour outing to be honest unless you go up to the Tower which we did not seeing that the waiting line was about 100 people when we finished the Mini Zoo. Kids has fun but must admit no where near the Farm in the City experience which is way better and owned by the same group. There was no real interaction from staff and only the Lamas to touch which was really cool. Souvenirs here are very expensive and much better places to buy. Warning - There's a little aquarium right opposite but don't waste your time or time in there. The local pet shop has more fish.
  • Photo of Amber566
    7 months ago
    Being an avid animal lover I was hesitant to visit as I hate seeing animals in zoos/circuses/caged but this was a lovely experience. Lots of recommendations on here for children but as adults we had a lovely time! The staff at each enclosure seem to have a real passion and extensive knowledge of each of the animals in their care. Although the animals aren't roaming freely I found most of the enclosures to be adequate for their needs and were very clean, well kept and not over crowded. Most importantly, the animals seemed happy opposed to anxious around visitors :)
  • Photo of annettecbrown123
    7 months ago
    This is th best kind of Zoo where a lot of animals wander free beside you,l including goats and tortoises that you also feed. Also birds fly around you and land on your shoulder, I would recommend a visit.
  • Photo of Allen V
    7 months ago
    This mini zoo has a lot of animals from all over the world. The entry price is a bit steep but worth the asking price as the upkeep for the animals and grounds would be rather expensive.
  • Photo of Matt O
    7 months ago
    This zoo will never set the world on fire but it is interactive, interesting and a great addition to the KL Tower visit. The keepers were engaged and friendly and happy to talk about the animals. Simple and only an hours worth of entertainment but we had great fun.
  • Photo of happysheepChina
    7 months ago
    Aimed at kids more than adults, in our group those that went said it was OK, best to get combined with tower ticket I believe
  • Photo of Lee C
    8 months ago
    The zoo is good but the guide is inexperience & entrance fee is a bit expensive, especially for children. Adult RM32 & children RM27
  • Photo of De E
    8 months ago
    I think it's more fun for kids than adults, and if you want to really see animals don't expect much! The price is a bit high. We enjoyed the birds as the best part of the zoo :D It's not THAT bad, it's nice a enjoyable if you don't expect MUCH
  • Photo of Loz_Brett
    8 months ago
    We had a combined ticket for this and the footer and I think it worked out an extra £2 to come here once we'd paid for our tower ticket. It was bigger than expected, you never know when it going to end as you go through lots of different enclosures before you get to the exit. Top tip: Wear long sleeves/trousers and mosquito spray, I got bitten to shreds here by insects.

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