Photo of Old China@Centre Market in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
Photo of Old China@Centre Market in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
Photo of Old China@Centre Market in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
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Old China@Centre Market

Asian Restaurant

laksa • noodle soup • central market

Jalan Hang Kasturi
Kuala Lumpur 50050, MY
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Old China@Centre Market has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of makoto20060105
    5 months ago
    Watch your change ! one look like chinese man at the cashier . cheat the change from the tourists.
  • Photo of Amira K
    5 months ago
    after searching best places to eat in KL, Finally found this place, nice place good & tasty food. They have best coffee i ever had in my life.
  • Photo of Paul v
    6 months ago
    After shopping and shopping thru this mall it was nice to sit down. We first had issue with ordering, but people next to us explained. Although this is a bit strange what we had seen before, we just order and it made is laugh because it was different than we seen somewhere else. The hot choco is a must! To order. The coke was a very large one aswell. We order some random food for tasting and i was nice. Also the atmosphere of sitting in the middle od rushy people and shoppers.
  • Photo of Steve C
    6 months ago
    Had a large laksa for lunch, very filling and really enjoyed it. Prices OK and good value. All self service but quick and the place is clean.
  • Photo of Mish1012
    7 months ago
    This cafe sits on the ground floor in the central market. The menu is fairly extensive and primarily focuses on local dishes. Some western type food is available in the form of sandwiches, pancakes and the like. The noodles are very good and the food is cooked fresh. It all comes out hot and it did not disappoint on our 2 visits while shopping. You fill out your own order form and take it up to the till. You pay when you have finished. It is a cash only facility. One small point is the service. The staff are very friendly but the food can take a while. On both occasions our drinks have arrived as we were finishing the meal so it is worth bearing this in mind. Overall, decent food and very cheap.
  • Photo of happysheepChina
    8 months ago
    Always know it will be consistently good, at this joint, nothing special, and not just cofffee but menu of snacks and meals
  • Photo of SueJennings
    9 months ago
    A moment to sit down in the busy Central Market. Friendly service and coffee fresh and hot! I don't like tepid coffee!!
  • Photo of Jessica T
    10 months ago
    This is an easy way to get the best Malaysian food experience! Genuine cozy atmosphere and wonderful food to midrange prices. Had never been disappointed at old town!
  • Photo of rynn1009
    10 months ago
    They have good food but the services need to improve. The waiters are sometime not alert and after ordering the food comes late. Very irritating sometimes when you keep on asking and they just ignore.
  • Photo of Nur A
    a year ago
    Was shopping in central market LK and stumbled across this place. Decided to try local cuisine and was amazed by the flavour and service. This is a must for those wanting halal traditional cuisine with a unique white coffee on the side. Naughty Nuri
  • Photo of Chamath F
    a year ago
    They have a variety of good coffees and other beverages which are reasonably priced and delicious. Located in many malls and streets it is a popular restaurant chain for the tourists as well as the locals
  • Photo of Heli P
    a year ago
    I usually go to Old Town where they have seating outside like at Sungei Wan, Bukit Bintang or accros the Sogo department store, now I also had a quick bite before my flight at Klia. This restaurant chain is very economical but delivers still decent food. With my old town white coffee, available also without sugar if you ask, I usually take their wonderfully weird speciality of dark toasted bread made to sandwiches with ice cream.
  • Photo of nellielim
    a year ago
    A good spot to take a break while in the area. They serve good toast and soft boiled eggs here. The coffee is also very good. The only issue here as with other outlets is the migrant workers who have difficulty communicating. Staff need training and service should be improved.
  • Photo of Craig G
    a year ago
    The only two things that let this place down was the waiter who spoke negative English and the menu that had no info on it. The food was great the drinks were great the service was ok. I would say give it a lash. Noodle soups are the go. Coffee and frappes were brilliant
  • Photo of sunsets1011
    a year ago
    The billing practices of this branch have much to be desired. For those not familiar with Old Town, you write your own order on a billing sheet, with codes that derive from the menu. In short, one of our codes was incorrectly read, which led to an incorrect item coming to the table. I raised this with the waiter, who simply ignored me, probably because he could not speak English (in all possibility a migrant from Myanmar). I then spoke to what seemed like the Manager. He firstly insisted that the number we wrote was 11, though we had actually written 17 (the actual order was something like C17, but you get the drift). He then quite arrogantly said he could not now change the bill. What kind of excuse is this? You can't take an item off the bill? I'm sure I'm not the first person to have issues with a order system that involves your own labour and handwriting, but as I also pointed out and showed him this clearly was a number 17 written on the order sheet. So he said ok, and brought the correct food item. The next bit is hilarious. I go to pay the bill, the said manager then puts his hand over his mouth, and starts talking to another staff member at the till, who then takes my money. I pay my bill, and look at the receipt, to find that an item has been added to my bill (which we didn't order or think about ordering). So what happened here? The manager replaced item 11 with item 17 in terms of delivering a food item, but item 17 is more expensive. He cannot change the bill at this stage and so instead added an item to cover these costs. In reality this meant that we were billed for item 11, plus another random item. This turned out, together, to be more expensive than item 17. I have no real issue with the total cost of the bill, or the extra paid here for items we didn't order. It nevertheless says much about the manager of this place, with a general smug, arrogant attitude, and thus by association the establishment itself, that he thought he could bill us in this way without any transparency whatsoever.
  • Photo of catepoirot
    a year ago
    Crowded during lunch time with affordable food prices only if there is combo meal offered. Ala carte menu is quite pricey and the food quality is less than expectation. Not recommended to try their ice kacang. However, rest of hot coffees are ok.
  • Photo of DJ_Mizit
    2 years ago
    I love all Old Town White Coffee franchises, they are all the same in terms of prices, decor, service and food. It is easy and fuss free dining when you are travelling and on the go. I love the half boil eggs and their toast. The drinks are always good too!
  • Photo of anaisa_goncalves
    2 years ago
    I've eated in this restaurant in Central market, and just loved the noodles soup, and big jar of ice tea! I would return, and advise it to friends!
  • Photo of ljbodegas
    2 years ago
    I particularly enjoyed their coffee as well as the other food items they offer on the menu! And it's best to hoard a few packs of their coffee sachets! Place is okay and neat! An ideal quick stop after going around the city!
  • Photo of Jos V
    2 years ago
    This is a great spot to take a short break from shopping in Central Market. The seats are comfortable and the place looks clean. The name suggests a coffee place, but it has much more to offer. They also have very nice ice cream, snacks and food. During lunchtime it is quite busy, and there is a reason for that. The place is really nice and both coffee and food are great. Tip: you can select from the menu and then write down the ordering code (and remarks; such as 'not too sweet' or 'extra dark roast') on a form at the table and hand it to the waiter.

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