Photo of Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
Photo of Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
Photo of Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, , MY
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Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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dark cave • klcc

C-30 & C-31-21 Jalan Medan 1
Kuala Lumpur 68100, MY
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Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of oiradanil
    6 months ago
    Very nice adventure and nature walk, we enjoyed the place very mush.. you dont need to book a tour you can use public transport and pay way less money then talking a tour.. the dark caves are worth paying for it is a very nice adventure and nice to take some pictures for the memory
  • Photo of Miike2000
    a year ago
    272 steps, massive caves, monkeys, historic, meaningful, Tip, wear pants over your knees. It's pretty steep and very touristic. Great photo opportunity, get yourself a fresh coconut. It's free and you can leave a donation, up the steps for more steps then up the final steps with a massive hole directly above letting through natural light.
  • Photo of George S
    a year ago
    Just so close to the city and amazing place. The statue in the entrance will make you give a big breath away! The monkeys all around will give you the opportunity to play with them and for sure walk up the stairs and fell the vibes of the place. Don't miss it!
  • Photo of tatoillah2015
    a year ago
    Lokasi masih di wilayah batu caves, mudah dijangkau dari statsiun batu caves, dan dekat dengan objek wisata batu cave yang terkenal, banyak penjual makanan sekitar penginapan ini, dengan harga terjangkau tapi bisa menikmati destinasi yang terkenal di sekitar kuala lumpur
  • Photo of amor_delamorta
    a year ago
    Sebenernya ini baru pertama kesini, dan sangat-sangat exited..rasa senang bisa menginjakan kaki kesini itu sangat luar biasa diperjalanan travel saya. Icon salah satu tempat travel Kuala Lumpur ini sangat layak dikunjungi, meski agak pegal saat naik keatas tangga. Hanya saja saat saya berkunjung lagi ada perbaikan, tp saya senang sekali. Ini pengalaman luar biasa sekali. Untuk transportasi kesini sangat gampang, karena tempat ini ada diujung stasiun kereta api disana. Tempatnya juga menyenangkan. Silahkan masukan list travel kalian tempat ini.
  • Photo of Joel C
    a year ago
    This place should be shut down or closed for investigation as we found two LARGE BED BUGS! The staff were not friendly and just stared at us when we checked in. They were not helpful with anything and when they gave us the key to our room they pointed down the hallway. It smelt like mold/mildew and was very dingy, it's not even cheap we paid 14$ for a dumpy room! We always check the mattress for BUGS as I have dealt with bed bugs in the past and as soon as I checked the mattress seam instantly saw TWO large bugs (see attached photos) WORST part about this hotel they still charged us for the night when we left within 5 minutes, we are still dealing/fighting with getting a refund too! DO NOT stay here!
  • Photo of kamal y
    a year ago
    its a long way up but its well worth it. theirs alot of monkeys in the cave but must try the dark cave its a 45 min walk but you see alot of bats and snakes. for People who likes monkeys its a great place to go and see them you see old and new born monkeys.
  • Photo of Nuriza I
    2 years ago
    Не плохой храм, но пока поднимаешься по лестнице ощущаешь всю вонь! Туристов много, но когда начался дождь многие разбежались. В тот момент когда я посещала эти пещеры, одна семья делала пожертвование для храма и также угощали всех желающих их едой. Обезьяны в принципе не сильно приставучие, но держите все своё добро в сумке, а то могут подойти и отобрать.
  • Photo of juliadengode
    2 years ago
    Its really beautiful, the way the nature has formed the Caves. Although I believe it could be more beautiful if they worked a bit more on the grounds in the Caves. Maybe some more trashbins? People seem to drop trash everywhere. Although would recommend to see if in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Photo of ClemSLHB
    2 years ago
    Magnifique lieu au Nord de Kuala Lumpur ! Si vous passez par cette ville, un petit détour par les grottes de Batu Caves est à faire !! Lieu magnifique et magique ! Prévoir de bonne chaussure pour monter les marches au millieu de singes habitué à la présence humaine ! Attention ne pas s'approcher de trop près, garder 1m de distance, sinon ils peuvent donner un coup de pâte et montrer leurs grandes dents ( je parle en connaissance de cause 😄) Les statuts et monuments sont gigantesque est magnifique ! Ne pas hésiter à y aller !!
  • Photo of David B
    2 years ago
    I am not Hindu so maybe the cave offered some religious significance I could not appreciate but the temple on the inside wasn't all that much to look at. The cave itself was pretty cool to look though to the trees above and the walk up the 300+ stairs wasn't too bad since you're accompanied by some monkeys!
  • Photo of Guilhermelise
    2 years ago
    essas cavernas localizadas a poucos quilomêtros de Kuala Lumpur é um centro de adoração hindu. Pode-se presenciar diversas pessoas cultuando seus deuses e muitos rituais. As cavernas são bonitas e os macacos são simpáticos. Vale muito a visita.
  • Photo of Guy B
    2 years ago
    What a day! we spent about two hours there . I've never seen anything like this. The walk up in the heat was not easy , but there are plenty of flat areas to rest , and in the heat I suggest you do rest as much as you can . The caves were great at the top. On the way down a cheeky monkey went into my pocket and stole my bottle of Pepsi, it was hilarious , but watch your pockets as they may steal your phone . There's loads of tourist shops and snack venues at the entrance . A good place to buy another drink after the monkeys steal it . 10/10 will come back
  • Photo of Arlos L
    2 years ago
    I liked it. It was different from what I have seen before. It took me an hour by train. Beware of the monkeys. They are crazy. Some of they will get violent over the food. So I recommend to keep a save distance, but overall worth the visit. PS it was kind of dirty.
  • Photo of Andres G
    2 years ago
    Very interesting place with a nice view of the city once you get to the top. It's about 18km from KLCC. You can take train from there and then a transfer. It will cost you about 18-20 RM for two People round trip which is very cheap. Take the pink train from KLCC to KL central, from there you have to transfer to another train to batu caves. Also you can cab it which may be more expensive but faster . I enjoyed the train which is clean with AC. You also get to see the some of the city. Once you get off the train the entrance is about 200 meters. You are wl wide by street vendors. Don't stop and keep walking . The stairs are def not an easy task for the average joe but def possible . Bring water , lots of water . The monkeys are cute but annoying , they take people food, water bottles etcs. So while you climb the stairs make sure you keep going and do t stop . I even witness some Money having sex with another one in the middle of the stairs . Once you reach the top , there is More towards the back, nice view of the cave and some sort temple. Don't forget to do the dark cave which is half way to the top. The entrance is RM35 but well worth it. You go inside of the cave and learn about the species that live there and the history of the caves. All the Money from the entrance goes to the conservation and protection of the cave . Mind you this cave is full with bats, spiders, and other creatures. You will see them but the won't attack you. The people here are very organize and professional . I felt safe and had a great time .
  • Photo of Randal L
    2 years ago
    This place was worth a visit for sure. You can take the train there and don't need to sign up for a tour group. It's free and it's got a lot of cool statues and things to look at. There are a lot of stairs to walk up so be warned- it is totally doable, babies were doing it, however if you have a bad knee you may want to take your time. The people present are very nice, you can get a blessing and marvel at the colorful statues. It does have a LOT of aggressive monkeys so don't be an idiot and feed them, taunt them and tease them. I saw several jackasses get attacked for teasing them and even one little boy get bit (sorry parents but he deserved it, he was hitting the monkey, no the bite did not break the skin). So please, be a respectful tourist, follow the rules, wear pants, take your shoes off, don't feed the monkeys, put away your selfie stick and you will enjoy this trip out of the city center. Plan to spend maybe two hours max.
  • Photo of Marjara
    2 years ago
    Nothing great than that place is beautiful, cal and clean. i loved spending few hours around. If you have time, do visit in morning. It is about 15 minutes away from KLCC and lots of cabs or rapids are available.
  • Photo of FijiinMuscat
    3 years ago
    Great visit for the morning. As a place of religious worship, it was disappointing though to see all the rubbish laying around the caves because they are very beautiful cave's. Most of the rubbish we saw is strewn around the cave by hungry monkey's living in the caves. Maybe those responsible for looking after the cave's could make it mandatory for visitor's to buy a fruit, banana etc. before entering the caves. Then the monkeys are fed something decent instead of visitors left over junk food. They should also request all visitors to bring their own rubbish back out of the cave instead of having rubbish bins in the cave. The monkey's rummage through the rubbish bins leaving a mess. Please don't be deterred by my comments about the rubbish. These cave's are still a great visit.
  • Photo of Sarah W
    3 years ago
    Awesome way to spend a morning and very easy to navigate: 2rm from KL central to Batu caves via train. Steps aren't that hard to climb and is a nice experience. Watch out for monkeys and don't buy overpriced souvenirs !
  • Photo of Allder
    3 years ago
    I'll keep this review simple. A visit to the caves and temple is a must. Wow factor all 'round. Highly recommended. Don't get put off by the steps to the cave. Pace yourself and you will be fine. Excellent. Only 30-40 mins from KL CBd, so no real reason not to go!

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